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    @Abhorash @Menelaus @Rebra @Callidora and Vaytor (not on the forums!) made tonight a heck of a whole lot of fun. You can expect my log tomorrow of me getting to do a lot more in a fixer-upper than I thought I'd get to, and plenty of folks in the Dominion playing along and getting to help out on the final product. Remember: when in doubt, pinkies out.

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     @Elene Grandmother! If MJ is the biker aunt, you are the witch in the woods that is totally related to my family's bloodline but no one talks about you anymore because you are too creepy. But then Elene shows up to the family reunion uninvited and takes Ahly Mother Gothel style and quite literally Corrupts her! Our RP has been limited but every small interaction was another step for Ahly to start her descent. She will probably never admit it, but she looks forwards to when Elene wakes up or seeks her out specifically. Just not for the whale. Hard pass. :expressionless:

    Me? Creepy? :D I'm glad you decided to stick around. Aetolia isn't the easiest to get into, especially when you're so used to the systems and structure of Achaea. I didn't actually intend to bring Ahlysaaria down into Corruption, but things do happen to develop that way, and I'm glad that you've found such satisfaction in exploring this part of your character's development. I promise we'll RP when we can! I've just been so busy IG and OOC!
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    OH MY GOD....I just burst into laughter in my office and my staff all just turned and looked at me.

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    People at this pub are looking at me in all the strange ways right now, and I swear I'm not drunk enough for that!

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    I'm not sure who is supposed to receive this love, or if it's even deserved, but it seems like the main website has had a change of visual theme? I like classic references (knifegirl) while putting up new graphic flavor. How long has it been loaded?
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    The website was updated yesterday! But the resurrection of knifegirl was... two years back, I think it was. We only reorganized the page yesterday.
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    I wanna take credit for finding the high enough rez version of knifegirl for it to be used on the website again! Was weirdly on the old twitter account!!! Thank you for allowing this flex.
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    I dunno if anyone else ever just sits back and just chills out for it. but I <3 our little farming tools. I rather enjoy being able to just take time to hang out on my character's farms. I reduce the amount of time by not doing watering (THANKS WATERSPRITE. YOU MAKE MY LIFE SO MUCH EASIER), but I find that I enjoy just going through my farm, harvesting cotton and hemp and petting my calves on the head, hugging my chicken and my sheep, and just making things all nice. And I always find time to give my watersprite a headpat! (I almost wish I had a better mental image capability because I can understand what it looks like, but I can't form the image in my head. 'cause if I could, I'd probably try to sew a plush watersprite for my desk)
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    Love that I got a Thaumaturgy Maelstrom kill and literally drowned a guy....for the Maelstrom.

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    Oonagh has been slain by the might of the toxic atmosphere of Ulangi.
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    @Chakrasul and @Elene! Oh, man. The RP the past day/more has been intense and very, very fun! There's much love for every bit of interaction!

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    Oops! Busted by the cookies! But seriously, I had a lot of fun with the events and just to offer a bit of insight as to why it went EXTRA long, part way through the Survivor Game, we noticed some of the spawns would take a nap to regain their health immediately on entry, so they didn’t go looking for targets! We had a good laugh and fixed it, but I have to tip my hat to everyone’s endurance.

    Thank you for the fun.
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    Tekias said:

    This isn't so much a 'love' as it is a 'props' post, but props to @Macavity @Aros @Ere, @Rijetta (and, given the frequency of cookies handed out, I'm assuming @Kyna ) for that grueling Survivor game early this morning. I went back through my log to see how long it went since I have my local time in my prompt. From event start to RIjetta exit (leaving Aros and Macavity) was 56 minutes 50 seconds. Then Aros went a further 20 minutes 56 seconds before finally losing to Macavity. Holy. Hells. No wonder Ere needed a nap after.

    Time stamps:
    Start: 02:17:25:729 (0:00)
    @Calendre : 02:25:49:174 (6:24)
    @Sryaen : 02:30:43:391 (13:18)
    @Mahar : 02:31:04:755 (13:49)
    @Menelaus : 02:33:25:649 (16:00)
    @Rhexx : 02:34:35:148 (17:10)
    @Ephi : 02:34:49:461 (17:24)
    @Cameryn : 02:35:03:929 (17:48)
    @Feichin : 02:35:55:094 (18:30)
    @Rijetta : 03:14:15:187 (56:50)
    @Aros : 03:35:11:165 (1:17:46)
    @Macavity : Winner

    Srsly, everyone involved did well enough for your typical Survivor game, well done, but you three at the bottom...take your bow.

    wait....thats how long that went for?? wow it didnt even feel like it! felt more like 30 minutes to me! haha I had fun though!
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