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    Kyna said:

    It’s funny, we often talk about how thankless being a volunteer can really be, but sometimes we don’t express our love for the community, either. So thank you, guys, for genuinely being one of the best IRE communities..

    I know at first hand, how incredibly easy it is to feel divided by conflict in games with similar design. But Aetolia does have this extra layer of wholeness which makes me appreciate individuals regardless of us their teammate/enemy status. I don't know how this community does that, but it is there.

    Much respect for everyone contributing to this unique atmosphere. And much hate for you, because you are making me second guess my character's name.

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    Sibatti said:
    I loved everything about the Chak/Haern sermon last night in Esterport. Major fun to everyone involved, and SO MANY INTERESTING THINKS.
    I felt I screwed it up bad. I had plans but when the two actually showed up Aya was like wellp... that's not gonna work. But thank you :)
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    Much love to everyone who has made modern Saluria what it is today. For context I have been playing Aetolia on and off basically since it was released and to see Saluria go from one little bit of jungle and the village that had some promise of dark gods and spirits to this amalgamation of several huge areas with great fleshed out lore is amazing to see. I think the best part is the day/night change and how the rojalli coming out at night actually makes the jungle feel dangerous. Even as an endgame tri trans if I am silly enough to get distracted and look away from the computer for a few minutes while in the Western Itzatl it is entirely possible to die if a couple of rojalli wander into the same room at once.

    It gives me a lot of hope for the areas that currently feel big, but a little empty.
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    Eoros said:

    So much love to everyone I have run into lately and for all of the great RP. I have been learning more about my writing and the different facets of Eoros as a character and it has been great over the last week.

    @Ayastia @Sryaen @Haven @Validan (Desi) @Ardent @Naos @Taj @Kalena(the forever partner in crime) @Rhine @Stine

    Thank you for the love! I've been having a blast getting to know Eoros and Kalena. Y'all really make it fun to be in the Templar!

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    I've always wanted to do a proper ritual. Today's helped me figure more out, I literally realized where I wanted to go with it while responding to you @Naos, and my thanks to @Ardent also about insight on shadow. You guys seriously need to hang out more often, big love and big happy for today's little discussion.
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    Rhine said:

    To Sir Cluck and an orange tabby cat, thank you for a very enjoyable afternoon in the Templar guildhall! And much love to the @Celani behind them!

    I definitely wanted to smuggle the cat back home. Much love for those interactions <3
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    Qelres said:

    Love, love, love to all of those who shaped Qelres into who he is. The characters who surround him make playing him a joy.

    HEY! Qelres is a gorram treat!
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    I love that I learned I could name weapons recently...which made me very happy...

    Then I was playing World of Warcraft and leveling a Paladin which I had never played and.

    So then I thought to myself long and hard...and I had to do it.

    Oonagh has been slain by the might of the toxic atmosphere of Ulangi.
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    Not sure what's worse.....

    That you named your weapon after a level 43 piece of gear or that you're only level 39.

    In either case, this is probably the most important thing to say....

    FOR THE HORDE!!!!!!

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    Zandalari troll paladin, ftw - New Character by the way @Rhyot .....
    Max Level (Rogue(main), Druid, Hunter, Mage, Demon Hunter, Priest)
    All Horde...screw the alliance.
    Oonagh has been slain by the might of the toxic atmosphere of Ulangi.
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    I have been meaning to make time to write this. I want to send so much love and hugs to the one particular admin who has been working on helping me finally fix the nightmares that the Sentaari NPCs are. I love everything about what you have done with Brother Bast. I cannot say thank you enough.

    Thank you for having the initiative to fill in the holes where my orgreq wasn't detailed enough and also thank you for having the patience to test everything after and modify! You're absolutely wonderful Please stay and make more magic around Aetolia.

    I definitely hope when my other guild orgreqs are approved they fall in your hands <3
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    Much love to WHOEVER took control of that particular NPC yesterday night.

    It was really cool, unexpected, and pushed Stigandr into a new project.

    Super small interaction. None of it was realm-shaking or hardcore and I love that. Small mob interactions can be just as nice as BIG mob interactions.
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    Ooh, I forgot this thread existed.

    Gonna throw out some love here to @Kalena @Caitria @Valorie @Valeria @Annika @Roux, y'all been really great the last few weeks and it's been a real pleasure interacting with you.

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