Mafia - Endings in Esterport: Return of the Illuminai



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    It's blessed be!
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  • KelliaraKelliara Member Posts: 535 ✭✭✭✭ evening falls over a day of celebration (or comiseration) at the rise of a new order in Esterport, a single solitary figure slips through the western gates of the city...

    @Pazradym, heavily cloaked and hidden by the falling dusk, turns to regard the city, where bonefires still blaze, and the sounds of joy and cheer can be heard.

    Dhurive in hand, he resumes his departure without looking a second time. He's seen enough. Heard enough. Prophet. Defenders. What difference does it make? The Wilds will return to claim Esterport sooner or later, ready to return the city to the beat of the Lost Rhythym, and a new hunt will begin.

    Perhaps it will be sooner...
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    I loved following this. Nicely done!
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    Well, time to round up a posse of forestals I guess...
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    Mm. Thanks for hosting!

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    I loved the little stories that came as a result of the night actions. Nice touch!

    First night
    With all the arguments, the decision seems simple...

    There's no one to trust yet. Only yourself.

    On your way home you weave reflections and illusions, scattering them in your wake like seeds, and throwing off any would-be pursuers. All across the city, people will swear to seeing you in the streets, browsing shops and markets, indulging in a little night fishing, perhaps. Though the observant would notice that 'your' line doesn't truly disturb the water.

    In reality, you return home, and bar your door. Spending time, and no small effort to conjure one last illusion before you retire for some sleep.

    A mirage, which rests upon your home, concealing it, and you, from any who might come searching to harm you while you rest.

    Second night:
    As the crowd disperses, you weave your fingers, mumbling to yourself.

    Pazaradym passes right by you, and you might as well be invisible, for his attention is focused purely on a departing Defender, who's face you aren't able to catch a glimpse of.

    The few moments were enough, though. You smile with satsifaction as you watch Pazradym disappear into the city, the shadow cast by the setting sun trembling as illusory magicks take hold.

    Across the city, on corners, and rooftops, shadow dhurive-wielding figures can be made out, lurking, or stalking unseen prey through the alleyways. Anyone with ill-intent towards Pazradym tonight is going to end up running around in circles chasing them.

    With your power focused on another, you hurry home, and barricade the door, conjuring your voidstaff with great effort. You settle down comfortably, eyes fixed on the entryway, ready to defend yourself should someone come bursting through.

    Good thing you got plenty of sleep last night...

    Third night:
    Another night of casting illusions over the Sentinel.

    Another night of little sleep for you. Hopefully he'll have answers for you by morning.

    The air about Pazradym shimmers and shadows twist as he passes by you, a man on a mission already, seeding illusory shadows of himself as he travels through the city.

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    Yeah the messages were all great! I love all the little touches @Kelliara added to this game. Was tons of fun and thank you so much for running it.
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    I'm sad I didn't get to eat more people :(
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    Thanks for the game everyone! I hope I did ok for my first game. :)
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