Quotes & Misquotes: Falling Off of Bridges



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    With how often @Iesid has bad puns, I will be rich soon.

    (Duiran): Iesid says, "I think 'Hiyanala' is quite clever, thanks."
    (Duiran): Iesid says, "About as clever as 'hello-li', but I haven't used that one yet."
    (Duiran): You say, "Voice? I would like to submit a new request. I wish to start deducting acorns for bad puns."
    (Duiran): Iesid says, "Wow."
    (Duiran): Arista says, "Hahahaha."
    (Duiran): Iesid says, "Betrayed!"
    (Duiran): You say, "You dared turn my name into a greeting on a bad card!"
    (Duiran): Iesid says, "It would be a splendid card! Personalized for you, even!"
    (Duiran): You say, "You can't hear me grumping but I am."
    (Duiran): Ayanala says, "Ah, I approve. Those who names start with Ie and end with Sid should get fined double."
    (Duiran): You say, "Wonderful."
    (Duiran): Arista says, "Hahaha."
    (Duiran): Iesid says, "Oof."
    (Duiran): Iesid says, "This comedy tax is burdensome!"
    Tiur, the Gnosis says, "To truly explode something, you have to learn how it was made."
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    MS Alathesia has been slain by a pair of death dice.
    Alathesia gambled and lost rolling a pair of death dice.
    You divine the location of this death as The Inner Gate of Spinesreach in Spinesreach.
    Your ally has fallen at The Inner Gate of Spinesreach.
    You can almost feel Alathesia's disappointment as she falls to the level of Azudim Lady of the 21st
    Alathesia drops some willow bark.

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    I approve.

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    (Newbie): Aefina says, "Hello I am new."

    (Newbie): Ansidia says, "Welcome."

    (Newbie): Robyn says, "Welcome."

    (Newbie): You say, "Hi New, I'm Tekias. *thigh slapping laugh* I mean welcome!"

    (Tells): Wafting, as if on the air, Tatia's velvety tongue reaches your ear: "((lolol.))"

    (Newbie): Cardie says, "...you're fired, Tekias."

    (Newbie): Giliand says, "Welcome."

    (Tells): Wafting, as if on the air, Oriana's velvety tongue reaches your ear: "// I giggle snorted and I blame you."

    (Newbie): Giliand says, "I laughed, Tekias."

    (Newbie): Isia says, "Terrible dad jokes aside, welcome."

    (Newbie): Aefina says, "Thanks."

    (Newbie): Rhine says, "Welcome! Ignore the dad jokes. Tek just thinks he is punny."

    I am very punny, thank you.
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    @Tekias puny?
  • EmirEmir Member Posts: 386 ✭✭✭✭
    Puny puns.
    (Web): Toz says, "Emir's Express Evacuation and Existence Eradicator, Every Experience is Explosive - Experience the Entirety of your Existence!"
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    A clay golem uses Animation Barrel on you. <-- My golem.
    A clay golem barrels headlong into you, knocking you over before the force of its great bulk.
    Health Lost: 215, blunt, none
    A clay golem quickly catches you and props you back up. <-- Also my golem.
    (Web): Toz says, "Emir's Express Evacuation and Existence Eradicator, Every Experience is Explosive - Experience the Entirety of your Existence!"
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    And y'all thought I'd leave my snark and wise-unicorns-ery up in Spinesreach.

    (Enorian): Lexen says, "Anyone have need of me before I depart, or wish to use my artifacts?"

    (Enorian): You say, "I could use a million gold from the city coffers."

    (Enorian): Lexen says, "I don't recall seeing that on the list."

    (Enorian): You say, "Mmm, you sure? I just added i-I mean, it's been there quite some time now."

    (Enorian): Lexen says, "The list of needing me or my artifacts?"

    (Enorian): You say, "Needing you to access the coffers for entirely legitimate and never to be looked into reasons, yes."

    (Enorian): Lexen says, "Ah, of course. The bribe to make that happen is 2 million gold, payable up front."

    (Enorian): Vahn says, "That's a bad deal."

    (Enorian): You say, "...allow me to get back to you."
    *barely a breath's pause*
    (Enorian): You say, "Oonagh, Magister, may I have a word?"

    (Enorian): Oonagh says, "Rr..hrm."

    (Enorian): Lexen says, "Just don't kill him, Oonagh. Research ministers are hard to find."

    (Enorian): Stine says, "I'm out and you're not sticking me back in, Vanguard."

    (Enorian): Stine says, "I still see points in my sleep.."

    (Enorian): Lexen says, "See."

    (Enorian): You say, "For any curious, this is how you avoid death and murder. Make yourself indispensable."

    (Enorian): Stine says, "The numbers, what do they mean?!"

    (Enorian): Oonagh says, "I also refuse to return to research, you are stuck with Tekias."

    (Enorian): Lexen says, "Aye, so don't -kill- him. Maiming is fine."

    (Enorian): Oonagh says, "Tighten the manacles once in a while sure..."

    (Enorian): You say, "...I believe Amarita might have words about this plan."

    (Enorian): Lexen says, "That sounds like a complaint for Herald Iames."

    (Enorian): Lexen says, "He's a big fan of those."
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    edited June 2019
    Moxie said:

    @Lexen 's new nickname

    (Enorian): Lexen says, "Enorian, do you have further need of me before I rest?"

    (Enorian): Lexie says, "Farewell!"

    (Enorian): You say, "Hineb fyahno, Lexies."

    (Enorian): Zaila says, "Catch you later."

    (Enorian): Oonagh says, "Rest well, Lex squared."

    Lexen eyes you suspiciously.

    Sir Lexen Verite says, "Brave man to say that within reach."

    You hold your hand out to Lexen, spark flaring to life in the center of your palm and covering your skin in a purifying glow.

    The corners of Lexen's mouth turn up as he grins mischievously.

    Sir Lexen Verite says, "Death comfort you, Minister."

    You say to Lexen, "Either brave, or quite foolish. Most likely both."

    Sir Lexen Verite says, "Time will tell."

    You say to Lexen, "Hineb fyahno, Vanguard."

    Lexen uses Log Out Phylactery.
    Lexen's soul retreats after some quick murmurs of self-reflection.

    Lexen is enveloped in translucent fire for a moment and is gone, his soul safe until he returns to Aetolia.

    Formerly: Spiegel. Eidycue.


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    Noting the state of the Master Crystal, Severn says, "It would seem the shadows have permanently
    tainted your Crystal. A small price to pay for salvation."

    (Web): Toz says, "Emir's Express Evacuation and Existence Eradicator, Every Experience is Explosive - Experience the Entirety of your Existence!"
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    (Web): Kvothe says, "I absorb ylem when I kill people."
    (Web): Kalinaar says, "I absorb awesomeness when I kill people."
    Tiur, the Gnosis says, "To truly explode something, you have to learn how it was made."
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    Rijetta asks, "Did you know that if you break people's legs, I can kill them easier?"

    Helpfully, as if everyone didn't know, Iazamat says, "I'm rather talented at breaking bones."

    Rijetta says, "Don't break your arm trying to reach your back."

    A crocodile-headed golem pats Iazamat in a friendly manner.

    Iazamat smiles at Rijetta.

    Rijetta rolls her eyes.
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