Quotes & Misquotes: Falling Off of Bridges



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    With how often @Iesid has bad puns, I will be rich soon.

    (Duiran): Iesid says, "I think 'Hiyanala' is quite clever, thanks."
    (Duiran): Iesid says, "About as clever as 'hello-li', but I haven't used that one yet."
    (Duiran): You say, "Voice? I would like to submit a new request. I wish to start deducting acorns for bad puns."
    (Duiran): Iesid says, "Wow."
    (Duiran): Arista says, "Hahahaha."
    (Duiran): Iesid says, "Betrayed!"
    (Duiran): You say, "You dared turn my name into a greeting on a bad card!"
    (Duiran): Iesid says, "It would be a splendid card! Personalized for you, even!"
    (Duiran): You say, "You can't hear me grumping but I am."
    (Duiran): Ayanala says, "Ah, I approve. Those who names start with Ie and end with Sid should get fined double."
    (Duiran): You say, "Wonderful."
    (Duiran): Arista says, "Hahaha."
    (Duiran): Iesid says, "Oof."
    (Duiran): Iesid says, "This comedy tax is burdensome!"
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