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    I can't state enough how cool it is to get a customized god curse lmao

  • NipsyNipsy Setting fire to Aeryx's mine
    Tetchta said:

    I can't state enough how cool it is to get a customized god curse lmao

    I LOVE IT!
  • TetchtaTetchta The Innocent
    An OrgReq we'd been talking about forever in the Carnifex and finally wrote up got implimented in like a month. I'm so overwhelmed with hype and joy right now.

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    Okay, posted in peeves, now for the loves.

    @Whirran @Elene @Maeve - You have literally put up with Nipsy as a Thronekeeper for so long, I give you kudos because I would have thrown him to the wolves, I love and appreciate all of you and while tempers can flare IC, a lot of times we can come together to find resolutions between one another for the betterment of our city.

    @Callidora - You truly impressed me, I would tag the entire of the Dominion, all twenty four of them who literally shat on the Teradrim in a battle by numbers, but I don't even remember half of the names, it was a blur. That being said you have taken things in stride and allowed a demonstration of your Guild's strength, so please share that you are appreciated and that I am impressed by what was accomplished today.

    @Bulrok @Mjoll @Dourif @Almol @Alela @Mazzion - More often than not you are the names of leadership when it comes to rallying together the dysfunctional mess that is the Bloodlochian people, we sow discord, we burn things in our path, we smash their faces in with our shield and hammers. But at the end of the day you still put your best foot forward to see success in people and try and make us not feel like we are failing horribly, despite sometimes our questionable combat ability

    MY TERADRIM - I love you guys, we only have greatness to come - WHERE IS DAD, WE NEED IVOLN BACK

    @Kurak - My right hand in all things, you are a beast and a far better roleplayer than you give yourself credit for, I appreciate you greatly.

    I cannot believe I forgot @Xenia - I know I esteemed you a few times, but your role as the creepy spider auntie that mediates a City and upholds the values of their Goddess, is absolutely astounding. I honestly wish that I could recognize you more for having a reasonable approach to taking two very different mindsets, and producing a logical middle ground to converse.

    Bloodloch -

    Let's keep improving everyone, we can only become better, we can only strive to see success, and we can always improve. Let us not become apathetic, as players we can do little things each day, even if its stirring up the pot a little, to improve and make our experiences better.

    Old Players returning - What a strange time to be alive, seeing old faces like @Iazamat @Rijetta @Asaraii and others come back to a new and exciting world. We are happy to have you back and pleased to see you sticking around, lets all achieve some goals together, and work to make Bloodloch great.

    New players, SO BLOODY MANY OF YOU, I hope you are having fun, we might all sound abrasive when we talk IC, but truly if you need anything just reach out, Bloodloch will help you along your way.
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    Side Note: I am now requesting Goblin and Kobold NPCS. (You no take candle...references. And Gobbos that say TIME IS MONEY FRIEND)

    Ya boy might need another curse, become a Goblin.

  • LinLin Blackbird The Moonglade
    Watching a close friend's artistic skills improve explosively, so much so that it's kicked my ass into gear and gotten me to draw again, too. I'm incredibly proud of them.
  • @Nipsy thank you! It's been like, 6-7 RL years and I'm sooo rusty, so I appreciate everyone dealing with newb Asa all over again. Also fun to be back, though good grief ya'll have constant shenanigans and drama it's hard to keep up with :P Signs things are doing well here though!
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    I love returning to Iazamat and helping win a war. Props to all of Bloodloch (except @Bulrok) for all the fun over the last few days. Y'all know who you are.
  • No, I don't. Tag me.
    Copperhead of the Third Spoke says to you, "Intelligence matrix in moniker Bulrok reveals above average results when compared alongside proximal presence."
  • Done.
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    Wars make me want to learn PvP. I couldn't give two wet crackers about lessers, but the inherent stakes of war and the RP surrounding it makes the combat fun, organic, and highly motivating. Organic RP in general is just overall sexy and exciting, and it absolutely makes the game crackle with life for me. So I love all this war goin' on.

  • Nipsy said:

    Side Note: I am now requesting Goblin and Kobold NPCS. (You no take candle...references. And Gobbos that say TIME IS MONEY FRIEND)

    Ya boy might need another curse, become a Goblin.

    Kobolds and catacombs?
  • @Rasani and a few others. So many of you were what we should have all been. Many of us got tilted by the perceived unfairness of the war, and we made it known. But you lot kept in mind it was a game first. You kept positive and, honestly, I think that did more good for us as a group than we will ever know.
  • RihrinRihrin Duiran
    I just want to say thanks to everyone who came around for @Aolin and I's Sentaari demo tonight. It was really nice to have people get to hear the updated lore, and just hang out while we did our thing. Thank you all for your time! <3 Love our community
  • All the activity being rolled out for the game in cities and seeing the stories from the ripple effect.

  • Fame:
    She triumphed in a game of Ankyrean Treasures and won the grand prize.

    Got this on the first time I've ever done that quest..... =) That never happens!
  • AeryxAeryx Docking Nipsy's pay
    I finally tried King's Abdication for the first time, and holy crap is that fun. Me and Katie had a blast playing a couple games of it. A good mix of luck and strategy. Wish I could teach more people how to play it and start getting some brackets going via Cultural Ministry sometime. Love it, good stuff.
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    I like to throw out the occasional esteem for this, but still wanted to say:

    No idea who's playing gods right now but homies you're doing spectacular. I have enjoyed every single interaction with a god for the past, like, half-year (however long since I started playing Eaku again), short or long, antagonistic or friendly or neutral. You're doing a great job portraying the characters as well as their role as Divine.

    Good stuff and thanks for doing it.
  • AloliAloli Between Books
    Sryaen said:

    @Rasani, @Kalena, Allegra, @Isia, @Xavin, @Roux, @Velheima, @Rihrin, @Elwyn, @Damariel, @Aloli, @Benedicto, Annerissa, @Ayastia, @Aeryx (sorry if I missed any others!) - Y'all have been so awesome to RP with and have been instrumental in helping change Enorian for the better. I could go on with this list and name literally most of the city, but these key players have been so involved and I just appreciate all of you so much. Thanks for being there for me on the stressful days, and encouraging me to keep on with trying to make the city a better, more inviting place for everyone.

    @Whirran, @Elene, @Almol, @Callidora, @Tiana - Thank you all for being wonderful examples of villains in how diverse you all are from one another, and how much you bring to the game's overall atmosphere.

    And of course, much love to the Pools and all the Celani, Coders, Producers and Mortal Builders. Y'all have been so amazing in turning this game around and building it up to be something we all can be proud of, and I can see the attention to detail and love being poured into this game in each event, each new area, each orgreq completed, and the random, unscripted stuff that makes the world feel so alive. <3</p>

    This was really nice to read. I'm happy to hear you're having fun because Sryaen is a fun character to interact with ... thanks for taking Aloli's goofy moments seriously :)
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  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    Much love to the changed map of Eastern Ithmia. It makes so much more sense now, with the connections to different areas (especially Duiran), and with the river having a continuous flow. Thank you, @Keroc!

  • @ardaun Ohhhh thank you for the chuckle as I logged in for 5 minutes to check something and horribly failed LOL!

    (Tells): Harshly, you hiss afar to Ardaun, "Papercrafting bolgsack."

    (Tells): Harshly, you hiss afar to Ardaun, "Dangit!"

    (Tells): Ardaun tells you, "What did ye call me?!"

    (Tells): Harshly, you hiss afar to Ardaun, "YOU BOLGSACK."

    (Tells): Ardaun tells you, "Come an' tell tha' tae me face, lass!"

    (Tells): Harshly, you hiss afar to Ardaun, "THIS sounds like a setup, c'mere and I will!"

    (Tells): Ardaun tells you, "I think YE are the BOLGSACK- name the place an' I -will-.

    (Tells): Harshly, you hiss afar to Ardaun, "Why, I have something for YOU now."

    (Tells): Harshly, you hiss afar to Ardaun, "You're lucky I have to go do nefarious Grecht things, but this ain't over!"

    (Tells): Ardaun tells you, "Name- "His voice comes like a forest chill, a wolfish snarl." Nae, lass. Name the place. I'll feckin' come hunt ye doon ifin I need tae."
  • ZeheiaZeheia Immortal
    Wyatt said:

    This month marked my 1 year of of being up in the pools and I'm still having a blast.

    Still having a blast, or being blasted...?

    We love and appreciate you, even with your dastardly Goblin ways.
    She/her but also responds to they/them thanks to chilling as Somebody or other.

    If in doubt, please refer to the Forum Rules! If in more doubt, please reach out to a moderator.

    Act as you would wish to be treated.

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  • She's baaaaaaaack. <3
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    I feel like posting one of these, instead of trolling or pissing people off for a change.

    @Ixmi Rarely visits forums, but she's an absolute treasure for reasons innumerable. I'm glad we met :)
    @Rihrin for reasons you know already.
    @Iesid, @Eaku for being good punching bags, and just idle conversation. @Eliadon too (heck ascendril shift >:( )
    @Koharu just for being generally pleasant and a wealth of information, much as you profess to not knowing a lot. I hope you're enjoying your break.
    @Zarni purely OOC, but still fun to banter and troll with.
    @Nipsy might choose the worst things to play in WoW, but he's still a good egg.
    @Lin for having a system with a lot of neat functions/setups to steal borrow and get ideas from, even if we don't talk much.
    @Bulrok, @Taj and @Almol for being a wealth of combat knowledge, even if indirectly a lot of the time. The former also has a lot of neat stuff I stole borrowed, to improve my own system. :)
    Ummm. I suppose one for @Illikaal too, for putting up with question after question. I'll get Shaman working better soon (maybe). Lots of things to fix, lots of time to procrastinate fixing.
  • Hey I wanted to give a shout out to everyone in Bloodloch for welcoming with open arms! Everyone has been very helpful, friendly, and quick to steer me in the right direction.
    Thanks for putting up with my questions. I know you love them so much, so I have more!

    @Asaraii You're the best around, nothing's gonna ever keep ya down. <3
    @Dourif @Meltas @Paxe @Elene @Mjoll @Nipsy @Almol @Kiershu and all the others (I know I'm missing a lot of people)

    I look forward to my future adventures, fights, and all around shenanigans!
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