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    Irruel said:
    Eh, no problem. I'm far too rusty at rp though, I kind of just ran away because I haven't managed to get into my character's head space yet, and I couldn't make an emote ($teani_her or $teani_hers) work. It kept telling me I needed to use them with a name, but I clearly was.
    The name also has to be capitalized I've found... if you do it lower case it pops out a big mumbo jumbo line of stuff... which makes me *facetopalm*.....@Irruel looks over $Zaephlyn and think's that $Zaephlyn_he is a big smelly weirdo.

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    I'm pretty sure I've thanked her before but...

    @Kerryn  - Helping Kale get through what seemed like the end of the world and making her feel better. Honestly, -best-aunt-ever- <3 
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    @zaephlyn - I've found that you don't have to capitalize, but you must be uniform in each interation. So if you use @Zaephlyn you have to use @Zaephlyn_his or @zaephlyn and @zaephlyn_his



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    Daskalos said:
    @zaephlyn - I've found that you don't have to capitalize, but you must be uniform in each interation. So if you use @Zaephlyn you have to use @Zaephlyn_his or @zaephlyn and @zaephlyn_his
    Yes, Daskalos is correct. I don't cap when I target. Just emote blah blah blah $target, blah blah blah $target_his and blah blah $target_his_yours. But it has to all be the same. So if you do cap the name, you have to do it throughout the emote or it'll fail.
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    Thanks to @daingean for turning Macian getting apprenticed into a solid RP situation. Interesting stuff
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    Thanks at @Haven for explaining a few things about venom combat that make Sentinel's situation seem less dire. A lock w/o darts is still looking next to impossible, but at least (effective) hindering is (against some classes) and possibly, maybe damage kills! Will play with more.
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    @Haven Thanks for humoring me, if nothing else. :P
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    This has been long over due. I just want to say thank you to @Ilyon, @Ezalor, @Ezrax, @Neoma, @Alexina, @Grimdale, @Dourif, @Mazzion, @Draiman, @Brynn, @Elaine, @Conner aka the Sheep and of course @Lyl much much <3@Lyl.
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    @Aren, @Daskalos, @Meskhenet, @Aarbrok, @Angwe, @Kerryn for all being the best family ever for the Fox. tonight's drama brought to you by coconut rum. thanks for making me feel so loved, and knowing people will miss him if he disappeasr! (Not anytime soon!) 

    @Zhiji for being good frined, eeven though not seen lots lately.



    @coconut rum for being delicious.

    imageimage "Little pig, little pig, let me in, let me in. You look tasty and smell like bacon." *LICKLICKLICK*
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    @Areka - For calmly stepping in and making things happen, despite all the angst floating around. Also, for the bashing. Flex, bb, flex.

    @Omei - For being so gorram crazy and giving Aya a bit more complexity through proximity. 

    @Saybre - For sandwich, bacon, and booze appreciation. 

    The Templar in general, which regularly make me excited to play my character and all the shiny things coming up. 

    Belated, but also @Anfini for making what I expected to be a rather dull interview fun while providing unexpected character honing in the process. 

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    Thank you to everyone who showed up at my lecture! I hope it wasn't too boring!
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    Bummed I missed that :(
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    I had fun!  Sorry I had to ditch early (to watch Serenity).
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    Definitely thank you! It was interesting!
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    Had tons of fun with the bit of RPK that happened between the Carnifex and Duiran. Overall a big thanks to everyone involved, I hope more things like this happen! 

    The Carnifex:

    The Forestals: 
    @Kiyotan (Was he even really -there-??)
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    Much love to the handful of people who I actually interact with in Aetolia and give me a reason to come back.

  • AlistaireAlistaire Las Vegas, NevadaMember Posts: 180 ✭✭✭

    I'm sorry if I missed anyone important over the years. This game has influenced my life in more ways than I thought possible, whether good or bad. I will never forget you and I'll be around for a short time beyond this post. But I'm leaving and I wanted to thank all of you for the good memories. If anyone cares to do so, contact me here and I'll give you my facebook or number so we can stay in touch, but I can't stay here any longer.

    Even the people I didn't name. Much love, Aetolians. You're good people and I wish you all the absolute best. <3
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    I've got a bunch of shout-outs myself for the people who've made a huge, wonderful and lasting impact on not only my gaming experience, but in a lot of cases, my life. I owe these people a lot. This'll be a pretty extensive list! I've been playing for a long time now, after all. This list still doesn't cover all the people, if I really wanted to show how long I'd been playing, it'd be twice this length. I wish I could write out a personal thanks for each and every one of you, but I'm afraid I need to sleep at some point tonight.

    @Kylan - for being one of my best friends for several years now. The relationship between Nola and Kylan has been one of my favorite story arcs, ever. It has never gotten old. 
    @Illidan - we fight, we make up, its a natural phase in our friendship. You're still one of my best friends.
    @Piper - you've been absolutely awesome fun to RP with, and you've been a great friend, too.
    @Rivas - Its the same here. I've enjoyed Rping with you so much, and you've always listened to me, told me what I didn't want to hear, but I needed to hear, and are in general, supportive, and a friend I'm glad to have.
    @Daingean - Daingean was a vital aspect in Nola's life. Friend, colleague, lover, student, you name it, they were it, and yet entirely apart from all of it, on a different level. I'm so glad I got the chance to RP with you, and get to know you as a friend.
    @Piri - Piri has always played a role in Nola's life that was in the background, and yet, it was a very solid, consistent role that was always something you could appreciate. I've enjoyed having that over the years.
    @Khloe - Khloe, as Nola's best friend, will always be important to my character and to my experience. Also, I'm so happy for you! Congratulations. 
    @Kerryn - Kerryn has been a very good friend to Nola over the years, and not once has she ever regretted fighting for her citizenship in Enorian. I'm really happy I've gotten a chance to get to know you, as well!
    @Theo - Theo is Nola's one and only son! Always fun to tease, and was always there to cheer her up. I've really missed getting to RP with you, but I'm glad that I got the chances that I did. I wish I had spent them better, though. I hope everything is going well for you!
    @Liska - Liska is the best trade minister ever and she is awesome, I don't care what anyone else thinks! She always made Great Hunts bearable by making them look like child's play and at the same time, creating a playful competition.
    @Mireia - Mireia is like a female version of Daingean. Its a little bit startling sometimes, but its also nice having a bit of him still around in the game. Nola is extremely proud of how Mireia has grown up as a Daru, and feels safe with the novices in her hands. You've been wonderful.
    @Macian - Nola and I both, always appreciated Macian's support and sympathy on a number of occassions, whether it was in Arion's Order when they both went through seperate but similar ordeals, or when Nola was Vanguard and Macian was on the council with her. 
    @Erzsebet - I miss you! TALK TO ME MORE. No seriously, you're great.
    @Nahuaque - I've enjoyed getting to RP with Nahuaque and watching the dynamics and relationship grow between him and Kaetriela. Its been a pleasure.
    @Anfini - You were so much fun to RP with between Kaetriela and Anfini, I really, really loved every bit of it.
    @Akaryuterra - You do the two personality things so well its really amazing, and a bit unsettling, because you have to wonder just how you do it! Bravo, and thank you, for all the little initiations of RP we've had. 
    @Edhain - There are so many people I've missed getting to RP with over the long stretches of absence, but I've super-duper missed you! Some of my fondest memories in Aetolia were during the time Edhain was Vanguard during the wars. The underwear on the flagpole, the drunken parties at the taverns. Things like that, just added so much vitality to the game's atmosphere.
    @Darliea - I've missed the interactions between Nola and Darliea more than I've let on. When I first started out, she picked Nola out and went to the effort of poking and prodding at her, sneaking up on her, sending her statues and trinkets with symbolic messages to them. I loved that, all of that.
    @Talonnb - I won't need the carving knife anymore. Bahaha.
    @Benedicto - Don't work too hard, Octopus-head.
    @Moirean - You're doing a really great job with Spinesreach. 

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    I just want to give a big thanks to @Tratos and @Cole for letting me ambush you with my random silliness and taking it in good stride. You guys keep me from being bored, and it's refreshing to not have to deal with stress or drama for once.

    Also, thank you to @Kerryn for just generally being awesome. We don't interact a lot, but the short conversations, when they happen, do leave a really good impression.
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    image@grammarppl, Easy help file for you to share!

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    Nebre'seir, and Bloodloch in general it has been a lot of fun recently even if the game is in it yearly slump.
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    Thank you for hosting it! It was very fun and a good time seemed to be had by everyone there - including the enigmatic and moody divine! Hroagh and all that!
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    Aishia--always entertaining.
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    Lemme try this @Meyvitch, I like being bothered.
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