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Well, here's a thread that definitely needs to be reborn on these new forums. Had some awesome roleplay? Here's the place to do your shoutouts and thankyous!

So here's mine for the day:

Lin: You're always mad fun, the little interactions are so rich and enjoyable. The relationship Elea and Lin have is really great, a stabilising force on her character (even if 'stabilising force' isn't really a phrase a lot of people would use in regard to Lin!) and I always enjoy it when they get together.

Zun: I'd been waiting to have an excuse to RP with you, and I sure wasn't disappointed! Your character is great, your descriptions are really enjoyable to read, and I can't wait to cross paths again sometime!

Akaryuterra: What can I say? You're the other two-thirds of the Junakutz-Lionheart dream team and Aetolia sure as hell wouldn't be the same without you. You're always trying new things and finding ways to make your emotes fascinating and descriptive and you pretty much make my game experience wonderful. <3



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    ~ Raeche ~
    Yours happened to be the first character mine had the pleasure of interacting with. Since, they've developed such a fantastic bond of camaraderie, and I can't wait for the little moments of politicking and planning.

    ~ Alexina ~
    It was brief excursion but a total blast nonetheless. I'm looking forward to future ventures!

    ~ The Black Flagon Inn ~
    So much fun - Kerryn, Dasha. I have no idea how I'll maneuver Zun into your character's lives, but when I figure it out, he'll be there with goggles on. And suspenders.

    ~ Piper ~
    She's bright, bubbly, and inexplicably energetic. I don't know how they work - but I find Zun so constantly bewildered and enamored he lacks the time to grump. He can't brood for grins! And thank you for that, I'd go mad without the levity these interactions provide.

    ~ Lin ~
    Wow. What a fantastic writer, and a true writer at that, your styling is sometimes squandered on emotes but so appreciated. And that's enough unicorns-kissing. We've only briefly interacted but, hopefully, merely touched the surface.

    ~ Eleanor ~
    I'm fairly certain you drink a speed elixir before writing, your character and her mannerisms being so incredibly fluid and well written. It was terribly fun and I'm sure they'll meet again. It's definitely difficult sitting down with a character this rich and resisting the urge to go, "What happened then?" at every response.
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    Okay, I'll bite. After being very far away from Aetolia for almost a year:

    Sarita - for still being around, mostly, so that Camille isn't suddenly awash with strangers, and for setting her on the right track and giving him tasks that in turn help to get the RP ball rolling.
    Erzsebet - for helping to keep the RP snowball in motion once it had begun its unstoppable roll, also for helping Camille start growing what some fringe scientists may, after time and careful study, consider the slightest semblance of a spine
    Lin for taking what Camille (and I) thought was a passing invitation and using it to turn Camille's world on its ear. I'm not sure if this was a long time in the making, a trap that you were waiting to spring, or just something that was very off the cuff, but I felt very much like I was on the Truman show, and everything had been carefully rehearsed. Which is good!
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    Roux, and Arbre - Thank you both for being so patient with me. I very much wanted to do a better job RPing but I'm blastedly tired and have a hard time focusing. Even though I was all over the place you both stuck through for the most part and didn't just sweep me aside. I really appreciate that and it really encourages me to wanting to RP more.

    Also, thanks to Raeche and Klonk for just making the Syndicate awesome and letting me take a bigger role. 
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    I like that Roux is red and I'm green.  I find this pleasing.
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    I'm going to have to thank Zun.

    Not only are you one of the best roleplayers I've seen in this game, you also managed to cheer me up when I was feeling down. It made me happy.

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    Arbre and Iosyne: Thank you!

    Arbre, I usually get a bit nervous when roleplaying with people, especially with people that I don't know. But I just had so much fun. Arbre has such an interesting personality. I pretty much don't know anything about your character, but interaction and talking to you feels so original and fresh. Iosyne crashing our meeting at the Inn was totally unexpected and I wasn't even sure how to react. Iosyne is ten flavours of terrifying awesomeness, and even the slightest shred of approval from Her puffs up my self-esteem immensely.

    In short, this was tons of fun, even though I had to rush things towards the end.

    Thank you both!

    EDIT: Had some colour problems.
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    I want to reiterate since my last post, literally everybody I've had the pleasure of interacting with has been a bucket of fun. Some, more than others, but whatever - you're all fantastic. And if anybody out there ever wants RP, randomly bump into Zun. I'll roll with it. :)

    Edit: Unless I'm bashing.
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    Zun said:

    The Aetolian community! Oh, and whenever Eleanor is in a silly drawing mood. She produces amazing things such as this:
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    Many thanks to Illidan for patiently helping me set up my system and dealing with what could only have been the most newbish questions ever spoken by man. 
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    Thank you to Rivas, for being absolutely amazing all the time.

    Also thanks go to:
    Daingean - For taking the time to come and interact with Nola. I was really glad we got to do that. 
    Alycena - You seem to always catch me at a bad time! Early mornings are not my best cup of tea, so I apologize. But I appreciate all the little interactions and talks we do get in. 
    Khloe - Even if you never see this, I'm so, so glad to see you around more lately! Nola has long missed her best friend, and getting the two of them together is always so enjoyable.
    Theo - Play more. But I'm glad that your computer is now fixed, so I hope I'll get to see more of you! I was so excited to see you around more lately, and Nola and Theo getting to catch up was nice. But need more. 

    I'm likely forgetting someone, so I apologize if I am.
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    Thank you, @Xon. Every day, I discover something new about the mudbot mapper that enhances my playing experience. I can't even imagine going back to playing without it. Thank you so, so much.
    Some may say we've lost our way, but I believe we've not gone far enough.
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    Oh my god, Ferrik. You are the happiest thing in the known universe and every time I see you I laugh and grin and basically have the best time. Don't ever stop being wonderful <3

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    I have to express my thanks to Konnorn, Lexen, and Jasmyn - they play really intriguing characters that keep me on my toes, and have all had a hand in making my experience playing Tolemy wonderful. Also, they're just plain classy. 
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    I have been enjoying interactions with a number of people lately! Most recent would be:

    - Amara
    - Piper
    - .. oh gods, this song is working out so well with that above signature, AHAHAHAhaha.. ha..
    - Right
    - Ahahahaha its so amusing I can't stop watching it and laughing! what was I.. oh yeah

    - Ishin
    - Luna 
    - Arthas
    - Trask 
    - Calipso
    - Seig
    - Aloli 

    If I've left anyone out, I'm sorry. Its been a long day and I am verrrry tired. Hence the hysterical laughter. 
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    I've got a few,

    Daingean, for being a strict, yet supportive rolemodel in Alycena's life. 
    Nola, for -always- taking Aly out hunting when she asks nicely. Also, for the talks that they have, its as if they've been friends for a long time. 
    Dasha, for some awesome RP, everytime they interact. It never ceases to amaze me.
    Konnorn, for the time when Alycena first met your bird. Some amusing RP, each time we meet. 
    Osmond, for amusing me with RP, even though I know you're not fond of it. 
    Haydyn, for allowing me to be your daughter. We'll get our RP sesson soon! 

    I'm sure I'm missing some, And I'll add you here as I remember! :D
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    Let's see! Arania and Victoria! The interactions with Kiralla of late have been quite interesting and, in the latter case, unusually friendly as well. ^.^

    In no particular order thank you to the following people (and any I happened to miss) for the roleplay on assorted, multiple, or unspecified characters: Lexen, Tolemy, Seig, Ciarelle, Kerryn, Lexen, Daingean, Arbre, Kaetriela, Alexina and Kallah!
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    Right so!

    Russell: You're new and fun and I really liked your reactions and emotes! I hope you stick around, because I definitely want to RP with you again!

    Calipso: Your enthusiasm for game lore and whatnot is pretty inspirational, and it's great to see someone actively interacting with the backlog of interesting things the game's been given!

    Zun, Piper, Dalton and Meskhenet: The stuff at the Lunare ball was pretty fun, I'm so glad I got to RP with you guys over it!

    Akary: As always, because you are wonderful. I had this realisation this afternoon that I think one of the best things about interactions between your characters and mine is, they're centuries-old necromancer scientist ascendant beings in a steampunk bastion on the tundra, but their interactions are so... real. So yeah. Much <3.

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    I've got a number of people to thank for the interactions that we had that put a smile on my face-

    Zun- I swear.. I go into withdrawl whenever I don't get a dose of RP with you. It's so excellent to see Piper and Zun play off each other and you're probably one of the biggest reasons that I've stuck around as long as I have, so far!

    Raeche- It's too bad we never really did get to have much solid RP moments like we did with the ice skating. That was fun!

    Kaetriela- Thank you for being Piper's BFF. I don't know where she'd be if she didn't have someone she can just be -girly- with. It's just a shame that we never seem to mesh up schedules enough for something more than a tells conversation.

    Dalton and Meskhenet- For putting up with Piper's erratic moods!

    Eleanor, Akaryuterra, Calipso, and the rest of the Stormcaller Society- Hroagh! I LOVE it when you all roll out the red sciencey RP carpet and I can strut on it a bit. Definitely a highlight of the game, if you ask me. Thank you for that!

    Periluna- Thank you for all the help with my grammer on designs and more! it's really, super helpful because I don't have a proofreader on my computer. Other then that, thanks for always being able to answer my questions and not make me feel like an idiot or giving me an attitude. Definitely one of my favorite people to ask crafting questions. :)

    Kerryn- Thank you for being helpful whenever there comes a situation where our characters talk. It's been pretty positive!

    Phoenecia- And a big thank you for helping me with character development for Piper in a direction that she originally wasn't leaving. Kind of put a fire under her about her opinions on things.. which was awesome! I feel bad that you don't feel the same way but I still enjoyed it, anyways.

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    Sarita, for being such an exemplary resource of Consanguine/House RP. You keep surprising me with how committed your character is to what she and Bahir'an represent. I love interacting with her, it gives me crazy flashbacks of when the vampires had their stuff together. Thank you for making my experience back very enjoyable so far!
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    I've been getting quite a bit of amazing RP lately - so I just thought I'd thank a few of you...

    Milian - I know you don't read the forums, but I'm adding you to the list anyway because without your character I probably would have stopped playing Peri a long time ago. Milian is the only one who -truly- knows Peri inside and out. You've been a great friend OOC and I've enjoyed the past two years of RPing with you.

    Meskhenet - Girl. You're amazing. I know you started Mesk as a way to get away from your other games, but I'm glad you've decided to take on more of a presence in the Syssin. Mesky might be quiet, but Peri and I have high hopes for her. 

    Piper - I want to put Piper in my pocket and take her with me everywhere!! She's a joy to have around and I'm so so happy we've finally had a chance to RP lately. "OMG! CAN I HAZ YOUR AUTOGRAPH!" <- paraphrased, but my favourite line ever! Well, besides "cool it with an ice cream cone," cause I'm totally using that when someone gets pissed.

    Villi - I'm so glad you're back. You've given Peri a major insight, maybe without even knowing it. I know you feel your RP is a bit rusty, but it's like riding a bike and you're amazing. 

    Linfini - Okay - haven't RP'ed with Lin really, but the stuff over gambit was pretty great. The short RP was great yesterday and I hope to see more in the future. 

    Osmond - Not sure if -you- are pissed or Osmond is pissed, but either way... now, after the fact, I'm realising I kinda enjoyed the spat we had. 

    Syssin - Truly happy to be in a guild with such a wide variety of personalities. It's eye opening and fantabulous. 

    Almost forgot - Edhain - I know I was distracted and my RP wasn't that great, but you... wow. That's all. Wow.
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    I have more thank yours to give out!

    @Piper - As always, you're awesome. I'm so glad that Kaet has a best friend like Piper. Every interaction is enjoyable and exciting in its own way, and entirely unpredictable, and most times, hilarious. You make Aetollia five billion times more fun.
    @Erzsebet - I really like that the mother-daughter bond isn't something that is just kind of thrown together last-minute like you might find in one of those awkward and abrupt 'I'm going to adopt you' scenarios. No, its definitely there. Its too in-your-face not to be.
    @Nahuaque - The recent and unexpected interactions with you have been fantastic! I'm looking forward to much, much more. 
    @Calipso - I can't tell you how refreshing it is to have someone as genuinely excited and enthusiastic about the possibilities in, not only the guild, but the surrounding lore of just about everything else. Having someone around that Kaetriela can share than with and bounce ideas back and forth with has been SO nice. 

    The Cabalists Guild - Thank you, all of you. You continue to make it worthwhile. 

    I may be forgetting someone, I'm sorry if I am! 
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    Piper for being the slimy-slime person you are and listening when Teani was talking about difficult stuff. Was awesome!

    Kog who came to talk to Teani after leaving the Rout to get her side of the story. Was awesome just to chat a little!

    Angwe for being the way he is.

    Dhar who took a few minutes to RP with me just a little while ago. You're great!

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    I'm sure I'm missing some, And I'll add you here as I remember! :D
    Adding to it!!

    @Kerryn - Being an awesome aunt to Kaleigh, and for always being there when she needs it most.
    @Lianca - Our latest RP session, it was super cute how they bonded. Sisterly moments like that mean a lot to Kal.
    @Tomasz - being that annoying brother that you just can't help but love. I swear it's some twin mentality thing.. but either way it's always fun to RP with you.
    @Obsidion - being interested in the living even when it seems as if your are super dead set on staying an undead, Makes for some interesting RP
    @Dato - for being the best big brother anyone can ask for! 
    @Teani - a great friend who never ceases to entertain.
    @Aeori - a new friend who just slid into Kal's life so easily, almost as if they've always known each other. 
    @Rizial - for just being you, 
    @Morn - always being concerned with how Kal is, and being a good friend.

    That's all I can think of right now.. Will add more as I think of you!!
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    Thank you @Dato for a very fun duel, havent enjoyed combat like that in ages.
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    Just wanted to throw thanks out there to @Roux, @Aren, @Daingean, @Emelle, @Orisae and many more for the role-play opportunities as of late even if my net hasn't been very cooperative.
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    @Dato for being awesome and opening up some RP avenues for Lia that I didn't think would happen.
    @Kaleigh for always being so cheerful and up for RP at any time.
    @Haydyn for the recent RP we've been able to do that was very fun. We need more!
    @Daskalos for being the friend that always checks in on Lia periodically. I hope I didn't scare you away this last RP session and I'm looking forward for more!
    @Meltas for always being up for hunting! So close to 94 :P
    @Ciarelle for all the awesome RP lately, even the brief sessions.
    @kerryn for always taking the time to listen to Lia when she needed it. We also need more RP time.

    And thanks to everyone else I've RPed with lately. It has been a lot of fun!
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    Daingean, Mireia, Phoenecia, Belanthus, Kerryn, Haydyn, Aithene, Serrice, Auresae, Dhar, Angwe, Roux and all of my buddies in the Order/Congregation of Haern and those evil Chakrasulians we fought!

    Too many of you all to thank separately, but you're all wonderful, helpful and remind me in your own ways why I still play this game.
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    You're so awesome and I love all of our interactions. You're so supportive IC and out, and it makes things super fun. You've been instrumental in helping me get back into who Moi is, and in helping her lead the Carnis without losing her impiness. <3
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