Quotes & Misquotes: Falling Off of Bridges



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    *Runas' whole post*

    @Runas, you beautiful, magnificent bastard.
    Formerly: Spiegel. Eidycue.


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    Normally I do not like to quote myself, but I could not pass up my struggles with posing an item.

    pose cake274236 Carefully wrapped with fine paper, smell of a cake wafts over the area.
    Your custom pose must include the '^' symbol.

    (Then I go mindlessly alright, let us put ^ instead of cake)

    pose cake274236 Carefully wrapped with fine paper, smell of ^ wafts over the area.
    Your pose is now set as:
    Cake274236 Carefully wrapped with fine paper, smell of Kalak wafts over the area.
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    I fail just as much as Maizin does. I had to try commands to find it. But, thought it was funny.

    (Tells): In the back of your mind, you hear Maizin saying to you, "I know this is dumb, but how do I
    see a list of city enemies?"

    (Tells): You tell Maizin, "Uh."
    H:5800 M:4606 E:27716 W:23400 B:100% XP:30% [csdb eb]city enemies
    What city-related command would you like to perform?
    H:5800 M:4606 E:27716 W:23400 B:100% XP:30% [csdb eb]cityenemies

    (Tells): You tell Maizin, "CITYENEMIES should help."

    (Tells): In the back of your mind, you hear Maizin saying to you, "//mother ducker."

    (Tells): In the back of your mind, you hear Maizin saying to you, "//quack."

    (Tells): You tell Maizin, "(( when all else fails, shove words together ))"

    (Tells): In the back of your mind, you hear Maizin saying to you, "//yeah it was the damn spce."

    (Tells): You tell Maizin, "(( THey just love to unf each other. UNF UNF UNF ))"

    (Tells): In the back of your mind, you hear Maizin saying to you, "//rofl."
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    edited September 28
    Bit of a running joke at the Inner Gates is @Nenelos calling his citymates food. Tekias picked up on a pattern of who he calls food and who he doesn't, and...

    A nightmarish figure chews thoughtfully on Amarita.

    A nightmarish figure says, "I found a food thing."

    Petulantly, Helper Engineer Oisynne Mallore says, "I thought I was the food thing."

    A nightmarish figure says, "But it decayed... so I will have to settle for chewing on citymates."

    Amarita smirks.

    (Market): Oisynne says, "Seeking food things for my bestest Nenelos!"

    You say to a nightmarish figure, "Alright, for the last time...say it with me...Sci-o-man-cer. Not food thing. Sciomancer."

    A nightmarish figure utters a deep, rumbling laugh.

    Amarita's eyes twinkle enchantingly.

    Zruak says to you, "Food."

    Amarita Uymari says to you, "Apparently I've been demoted to food."

    A nightmarish figure says, "You may pronounce it 'sciomancer'. But I still spell it F-O-O-D."
    Formerly: Spiegel. Eidycue.


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    23:56:26.931 ---[ OOC ANNOUNCEMENT ]-----------------------------( 2017/10/12 04:56:27 )---
    23:56:26.932 I might be about to make some lag. Please find a safe place. You have one minute.
    23:56:26.933 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    23:57:16.293 Running in from the southeast comes an older Syssin guard.
    23:57:20.923 An older Syssin guard runs out to the north.
    23:57:49.213 ---[ OOC ANNOUNCEMENT ]-----------------------------( 2017/10/12 04:57:50 )---
    23:57:49.214 And done. Thank you for patience.
    23:57:49.215 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Seems like that guard had the wrong idea? Was running for cover?
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    This was pasted to me on skype:

    You have been awarded with a mislaid, imported crate!
    Having slain an indigo nightfire butterfly, you retrieve the corpse.
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    I bet it was the right leg, too.
    (Oasis): Azzello says, "I'll still never forget the first time I saw Toz throwing hammers."
    (Oasis): Azzello says, "I freaked out and thought they had somehow managed to pull me into them."
    (Oasis): Azzello says, "So I tumbled away from my team and into theirs."

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    Sibatti said:

    A stoic Sentaari monk lunges at Vyxsis with a mouth full of bared teeth, biting into her leg.

    The standards of Tekura have certainly evolved since the Sentaari moved to Duiran.

    i'm disappointed that you neglected to mention how i ran into the shop, tried to check WARES, and upon being denied, exclaimed, "Oh no, I cannot buy figurines!"

    then i died
    Indoran'i is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)
    You ease yourself out of the Tiger stance.
    You sink back into the menacing stance of the Scorpion.
    Jaymi sinks into the wholly unintimidating stance of the Jaymi.
    (Tells): From afar, Mephistoles hisses harshly to you, "Hey baby, show me your ovipositor?"
    (Research): Cariv says, "Itsa me, Buggio."
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    (Market): Zaila says, "Smoker's Den v4970 - now selling bolgsacks! wlk ahahaha - imma do this

    Headache Master Zaila Tenor's voice resonates across the land, "OH NO I AM SO SORRY!"

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