Mafia: The Syssin Strike Back

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Welcome to my first ever forum Mafia game! Special thanks to Xenia and Buford for helping me plan this out. Let the game begin!

The Story

After the Consanguine were purged by a small, but mighty brigade of citizens, life in Esterport quieted down and folk returned to business as usual, working to build a new life for themselves in the wake of previous destruction. The city stabilized, its citizens learned to work together despite their differences, and everyone lived reasonably happily ever after.

For about five minutes.

To no one's surprise, the Syssin -- who had wisely capitalized on an alliance with the citizens during the previous conflict -- quickly bored of stability and decided to stir things up. This time, the game is on their terms, and they're aiming to take Esterport for themselves.


**Each round consists of one day and one night.
**During the day, everyone talks among themselves with the ultimate goal of reaching a majority for a vote.
**Once a majority has been reached, I will announce the death, and the night round begins.
**During the night, all power roles should PM me with their actions. Long delays will result in a lost turn.
**Discussion is allowed during the night, but no voting will occur.
**Anonymous messages can be sent to the group at any time by sending me a PM.
**Players may not PM each other. Please use the anonymous message feature instead!
**Players may not edit their posts.
**Once a player has died, they may no longer communicate in this thread until the game has ended.

Roles will be assigned via random number generator.


The General
The ringleader of the group, the Syssin General is so skilled in the art of subterfuge that their identity cannot be discerned in an investigation (i.e., the Godfather).

The Syssin
Each night, the Syssin conspire to take out the citizens one by one (i.e., the Mafia).

The Psychic
Rumors surrounding this person's identity suggest their methods a word, unusual. Nonetheless, it is strongly believed that the Psychic is capable of great feats of mysticism, perhaps most notably the ability to see true into the hearts of men, women, and beasts (i.e., the Cop).

The Knight
Although the Templar guild has long since dissolved, along with most of the others, there is still one knight with a truly honorable reputation -- a rarity in these trying times. Tirelessly, the Knight spends each evening on guard duty, oathbound to protect the good folk of Esterport even if it requires self-sacrifice (i.e., the Doctor. This role cannot self-protect, however does have the one-time use of a starburst tattoo that will activate the first time they are targeted by the Syssin -- or the town).

Iosyne's Follower
Taking the Goddess's brutal tenets to the extreme, this person intends to demonstrate their superior power by being the last person standing. At night, they plant flesh-eating spiders in the homes of townsfolk, who will eventually be consumed by them at the Follower's command (i.e., the Arsonist).

The Drunk
A lovable lout who may as well live in the new Hound and Halberd, providing Esterport with entertainment and annoyance in turns. Has a secret death wish (i.e., the Idiot/Jester). If the town votes to lynch this person, one of the voting parties will not survive the guilt.

Everyone else.

Win conditions: For the Syssin to win, they must outnumber everyone else. For the Citizens to win, they must eliminate the Syssin and their General, as well as Iosyne's Follower. For Iosyne's Follower to win, they must be the last player standing. For the Drunk to win, they must convince the town to lynch them.

1. @Teani
2. @Lehar
3. @Karhast
4. @Emir
5. @Pazradym
6. @Sibatti
7. @Sarita
8. @Axius
9. @Buford
10. @Kelliara
11. @Xenia
12. @Valingar
13. @Ilyon
14. @Jami
The Syssin General is alive.
There is 1 Syssin alive.
Iosyne's Follower is dead.
The Knight is dead.
The Psychic is dead.
The Drunk is dead.
There is 1 Citizen remaining.

The Syssin have won the game!
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    Good morning!

    --or is it?

    An eclectic group of citizens gathers in the Hound and Halberd (2) to see, be seen, and swap gossip. There's more of the usual: news of the Dreikathi's latest movements, lurid tales of Esterport's more scandalous liaisons, and a particularly disturbing account of yet another death by spiders.

    A bloodcurdling shriek draws the crowd out into the street. Across the road, the limp body of Brayth, the Shining Trident's barkeep, swings from a tree. It would be clear to just about anyone that the expertly tied noose was Syssin work, but in case there were any lingering doubts, a note pinned to the lapel of Brayth's coat makes the situation clear. It reads:

    "Dear citizens,

    Let's play a little game. We'll try to take the city, and you can try to stop us.
    If we win, Esterport is ours. If you win-- well, I don't think we need to worry about that, do we?

    --The General"

    Roles have been distributed. If you did not receive a PM from me, you are a Citizen.

    It is Day 1.

    The Syssin General is alive.
    There are 3 Syssin alive.
    Iosyne's Follower is alive.
    The Knight is alive.
    The Psychic is alive.
    The Drunk is alive.
    There are 6 Citizens remaining.

    8 votes are needed to lynch.
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  • AxiusAxius where I amMember Posts: 337 ✭✭✭
    so..uhm...what now? I admit, I've never played this game before, so I'm hoping to learn as I go.. do we need to uhm.. lynch someone? Or do we just discuss first?
  • SibattiSibatti Mamba dur Naya Amidst vibrant flora and treesMember Posts: 282 ✭✭✭✭✭
    The first day is almost always impossible to figure anything out. So, typically you start with a random lynching - which is usually determined on a whim - because voting for no lynch is generally considered a bad idea.

    @Emelle I assume voting for no lynch is enabled?
  • EmelleEmelle Dreamshaper Tecpatl's CradleMember Posts: 712 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Yes, you may vote no lynch, although it's true that it isn't usually the best idea as a point of consensus.

    Make of that what you will.
  • XeniaXenia Member Posts: 1,080 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Goodness they are targeting the barkeeps, no doubt I am next. The Syssin always wanted a more elevated atmosphere to drink. Mark my word if they are allowed to prevail, there won't be a tap in sight. All wine and fruity cocktails! 

    I will I'll consult my books and see who has NOT been at the H&H2

  • KelliaraKelliara Member Posts: 575 ✭✭✭✭
    I'm sorry. I've been at the H&H2 since the last lot of murders...

    So, it can't have been me.
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  • AxiusAxius where I amMember Posts: 337 ✭✭✭
    I arrived just a bit ago, and I believe I sent a letter ahead of my plans to stay with the H&H2. There were previous murders?
  • KelliaraKelliara Member Posts: 575 ✭✭✭✭
    How interesting. Axius arrives in town, someone dies...

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  • SibattiSibatti Mamba dur Naya Amidst vibrant flora and treesMember Posts: 282 ✭✭✭✭✭
    It's just like a Syssin to stir up unicorns and befuddle a poor innocent bystander.

  • EmirEmir Member Posts: 386 ✭✭✭✭
    It's just like a real Syssin to stir up trouble after they have someone else to pin it on. 

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  • SibattiSibatti Mamba dur Naya Amidst vibrant flora and treesMember Posts: 282 ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Emir : Touche, friend. Why don't we both lower our swords and talk this through like civilized Spireans?

  • KelliaraKelliara Member Posts: 575 ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2017 one said anything about Spireans...given that we're in Esterport. A damning slip of the tongue, methinks.

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  • XeniaXenia Member Posts: 1,080 ✭✭✭✭✭
    As I stated, I would be posting my books to prove who is unlikely to be among the Syssin based on drink and bar venue alone. Additionally, I would note that these people owe me money, so should I die, they very well may have done it. @Emir never seems to come with sovereigns in his pockets and @Buford's 2 weeks behind on rent.

    I know some of you get touchy about details and things like 'evidence', so I'm just gonna go ahead and post the official tabs list for the H&H.
    For what it's worth, I think a knight should be posted up at the door and keeping me safe from harm while I continue to collect payment on my tabs and the Syssin continue trying to enforce classy establishments on us all.

    =(___ ___ ____ _)=
    | |
    | Hound and Halberd |
    | |
    | Tabs: |
    | - Kelliara - 50g |
    | - Sibatti - 600g |
    | - Teani - 85g |
    | - Karhast - 10g |
    | - Emir - 1800g |
    | |
    | Tenants: |
    | - Axius - 250/night |
    | - Buford - 1200/wk |
    |__ ____ __ __|

  • AxiusAxius where I amMember Posts: 337 ✭✭✭
    this isn't the agreed upon amount, @Xenia

    I agreed to 300 a night. And insisted on it in my letter. I've even got the gold on hand right now for it. I of course asked because I wanted the basement to set up my mobile lab set for research with materials found around Esterport.

    Also, Kelliara seemed to be pretty quick to assume to me, even though, I rather obviously have only arrived within the last half hour, -after- the crowd had started to form.

    Vote: @Kelliara
  • KelliaraKelliara Member Posts: 575 ✭✭✭✭
    There's nothing to say you couldn't have committed the deed and then doubled back, I think.

    OR that you're not working with accomplices. You're pretty quick to pin the blame on someone other than Sibatti. Maybe the two of you already know each other, huh? Despite your only just 'arriving'.
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  • EmirEmir Member Posts: 386 ✭✭✭✭
    @Xenia I've told you, you wretched woman. Once my singularity research is complete I'll have millions of sovereigns and I'll buy you a damn island IF YOU GET OFF MY BACK.

    Despite the implications it's going to bring about, I'm going to


    for now. I don't trust any of you yet, and will see how this plays out.
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  • ValingarValingar Member Posts: 314 ✭✭✭
    What foul murder, and I'm betting without PK cause too.

    Despite Xenia's possibly falsified booze-soaked ledgers, our first choice is going to be up to luck.

    Still, for the purposes of who we should lynch with joyous cheer on this first day, the more vocal people might be just a bit more likely to be innocent. This is because it seems like it'd benefit Syssin if people are quiet and don't discuss much, coming in only to bandwagon on someone later, because then there's less to analyze later on.

    Okay, that's not much to go by, it's early to the first day. But for now, I'm just going to pick one of the names who have yet to say a thing.

  • IlyonIlyon Member Posts: 746 ✭✭✭
    Well, well, well.

    With no better leads to go with, I'll just fall back to my default vote from the last one until a better opportunity presents itself.

    VOTE: Teani

  • KelliaraKelliara Member Posts: 575 ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2017
    Come on people, are we just going to ignore Sibatti saying she's Spirean? What more proof do you need?
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  • LeharLehar farmMember Posts: 65 ✭✭✭
    Hmm. So many options. Everyone is already ing yelling and it's hardly a new day.

    VOTE: @Axius

  • BufordBuford Member Posts: 280 Immortal
    Goodness Xenia.

    Did you see the exorbitant rate you charge to patron the place? Of course I haven't paid - I was busy paying respects to Brayth after his passing. You seem so quick to sweep that under the rug for the purpose of simply collecting your coin. How ironic that your competitor is brutally murdered and you jump to immediately square away the gold you've got coming your way.

    It sounds to me like you're funneling coin for something else.

    VOTE: Xenia
  • XeniaXenia Member Posts: 1,080 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Would you not square away your gold when it became clear the Syssin were up to some sort of shenanigans? As for funneling the coin for something else, try funneling the coin for some hound kennels to breed hounds. That's right. If we're going to be attacked by Syssin, I'm going to be furnishing every street, every corner, EVERY HOUSE, with a phase pulling, Syssin detecting, teeth baring warhound!

    Now then, good friend @Buford, do not go pointing that fat finger at me, pay up the money so that I may get started on my plans to safeguard this city once and for all.

  • BufordBuford Member Posts: 280 Immortal
    Oh, trust me, I know about your little kennels you keep running. The incessant yapping and snarling keeps me awake at night - as if I needed MORE help with my insomnia after these Gods-forsaken attacks by the Syssin.

    You may as well change your little marketing scheme, throw less emphasis on the brews and more on the dismal state of the living conditions. Here, let me help.

    The Hound & Halberd 2: Hounds'll catch the Syssin, you'll catch bedbugs and a lifetime of regret for your choice of living quarters.

    Safeguard the city? Your staunch claims, the ever-heroic defender of the city -- the very first role a Syssin would come up with to try and convince people that they couldn't possibly be a member.

    You'll find your gold under my infested mattress, I've got errands to run. I do hope to return to a clean mattress at the very least.
  • XeniaXenia Member Posts: 1,080 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Bedbugs, the nerve! The Hound and Halberd's facilities are kept clean by our very on Jedrick, who's cleaning abilities are second to none other than myself!

    All that yapping you complain about will be the very thing standing between you and the Syssin. Or maybe, maybe that's exactly what you realize, being a Syssin yourself. That's right, don't think your complaints about the lack of comfort and poor conditions went unnoticed. We all know the Syssin think themselves superior to everyone, including the hole-in-the-wall taverns of this town.

    Your snooty attitude is a dead give away as Syssin scum.


  • BufordBuford Member Posts: 280 Immortal
    Snooty attitude!?

    The nerve.

    Your little phase hounds are quiet - I've no qualms with them. It is the mill you run downstairs that breeds bizarre hounds with multiple heads, some that sneeze acidic substances, some that seem to breathe fire - which is no doubt a hazard to the establishment as a whole.

    I've bred a hound or ten in my day; phase hounds are renowned for their subtlety; how else will they pick up on the minute shifts in the continuum required to drag one of the scum from their little refuge? Should you clean up your breeding program, we would not have this issue.

    I've got nothing to lose by speaking my mind - such is what secured us Esterport when it was under siege prior. Those that sat with lips firmly shut saw their opinions rushed over and disregarded. I will be vocal. I will support all citizens having a voice as we reclaim this city once more.

    If you are willing to drop your holier-than-thou attitude you've inherited with being the sole remaining pub in the city after Brayth's unfortunate death, I will consider changing my vote, and perhaps helping with the establishment. I brew a fine ale.

    Until then, your willingness to immediately take the lead without hearing out the valid concerns of those around you leaves me suspicious.
  • JamiJami Member Posts: 31 ✭✭
    If you only going to speak up to pin a vote on someone else quiet, you've earned my suspicion

  • PazradymPazradym Member Posts: 129 ✭✭✭
    ::Yaaaawn:: good mor.... Holy crap! Not again! More murders? I just got back from the cave from the LAST time this happened. I swear that blasted mirror takes longer each time...

    By the divine might of Omei, you are restored to life.
    Omei gives the corpse of a headless cadaver to you.
    Omei offers you a quick wink.

  • XeniaXenia Member Posts: 1,080 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Subtle or not a phase hound is a warhound pup is a yappy pup. Besides, the puppy mill you are complaining about got cleaned out days ago when I started renting out to @Axius to use as a laboratory.

    I will ignore your accusation of being holier-than-thou, Buford, if only to learn you too are a brewer of fine ales. In times like these what can you turn to if not a fine ale and a hearty hound's meat stew? As I've stated before, the Syssin would rather see the H&H2 turned into some sort of high-end, sophisticated wine bar. I've seen it done before, back in Spinesreach and no Syssin would ever suggest brewing ales for my fine establishment.

    Buford, I'll do you one better and set you in the hound suites, set above the kitchen with a beautiful view of the hound pen out back. This I will exchange with you for a monthly barrel of your finest ales.

    Seeing as we are destined to do business together:


  • BufordBuford Member Posts: 280 Immortal
    Mm. It is a deal then.

    UNVOTE: Xenia
  • AxiusAxius where I amMember Posts: 337 ✭✭✭
    I find it rather strange that @Lehar spoke up and specifically mentions that he's going to vote for anyone random, and then picks the one person who hasn't even -been in town- as a target. I think that's highly suspicious myself.

    UNVOTE: @Kelliara
    VOTE: @Lehar
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