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    Follow up: I forgot I had videos!

    The making of my medallion.

    The -ZEALOT- at work.
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    I don't look too bad for having just gone under the knife, huh?
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    Yesterday we celebrated my niece's second birthday. Her name is Aya.

    She was born a month prematurely and had to live in the hospital until she stabilized but when my brother and sister-in-law finally could take her we were all beyond happy and immediately in love.

    When a dad can't rest:
    At the hospital

    A couple of months old:
    A couple of months old

    My son and niece:

    Sweet two:

    Her mom had a little too much fun preparing for the birthday party:

    Edit: I wish I could have been able to use tables but this version of BBCode seems not allow it
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