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    So I can truly tell someone to go eat fertilizer!
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    Artifact name : Green Thumb

    Cost : 400 credits (falls in line with other crafting artifacts)

    Action: Allows the farmer to yield double the amount harvested. (Which will allow for yielding double produced). This will be better than the fertilizer since the fertilizer is only a chance to yield more.

    Products will still grow at the same rate, just yield more.

    Second idea!

    Artifact name: Watering Can

    Cost: 400 credits

    Action: Will allow your plants to grow at a faster rate.
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    an enigmatic atlas
    atlas (Artifact #25)
    This artifact adds a line to SURVEY that informs you what percentage of the local area you have explored.
    Can this say total rooms found and total rooms in the area instead of flat %?

    Currently, You have explored 29% of this area. Would rather see, You have explored 18 of the 124 locations in this area.
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    Artifact name: Seed safe box

    Cost: 400 credits

    Action: Functions exactly like the ironwood smokebox, except instead of keeping cigars from decaying, it keeps sacks of seeds from decaying. Useful for when you get a merchant selling seeds that should've been planted in Khepary but he didn't SHOW UP until Lleian. The jerk.

    Caveat: Would ideally look at dropping the price, but instead making it like the shed item for the farm, where you sacrifice a place to plant on your farmland in order to properly store the seeds.

    I just bought Godstongue and Zhikta from a merchant. He didn't tell me jack squat on how long the Zhikta takes to grow.. but Godstongue should've been planted early in the summer he says. This annoys me because it's Lleian right -now-. It's not even MIDSUMMER.
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