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    He wasn't but we got him to. 
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    Don't mean to be a dick, and it's more than 4 messages so flagging 10 plus messages as off topic is boring. Thread is about carnifex weakness/strengths and ideas. Not about sentinels. 
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    Xiuhcoatl said:

    Don't mean to be a dick, and it's more than 4 messages so flagging 10 plus messages as off topic is boring. Thread is about carnifex weakness/strengths and ideas. Not about sentinels. 

    Heh, the comments on Sentinels were being used as a comparison to the Carnifex class. If this class can do x, then why is z a problem since x = z?

    Then they proceeded to answer the question. To that end, it was still on topic since it was a comparison of one of the Carnifex's strengths.
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    I do not mean to resurrect this thread but I am truly struggling with my class. Currently it feels like Carnifex are at an impasse, we are just not fast enough to outpace peoples curing and not versatile enough to get any joy from combat.  As someone with no cash to invest in a new class, I am unfortunately stuck fighting with a limited arsenal of abilities. In general, Carnifex are crap and 2/3 of my guild do not even use the class.

    At this point in time I have great curing thanks to tripwire (Kaeus is great with his updates etc) yet the offensive area is redundant for me. I do my best to afflict, I use my mire hound to add afflictions and use a (damage: 123 Penetration: 120  Speed: 177 as a dextrous player), but at 2.44secs for two venoms, it is not viable as people merely keep rebound/shield  up so it is impossible to gain speed or stick afflictions. At points,  I might get lucky and will hit 2.0secs for a round then its start again at 2.4  due to rebounding.

    Therefore, I want to know what can be done to improve the class, what can I do in terms of tactics taking in to account the lack of skills we have.  I have tested all my stuff and have just hit a wall now and its depressing.

    Some of the tactics I have use include using venom stacks such as:  paralysis, clumsiness, stupidity, weariness, limpveins, asthma, slickness, belonephobia, etc etc etc  on undead and the equivalent for living venoms.  Or  starting with paralyisis, stupidity followed by limb venoms etc! For a little while I added in soul poison but it slows up the offence for a full round and you need to restart again to add in afflictions

    I use soul rust and charging on weapon users to lessen the damage and keep them from fleeing, so I can keep up the afflictions, however soul rust in general does nothing except drop 30-50 damage!

    I have screwed around with hammers but they are slow, and do not gather soul (I think at best I have gained 4 soul in a fight), and in general they are extremely limited outside a leyline situation.

    So this is me asking you toptiers to tell me what you would do with the class as it is please, thanks.

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    As far as I'm aware, the next liaison round is going to bring about a ton of Carnifex-related fixes that aim to improve the combat style and also fix a bunch of useless skills we have. Stay tuned!
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    Sit tight, wait for revamps. If someone is losing to a Carnifex 1v1, they are either getting cheesed out by a few of the cheap tricks that we have, or they don't understand what they're doing :/ - pretty much your best bet is to ssl with curare/aconite or curare/xentio and just keep hindering them and hope maybe soul chains + block is enough. Single-exit rooms work well, ones with a door are even better. IF you can keep hitting them non-stop, and you don't hit rebounding, and the stars align and they forget to hinder you when they need to? You can sometimes kill someone.

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    If only people were that easy to kill. In 99% of cases I get two hits in, and they rebound/shield, repeat. I have whored curare to death in fights too but its the same deal, that or the people I fight are just realy good with their classes!
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    @Mastema take stupidity out of your aff order until the very end. You cannot use any focus affs before you lock them because...they will just focus it away, wasting your balance. Same deal for weariness. You use stupidity after you've achieved a venom lock so that they can't focus away the anorexia.
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    Alright I will swap them around a bit then, as I need to come up with something in a fight. In someways I miss being an Infernal more and more now.
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