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    If you ever notice my 50000000000 warhound switches that's the lag and I'm sorry.
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    From what I've gathered, there's too much spam for anyone to really notice much of anything until going after the logs hours later.
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    It makes me a little annoyed that I wouldn't even begin to know how to describe this issue in a BUG or an ISSUE ME report without this image. Likely that others have also maybe noticed it and reported it?

    Oh, and for some reason, my PC likes to cut power to everything but "required functions" (AKA: The peripherals like my controller, and anything else with a light, as well as the "powered on" light at the front of my PC. ) But it cuts off power to my mobo frequently. I imagine there's a reason in the line of "my motherboard's dying" or something expensive like that I'd need to consider, and with my Patreon being so small, I can even begin to start piecing stuff together for this, sadly.
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    I hate bad hats.
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    One of my cats escaped from the balcony last night and I am going nuts. He's never been out this long before and it rained last night and it's cold and he's all alone. And my other cat is going bonkers looking for him. She was up yelling half the night. Damn cat, come home!
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    Body is required.
    Indoran'i is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)
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    Missing the finale (yet another) to what was stellar event.
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    @Axius A bit late, and unfortunately I couldn't figure it out myself, but I put in a bug for it. It only seems to break with MXP enabled, though!
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    @Ceraen thank you, and sorry for not being able to properly word out -what- the deal with it was. The best I would come up with is "Hey, this so-called 'room' on the map over here is missing a closed bracket." and as you just noted, it only is the case when MXP is enabled. So... pictures, yay?
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    Benedicto said:

    Missing the finale (yet another) to what was stellar event.

    Did you read it ??!?!?!?!? It's on the global events channel and Steele in the Discord was kind enough to copy pasta for those who were stuck at work.

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    Mad At coworker/former roommate, a guy I went out of my way to get to work with me when he really needed a way out of his current situation.

    Instead of going to work and getting up at 5:00 with me, he decides to drop a randomly assorted mix of various substances, and shack up with some 20 year old girlfriend he made ties with over the internet, and who decided to move In suddenly. Totally blew off work and told me to tell the boss-man he was taking the day off.

    He's fired now, owes rent, made me look like a jack unicorns, and recently dipped out of the apartment with his woman without paying for staying the time that he did.

    Great. This is awesome.
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    Always fun when you let someone you trust borrow something valuable and then tries to return it damaged. I let you borrow it fully functional and the deal to let you borrow it was that it was returned equally functional. That's not difficult, right? Hoping the person won't ruin the rest of the things she borrowed from me out of spite for wanting my things back in one piece.
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    I am mad. At something. I don't even know what. But I'm sitting here at the moment just getting as trashed as I can cause that's how I deal with things when I get this mad. And the fact that I don't know what I'm mad about is just making me madder. It's like this echo chamber of rage. I'm mad. Why? I don't know. Well that just makes me madder. Ok well I still don't know why I'm mad but I'm madder now. Rinse repeat. I feel like I'm on the edge of a mental break down. And I. Don't. Know. Why.
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    I think it's safe to say that everyone here supports you regardless of the why's revolving around your engimatic brooding/anger @Emir
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    Hate this week. I want a new one, please. I'm -trying- to find the positive in some of the things, but near the end it gets pretty difficult.

    1. Locked up at work earlier this week, lights decided to start flickering like there was a freaking shoot-out inside the building because of a short-circuit somewhere. Decided to leave it on to prevent potential fires and called to let the boss know. (It was thankfully fixed. No fire)

    2. Boss makes a mistake in scheduling, requiring me to come in and work on my day off. (At least offered more pay, so fine.)

    3. My transport to work broke down on my way to work Friday morning. (at least I was out in good time and made it to work without issues.)

    4. Came home in the evening to find everything in my fridge has gone bad because fridge stopped working. (at least the freezer works, so I have some food)

    5. Use the bathroom yesterday (Saturday) and my toilet breaks. Not the ordinary "can't flush" or "flooding" kind of problem. The porcelain throne broke. Cracked. Fell apart right underneath me, making me scrape my back against the jagged edges and land in a pool of sewage, with more water flooding in from the pipes. No other toilet in apartment, so have to use the one in the basement until tomorrow morning. (I just... I don't know... the universe clearly hates me this week? Difficult to make things worse)

    6. Went down to get the previously mentioned transport to work, which I had locked down securely (or so I thought) nearby where it broke down, only to find out it had been stolen. (... FML )

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    That is an oddly patterned series of unfortunate events hitting you in rapid succession, all centered around things failing or breaking.
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    Three mads:

    - Discovered my Uni charged me an amenities fee twice due to some class shuffling. Wouldn't be an issue but it was silently declared overdue in August and my graduation is hence blocked due to a sanction until the 15 year old banking system deigns to process the payment I made today. Not a huge deal but I'm preparing to move and could do without the uncertainty.

    - Would like to get back into Aet but Mudlet likes to arbitrarily eat sections of my system between loads and neither all my efforts nor the Mudlet help channel can make it stop. Formatted my OS in the meantime as well. Choice is between not bothering, or starting my system over from scratch or an old backup.

    - Discord drama means my server list is pretty quiet these days. Mild mad, mostly sad.
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    Just irritated with recent situations at work.

    Last Friday I stepped on a nail that went clear through my boot and sank all the way in. I also wanged a crowbar that lost it's bite where I had it planted and it smashed into my knee. Shortly after those incidents I lost my footing while I was standing on a giant pile of debris and my fall was stopped by landing the soft part of my right wrist onto the edge of a cinderblock - Ruined all the nerves in my hand for now and reduced my gripping power to about 60%. I also got the side of my forehead smashed front first by a big 2 x 20 that lost it's pivot point where it was resting.

    This Saturday I fell off some scaffolding and fell from about 20 feet up onto a hard board - In essence my ribcage cushioned my fall, and now I have a fractured rib, sort of hurts to take a full inhale of air now.

    I pride myself on my capacity to defend myself, and one of the most consistent measuring sticks I use against myself is being able to make contact, or ward off contact.

    In my current state, I have to admit that if I had to close distance with something or someone, or fend off something or someone, I would be seriously hard pressed to do either.

    That irritates me more within my conscience than all my injuries put together.
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    So this week has involved my grandfather literally dying while lighting the Menorah with my Grandmother, he suffered from a massive heart attack, guy was in perfect health and never had any major health issues. My Grandmother who has dementia is now having to re-live the death each time she asks where her husband is, or how her husband is doing I have to see this woman who raised me and vaguely remembers who I am break down in a fit of sobbing and hysterics.

    It's breaking me.

    This is the second husband who has passed due to a heart attack, the first I was only 12 years old, she remarried when I was 15 and has been with her second husband for 20 years, only to have this man who has been with her through the good and the bad and brought her out of despair, die once more. I am trying to keep it together, its not the death that is bothering me as much as seeing a woman who is the queen of my family, falling to pieces and spiralling into such a deep sadness, over and over again that is going to get me. I cant console her because shes just lost, shes frustrated, shes angry, and she is sad.

    This week has been rough...real rough. Sorry I am not around right now, I miss you guys a ton, hopefully I can have some distraction and holiday fun in the upcoming week.

    Thanks for all being awesome though.
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    You take care of yourself and your family.

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    Got my brain biopsy results back (finally). "Rheumatoid arthritis related meningitis". So I don't have sarcoidosis, which I guess is a good thing? We already knew I had RA, but I thought RA attacked the JOINTS, not the BRAIN. So what now? The research I've done has pointed to high-dose steroids, which I'm already on and HATE HATE HATE. I'm hoping my rheumatologist has a better answer on Monday. It's now been over a year that I've been fighting this.
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    Divorce motions.

    They bring out the worst. The whole ordeal turns me into a raging a**hole, and my soon to be ex-wife as well.

    I hate reflecting on any shred of intact good memories my marriage had. Because right now, none of it means anything.
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    I just got diagnosed with Pneumomediastinum. I feel weak, and tired. If I ever needed a reason to not smoke anymore, this would be perfect.
  • KalinaarKalinaar Member Posts: 157 ✭✭✭
    Sklax said:
    I just got diagnosed with Pneumomediastinum. I feel weak, and tired. If I ever needed a reason to not smoke anymore, this would be perfect.
    If it helps, going 100% organic and getting off my unicorns and torturing my body (exercise of your choice) every day worked really well for me. I'm a leukemia survivor and at age 30 felt more like 80 with constant pain, chronic fatigue and nearly no immune system. I'm 35 now, I rarely ever get sick and I'm choking out guys almost half my age in jiu-jitsu. Moving away from the bad air of California made a big difference as well. I don't know what Pneumomediastinum is but my advice is you Viking up and tell it to unicorns off even if it takes your last breath to do it. 
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    Because of illness, I’m going to just be gone a while. A lot of things I don’t want to talk about, because it’s all rage inducing, but figured I’d use this to say bye for a while.
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