Mafia: Riots in the streets of Enorian!



  • I am voting for Slyphe because he is only one who knew the identify of the Knight-Marshal, and because the Knight-Marshal got hit by the mafia as soon as they were able to. Clearly proving that Slyphe is mafia and told them who to vote for.

    It -could- have been a coincidence, but as they hit another power role early on, that's way too many coincidences for my liking. It's much more likely that Damariel was right after all and Slyphe is the grand poobah, or however it's spelled.

    Incidentally, Aarbrok's defence of Slyphe indicates that he, too, is mafia.

  • Identity, not identify. Grumble.

  • Slyphe's persistent need to get rid of Damariel does make me highly suspicious, along with Aarbrok as well. However, I'm still gonna stick with my original gut feeling as I had before and go with Ilyon again.

    Vote: Ilyon
  • I'd rather vote for aarbrok but at the same time ilyon seems to be confusing the game against slyphe.

    The quotes I posted were what I noticed last round that made me suspect the identity of the knight marshall. It's not unreasonable to think that others, like ilyon, would spot that to and use it to their advantage to off another innocent. 

  • Come on now, do I need to take out the crayons? This is basic stuff.

    - Slyphe learns who Alee is
    - Immediately afterwards, Alee gets targeted by mafia, despite not raising any suspicion
    - Therefore, Slyphe is mafia
    - That, or the mafia got incredibly lucky. Twice in a row. Yeah, not buying that.
    - Several people are doing their best to deflect the vote away from Slyphe. Another clear sign.

    Anyway, the recent Slyphe-defending posts show that Aarbrok (99% sure) and Aren (80% sure) are the other two mafia members, so if you for some inexplicable reason don't want to hit Slyphe, we can switch to Aarbrok instead, but it's a higher risk.

    Or, I guess, the mafia could win. Up to you, really, all you need to do is lynch two more townies.

  • AarbrokAarbrok Breaking things...For Science San Diego, CA
    ...and with that...Ilyon brings me logical proof.

    UNVOTE: Ilyon

    VOTE: Slyphe
  • Yeah good points.

    Unvote: Ilyon

    Vote: Slyphe
  • @Aren, your signature makes me uncomfortable :neutral_face:

  • I know I am dead but this is about Aren's signature... every time I see it I have to stop and watch it for at least half a minute... I don't know why... I just have to.
  • Could Ilyon be haven? 

  • Y'know, I guess I'm comfortable with the odds. Too tired for numbers though.

    Vote: Slyphe

    Arbre-Today at 7:27 PM

    You're a vindictive lil unicorn

    Lartus-Today at 7:16 PM

    oh wait, toz is famous

    Karhast-Today at 7:01 PM

    You're a singularity of fucking awfulness Toz
    Didi's voice resonates across the land, "Yay tox."


    Block Toz

    limToday at 10:38 PM

    you disgust me
    (Web): Bryn says, "Toz is why we can't have nice things."

  • Vote Slyphe

  • DemarcusDemarcus Black Flagon Inn
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    "We're tired of this! Too many numbers!" shouts one of the three people left rioting. An accusatory finger points towards Slyphe as a rioter shouts, "You! You were in cahoots with the Knight-Marshall, you must be behind all of this! DIE!"

    It takes awhile, but the crowd of 2 eventually manages to bludgeon Slyphe to death.

    Slyphe: Ilyon, Aarbrok, Aren, Toz, Damonicus (5)
    Aarbrok: Xenia (1)

    Slyphe has been lynched!

    He was a Citizen!

    The Grand Poohbah pulls the cowl down from his cloak and steps out of the shadows, clapping slowly. "Congratulations. You've all lost. Now bow down to your new masters." You recognize him as Damonicus!

    Two very Shadowy Assassins stand behind your new Vanpoohguard and you immediately recognize them as Aarbrok and Llok!

    "NOOOOO! I DIDN'T GET TO LYNCH ANYONE!" cries Aren as he tears a very deceptive mask off his face, revealing himsel to be none other than Haven Locke!

    Aren lunges at Ilyon wielding a noose in one last desperate attempt to lynch Some Poor Sap. He is struck down by twin arrows from the Shadowy Assassins, sparing Ilyon from getting out of his future servitude to his new leaders.

    The Instigators win!

    The Enorians lose!

    Haven Locke also loses!

    Thanks everyone for playing, I'm calling it a game at this point since I doubt The Instigators are going to assassinate one of their own at night. It was entertaining to see how the posts and lynching goes knowing everyone's identities! I apologize for any rules clarities that contributed to the bumps in the game. A lucky Round 1 kill on the Vanguard really set The Instigators up for success. I can't believe how badly I was cheering for the trains started on Llok and then Aarbrok to succeed to give the Enorians a fighting chance! Oh well. I hope everyone learned something and most important had fun. It was a fairly quick game compared to others, which I think helped! Hopefully there won't be such a tremendous pause inbetween this and our next game!
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    Mm, guess I just suck at this. Oh well. Funny how incredibly lucky the mafia has gotten!

    Thanks for hosting the game, it's been fun!

  • We only got lucky once :P
  • Thanks for hosting, also. :)
  • I just got too annoyed to bother with trying to argue any points, but from the start I had been saying to lynch Aarbrok because I could tell he was guilty.

  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    Yeah, was a fun game, even though I got killed on the first night. Lucky bastards! *rue* :P

  • That game was aggravating. Watching Moirean's attempt to create an alliance fail so quickly was aggravating, watching you all vote for me was aggravating, and then watching you all vote for Slyphe - when I knew that the investigator's death was proof that Slyphe was innocent after all - was aggravating. In fact, the suspicion I was expressing toward Slyphe? It was done on the assumption that he and the investigator would both survive into the next round, and the scum would spare him because I was unwilling to consider him 100% confirmed... such that we could keep getting reliable investigation reports.

    Ahh, well.
  • This game was incredibly aggravating, which is usually the sign of a good game. Still, it was annoying for me.

  • Damn you Ilyon!!
  • I have no idea why anybody voted for Slyphe :/
  • Me either... I found out Aarbrok's identity the same night I died and I knew I had said something that gave myself away that day round.
  • AarbrokAarbrok Breaking things...For Science San Diego, CA
    Well the decision for Slyphe was (We have two people Toz and Slyphe who seem to be making logical arguments, and Alee seems to be ally with Slyphe, so lets off him in case he knows anything.)
  • Too bad Slyphe didn't get a chance to log on and defend himself before he was lynched.
  • I thought I quoted all I needed to clear Slyphe!
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    Damariel said:

    In fact, the suspicion I was expressing toward Slyphe? It was done on the assumption that he and the investigator would both survive into the next round, and the scum would spare him because I was unwilling to consider him 100% confirmed...

    Yeah, it's interesting how things turn out sometimes. This strategy backfired largely because of our inexperience with such tactics. Hopefully we'll know better next time!

    Quite an informative and interesting game, that's for sure. Too bad it was so short.

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    We could always play on the website with an Aetolian group! :smiley:
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    Someone powerful says, "We're going to have to delete you."
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    Sorry I derped it up, I guess.
  • @haven You mean town of salem right?
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