Spirit/Shadow PK divide



  • JensenJensen Corruption's Butcher
    And sentinels recover health from the blood of the people they attack. Mechanically that is vampirism
  • @Jensen I really wish they would have described it differently, yes. However, I have to say that if you're trying to deflect my statements about an -entire- ability set by looking at a single skill that is a bit out of place, it makes me wonder if you're not just being contrary.

  • Sometimes a feller's just got to be contrary.

    Also, @xavin just hurt my feelings, because now I have to go figure out the difference between cabalist and indorani.
  • JensenJensen Corruption's Butcher
    Just don't like that we judge X by one standard and Y by another
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    Angwe's rationalization is that the Cabalists are scientists first and foremost. While the Indorani use Necromancy as a means to subvert the natural order and spread their corrupted philosophy, the Cabalists use it as a means of studying life and life energies, which makes them... not so different from the Sentinels and, in fact, rather valuable to the Sentinel's mission of understanding the natural world.

    NOTE: Not that some of the things they do don't bug him on a personal level, mind. He will, of course, judge them on an individual basis. If it's exterminating tracts of land, he's still gonna bang.
  • ErzsebetErzsebet Altaholic
    Aarbrok said:

    I do like that my argument when people call Aarbrok a Necromancer is...
    "Dont be silly, I am a Numerologist, not a Necromancer."

    ..and it usually suffices, because gurl, he ain't no Indo.

    Though in that regard, I often RP with Duiran, because I have ties there, promises, obligations.
    I get plenty of guff from them for my choices, but they are also civil enough to know those choices were my characters, full knowing of repercussions. I encourage more RP with Duiran, you just have to be truthful with your RP, and have it explained and they are a reasonable sort. I even was convinced to drop everything but non-neutral classes save for Cabalist, because if you play a Cabalist you know....

    We are not Necros. IN fact Cabal teaches a very awesome take on our abilities, and if you have seen some of the new techniques, they have even changed our Decay to look Non-Necromancy.

    Totally agreed--they've (Duiran) always been at least semi-flexible. Ultimately though, they're not willing to make allowances for Necromancers the same way they are for, say, Teradrim. When Dara first left the Cabal, she actually tried to get permission to live in Duiran. Not even as a citizen. Just move her house there and live there. She offered to completely give up Necromancy and Domination and simply remain, as she considers herself, a Numerologist. No dice. They have lines.

    Though. As a related aside, I really enjoy Eleanor's take on Necromancy. I've never felt like Necromancy that isn't skinned in the way she spins it really fits with the Cabal at all.

  • @Xavin‌
    I always feel like the sentinels and shamans that Xavin sees, are not the same as the sentinels and shamans that everyone else sees.

    Without looking at Xavin's description, if you were to ask me to describe the character/persona, I'd say: elder statesman.

  • That is not what I'd label him as, that's for sure.
  • How so? I've never seen him do anything except be a competent leader with a voice of reason (which is a lot of something to be doing, so please don't take that statement negatively).

    That and the odd holobombing spree, which admittedly doesn't fit the elder statesman thingy.

    Of course, I'm looking at Xavin through a narrow window; roughly the last 5-6 months.

  • SerriceSerrice the Black Fox
    It sure fits the 'elder' thing, though.
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