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    I love hearing/reading about characters like this, even when it doesn't change anything about RP/views/whatever.

    Just like a book. I want all the stories!
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    I agree, @Rashar. I don't mind answering questions :)
    Tell me and I forget, teach me and
    I remember, involve me and I
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    Makes me want to go re-do my character break down. Soo much has changed since I wrote that. In fact!
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    Moirean said:
    1 - What would Bene pick, if forced to choose: his daughter or his city?
    2 - What's Bene's take on the Light, these days?
    3 - Would Bene take Vanguard again, if the opportunity arose?
    (Apologies I'm on my phone typing this so couldn't get the layout quite right. Thanks for the questions @Moirean, they're good 'uns!)

    1. The answer to this would really depend on the circumstances that built up to such a choice. There's a whole spectrum of events and actions that could build up to an answer either way. Enorian could capture her and start "putting her to the question" etc. If she was still living and was still relatively an innocent then Bene would side with his daughter. Currently Bene is heavily into @Damariels teachings and was very outspoken when he heard about the whole Auresae torture/baby ransom scenario. On the other hand, if his daughter had followed in her naughty mothers tiny Imp footsteps and had gone out a-slaughtering innocents or raiding etc then he would side with his city. These are just examples of either end of the spectrum and there's a whole bunch of things that could happen that would not be so clear cut. I honestly don't know what the answer would be until it ever came to pass!

    2. I need a bit more clarification on this. Are we referring to the Light as a concept or as the side?

    3. I, as a player, enjoyed my time as Vanguard or CL in general. It's  a position where you can "do". However at present I'm leery of taking on a position of authority for a few reasons. Firstly, due to the limited time available to me to play the game, I don't feel like I would be able to give the position/role the attention it deserves. In a similar way, if I did take on the job then I would spend all my time playing catch-up with messages, outstanding jobs etc. The game would effectively become work and I wouldn't be able to take part in the things that I enjoy best such as RP and combat. Secondly I'm pretty sure I'm cursed/blessed depending on how you look at it. Whenever I get a leadership position I invariably end up getting a New job or promotion or move house and it completely dominates my time and I take like a month long hiatus from the game to get things settled.

    There are plenty of people who are far more capable than me, who have better ideas and who can devote a lot more time to the role. I don't mind helping out and lending support. I also won't say I never will take it up again at some point in the future because who knows what the future holds? For now I'm content to take a backseat and enjoy the game without any serious responsibility!

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