I am my own anime edgelord!

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Alright so I checked if we had one going and it doesn't look like it.
I pulled this from another gaming discord I am in that I don't think most of you guys are in but if you are, yes... not an original idea here. :)
Basically go to google search or whatever your main search is and put in "Edgy anime quote yourname" So for myself I put edgy anime quote Aniko!

Then tab to photos and choose the SECOND photo that appears with readable quoting on it and link it with the name you are using.

Here below is Aniko's for example!



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    Huh, unexpected Wholesome.
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    I'm gonna catch flak for this but yaaaay Yui from Sword Art Online!

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    Apparently, my name is so edgelord that not even the most edgiest of edgelord animes can edgelord this edgelord. unicorns that's a lot of edgelording.

    So, there was nothing that showed up for me with quotes (let alone anime). So here, have a reef building picture instead (the second picture to show up in Google. Apparently this is part of something called the Nautilus Reef project. Dunno what it is. But it still looks unicorns cool!)

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    Mine opens to a Pinterest board if I try to get a bigger picture, so you can have the small one.
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    No quote for Mjoll, but the second picture for me was a striking resemblance to Missari?????
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    Mine didn't turn up anything usable for the second image, so I had to cheat a bit. I clicked on the first image it gave me for the search, then the second image under relevant images to get this:

    If anyone is curious, this was the actual second image:

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    Here's the top two for Axius apparently?

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    Mjoll said:

    No quote for Mjoll, but the second picture for me was a striking resemblance to Missari?????

    Not smiley enough.
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    i'm not even kidding... almost every image with text that came up when i searched "edgy anime quote hawa" was in arabic, so probably only me and aloli would enjoy them... and i've seen them, and she can search for them if she wants...
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    Would you believe 'Escelika' returned zero results?! I tried a few shorter versions and this is what I got:

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    are you saying you looked yourself up and got a hentai ad? Because if so... highly entertained.
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    Aniko said:

    are you saying you looked yourself up and got a hentai ad? Because if so... highly entertained.

    Hilariously enough, this is what I got for searching my name:

    Also the next image in line, this would fit @Caitria pretty aptly:

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    Oh that tracks 

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    New lifer shout: SOLO ADULTOS
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    I have no clue where this is from, I don't watch anime, but here we go!

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