Free pics, sortof?



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    Thank you, @Sessizlik!!

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    would you be against me including not only Axius' Idreth form to the list, but also his Golem's planned description? If that wouldn't be uhm.. unreasonable?
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    Throw it in, @Axius. I will do my best with it!
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    Holy cow, Sessizlik. That's -beautiful-.
    The colors are so -rich-, I think that's my absolute favorite part. :grin:
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    Just you wait, @Roxi. You're up next!
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    I've been waiting for the list to clear up some before adding my desc so I didn't feel like I was adding to the burden, but since it seems like it's not gonna, and you keep saying to go ahead and post them...

    Here's Arbre:
    She is a stalwart Azudim of Rajamalan heritage with a woman's figure, the curves of her body giving her a strong, healthy look. Tawny fur falls about her shoulders like hair, the strands thin with a tendency to be frizzy. Large, rounded feline ears top her head, the various shades of brown causing her green eyes to stand out like emeralds. Swaying three feet behind her is a long, thick tail, covered in brown fur that gradates down to black at the end. The aroma of scintilily flowers hanging about her is overwhelming, though not quite strong enough to overcome the stench of dirt, blood, and wet dog.

    Her shirt:
    This top is minimal in coverage, and made of white chiffon layered a single time over the body. Tying around mid-back, the cloth is about a handspan in width, and wraps over one side of the chest before looping comfortably about the neck and coming down to cover the other side, crossing to the fore of the throat.

    And her skirt:
    Short pieces of jagged chiffon have been knotted together to create this breezy skirt, each strip tied so that it fits securely around the waist. The pieces of white chiffon gleam in the sunlight and barely obscures the natural curves of the wearer's body. Trailing down to mid-thigh, they easily part from one another every time the wearer takes a step forward or back.

    Thanks in advance, even if you don't get around to me.
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    @Arbre, I will get to it. Promise! Just a few (9) ahead of you. But you beat Axius' new desc and golem, so at least you're not at the bottom of the list!
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    I'm in no rush! I was just trying not to be a pain.
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    thank you soo much, she looks verra adorable
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    Here, I can be at the bottom of the list! (Oisynne's just a normal human, don't worry. An owl-eyed, normal human.) She wishes she had kelki head-tentacles. She wishes she had a fluffy tail. She wishes she was special. Instead, she's a normal human. A very pale, normal human. Who likes snapdragons because they have little mouth-teeths.

    I also really like all of your art styles, so do whatever (even chibis, she'd make an adorable chibi, chibi powah!) and y'know. Don't include anything you don't want to, clothes wise or body-part wise, idk.

    She is a typical Human of a height just above five and a half feet, her palette fair. She
    boasts desirable curves through her waist and hips, figure pear-shaped with a smaller bust
    and well-formed backside, though she gives off the appearance of being insubstantial; her
    frame is a waifish one, long of leg and fragile. Straight locks of pale blonde crown her head,
    framing her teardrop-shaped face before skimming her hips and left free to be styled as she
    wishes. She hosts delicate features dominated by dark eyes that appear too large for the rest
    of her face, affording her a winsome, doll-like quality in their dark, curling lashes.
    They're complimented by a straight nose and shapely lips that trend towards thin,
    particularly along the top. What muscle she does possess is lean and encased in fair flesh
    lacking blemish, only just touched by the sun's caress.

    (keeping her feetsies warm) : furry, oversized boots
    (hugging the length of her legs) : skin-tight wine leggings
    (cinching in her sweater) : a pomegranate leather underbust corset
    (draped over her shoulders) : a fawn wool riding jacket
    (hugging her torso beneath the corset) : a pomegranate collared, charcoal sweater

    (She wears a lot of clothes, I picked just a few.)

    a fawn wool riding jacket
    Thick wool, brushed to a soft sheen and dyed a rich fawn, has been sewn into this elegant,
    tailored jacket. Cut to closely follow the contours of the body, the piece features a high
    waist, slashed pockets beneath the bust and slender lapels framing a v-neck collar. The tails
    are split up the back for a clean line when mounted, while a series of small silver buttons
    secure the piece closed.

    furry, oversized boots
    A heavy layer of fur puffs out from the base of these boots, effectively doubling their size.
    Sewn in a simple, pull-on construction, they reach to the mid-shin and have been lined with
    fabric for comfort. The soft fur covering is a rich, tawny hue; its fluffy layer artfully
    emphasizes the feet and dwarves the legs in a stylish, exaggerated fashion.

    a pomegranate collared, charcoal sweater
    This thick sweater has been knitted from sturdy wool that has been dyed a mostly even shade
    of charcoal. There are a few variances where the dye didn't take as well to the wool, which
    add some natural variegation to the garment. For an effortlessly put together look, this
    sweater boasts a sewn in pomegranate collar of a dress shirt, neatly starched. Cuffs of the
    same color and material have been folded over the wrists of this sweater and sewn neatly to
    make it appear as if another shirt were beneath it.
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    ....darnit, @Oisynne. Too many compliments and a description that's just too adorable. I might just give you a surprise before continuing with the rest of the list.
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    I'm jumping on this bandwagon because -damn- this is some good art!!

    She is a powerful Idreth of Tsol'aa heritage and stands barely five feet tall. Her hip-length red hair is bound half-back in ornate braids. Her long ears extend six inches beyond the back of her head, and a pair of jagged, black-edged insectoid wings are on her back. Her emerald eyes are peculiar, sclera and pupil both a vivid shade of green, the iris barely delineated, a faint emerald glow illuminating them. Her face is delicately-formed, with high cheekbones and almond-shaped eyes. Her right cheekbone is slightly caved inward, as if the bone had been broken and improperly set. Strikingly, a pattern of black swirls has been inked around her left eye. The tattoo arcs over her eyebrow and onto her forehead, covering half her forehead, and downward across her cheek where it ends parallel to the curve of her bow-shaped, red-painted lips. Any bare skin below her collarbone, save for her hands and feet, is inked in a spiralling, vine-like pattern of black, similar to the tattoo on her face. The woman's body is thin and delicate-looking, with willowy, slender limbs and minimal curves.

    (drawn up to the knees) : a wine-hued ruffled skirt
    (worn on a finger) : a delicate platinum ivy band
    (on the third finger of her left hand) : a moonstone engagement ring of twisted vines
    (tucked into her skirt) : a long-sleeved button-up black shirt
    (paired with her engagement ring) : a matte hematite wedding band
    (dangling just beneath the throat) : silver moonstone warhammer and serpent necklace
    (neatly laced) : tall, thick-soled, black military boots
    (hanging from her weaponbelt) : a secure brass keyring
    (wrapped around her waist several times) : a crimson silk sash weaponbelt
    (perched on her hip) : a gambler's map-faced deck of cards
    (stowed amongst her belongings on her hip) : a petrified crystal blossom flask
    (slung at her hip) : an elegant crimson satin drawstring bag
    (plonked rakishly on her head) : a 'lucky' lure-hooked fishing hat
    (circling the wrist) : a polished steel bracelet
    (fitted tightly) : trousers of fitted red leather
    (holding her hat down) : a pair of diffusal goggles
    (over her right hand) : an iron ylem-binding gauntlet
    (perched on her delicate nose) : thick-lensed amethyst-framed glasses

    Sewn in multiple layers, this skirt falls in ruffled tiers down to the mid-shin. Bright crimson, lush purple and rich rose combine in a trio of wine-hued flounces to bounce around the wearer with movement. A drawstring waistband allows for adjustability, even ensuring that the owner can tuck up one side of the skirt to reveal more than a generous amount of leg if desired.

    Cast in sterling silver, the chain of this necklace is made up of neatly polished, flat, delicate links, that fall into a pattern of large, small, small, large. The clasp is a clasp and O-ring design. Dangling at the wearer's throat is a polished moonstone, streaked with veins of crimson and black and cut into the shape of a hefty warhammer. An onyx serpent is coiled around the handle of the the hammer, all the way to the head. A small moonstone is embedded into the serpent, indicating where its eye would be.

    This is a flask which has been crafted from materials which at first seem simple but which invite further examination. The body of the flask is carved from petrified redwood, remnants of the Aalen used to shape a motif of thorny branches and vines. Nestled amongst these darkened boughs are a handful of blossoms, seemingly carved from crystal and inlaid to the design, though the formation of the flowers is curiously realistic to have come from even a master's hand.

    Just ditch the deck, it's not an important feature since Kani never ever everrrrr uses it. <3
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    That is pretty much how I always imagined Oisynne, down to the pose :smiley:

    Avatar of Fyrren drawn by the amazing Sessizlik.
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    Yeeeah, that's very perfect. She's full of energy, smiles and a deep longing of non-human humanoid parts for herself.

    That is seriously so cute.

    Your art is so cute.
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    oh my goodness it's adoraaaaaaaabllllllllleeeeee.

    I'm going to go die from the cute now.
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    Never really ever had art done before, so I am going to nibble the line and see what you come up with.

    She is a typical Human Her hair is a soft silky strawberry-blonde and cascades like a waterfall down her back in lazy ringlets, the length reaching almost to her waist, with vines cresting the top of her head, somehow keeping her hair from her eyes, as if not noticing the presence due to her time in the forest. This is no more striking than her eyes which are like sapphires set symmetrically into her almost colorless face, brimming, to the point of overflowing, with peace, wisdom and compassion. Her figure, slender and pale like a porcelain ornament and seemingly as fragile, also looks to be light as a feather. Long legs, seem to be one of the more eye catching views, placing her just a hair short of five feet eight inches. Her eyes hold a distant, dreamy look, yet seem to scan her surroundings with purpose.
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    Idrethi Axius:

    He is an intelligent Idreth of Arqeshi heritage. His lean, willowy frame stands only
    a little above most people at a height of about six foot eight from his shoulders.
    His eyes glow a deep hue of purple beneath a long translucent black shell that covers
    the majority of his face and extends to the back of his head. His jaw angles forward,
    lips covering two sets of blunted white teeth set in jet-black gums. His skin is a
    jet black, shiny from a light layer of slime that smells of musk and aged spices. His
    arms are elongated and end in six-fingered hands with forearms covered in bandages
    soaked with his slime. His torso is barrel-chested, covered in a smattering of green
    scars across his stomach. Extending from his hind quarters to drag on the ground
    behind him is a long prehensile tail, as shiny black as the rest of his form, that
    terminates in a long bladelike protrusion.


    At a towering nine feet in height, a gargantuan golem of Earthen construction stands tall. An aura of salt and cinder surrounds this mysterious creature. A curved helm of iron and glass is donned, leaving three ports glowing with violet hues and releasing miasma like mist which shrouds the features within in shadow. Fully encircling the metal bindings upon the creation's shoulders, wrists, hips and knees are inscriptions of Numerological symbols, each giving off their own dull glow like a dying ember. Each foot is encased in heavy boots, the soles made entirely of solid iron. What little of the leather clad creature can be seen is made entirely of heavily compressed clay. Each fist is bound in a tight leather glove, tendrils of what may be dripping ichor or oil leaking from the knuckles. The imposing figure bears a strange measure of evident sentience, the shifting violet hues betraying uncanny intelligence beyond.

    (edit: Thanks to @nenelos for helping me fix up the description! and yes, if you've played Bioshock 2, you'll recognize a similarity to the alpha series big daddy, that is intentional, XD)

    (double edit: I just realized.. I forgot to include clothing, XD. He wears his Cabbie uniform from the guild that was dissolved, as seen in the chibi in my signature (if that's enough referencial help.) and he continues with the bandages, which are just a grey bandage, heh. Sorry!)
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    I'm gonna take a moment to shamelessly promote rp here...

    I love to rp, it's why I play this game. So if you see me logged in, come rp at me! I will most likely be up for it. I very rarely idle when I'm logged in. The times it happen is most likely because something's caught my attention oocly and I've forgotten about the game.

    At any other time, I will rp with you. So... if you don't wanna pay dollars or credits for your pic, come pay with RP! <3
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    /me finds Sessizlilk immediately
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    The world needs more imps.

    Love it. Another awesome piece of work @Sessizlik!
    Now with 253% more Madness.
    Chibi-Kelli by @Eleanor.
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    Oh my goodness. I -love- this. It's like she's in on some cosmic joke no one else knows. <3! Thank you -so- much, Sessizlik, it's gorgeous!!
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    That's so cute. I love imps!
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    I don't recall if you said, but what program are you using to draw these? I remember reading that you had gotten a Wacom tablet. Those are super neat. I had one for a while, but I gave it to @Sollace because I couldn't get over the disconnect from my hand from what I was drawing. Too old-school to put in the effort to get used to it, I guess, lol. I ended up giving in and getting an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. Pretty sweet so far, though I'm nowhere near the point that you're at. Nice art.
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    All the typical features of a rajamala are available to this young woman, with her orange fur, black stripes, and white underbelly wrapped around an agile frame. Little covers her toned height, as draping cloth and common string seems to be satisfactory. Gold enough to fill a pack is worn though: at least a dozen tiny hoops hang from her high, blunted ears, three white-gold studs are along one side of her broad nose, a bar has been pierced through her pink tongue, dangling coins are strung across her hips by a few delicate rose-gold chains, and a polished band clutches to an arm. A sturdy broom is never far away from her either, and it's held with the same practice and reverence as a weapon. Solid cedar has been carved into a straight shaft the length of the rajamala. Strips of leather bind the thick brush, and also provide comfortable places to hold the dense wood. A solid cap of bronze weighs the top of the broom, with bands riveted at the edges of the handholds and fibrous head.


    Nothing but <3 for all the work done so far.

    She is my shopkeep for a shop I had in Duiran. Thank you for looking!


    There a way to use PRE without forcing code formatting?
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    I mean, you know, an amount.

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    @Ishin, I use SAI, been using it for forever, so it's something I'm comfortable with. I use the outlining tool for the outlines, so never do those free hand (can't draw nice looking lines, ever..). When I got the tablet, I was terrified I wouldn't be able to draw with it, because I couldn't look down at my hand while drawing, eyes had to be on the laptop. It turned out to be far easier than I could've ever though! The thing I AM struggling with though, is that I tend to shift the tablet just a little, so when I try to draw a line downwards, it goes slightly to the side. Still working on not doing that. :D
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