Free pics, sortof?

I got me a wacom tablet for xmas and I've been trying it out a bit on random little things. However, I have a hard time finding inspiration or ideas on what to draw, so I thought, why not ask my fellow Aetolians for help!

So, here's the deal..
Post your description here, or a description of an npc, if you would like that, and I might draw it for you. For free! Or, well, if you want to toss me a few credits for a job well done, I won't complain, but it's not a requirement. It will always be a colored piece, but it could be anything from chibi, to bust, to waist up, to full body.

Here's the down sides..
I don't promise to make pictures of all descriptions posted. If I find something that inspire me, then I will go for that. And I don't promise to make it quickly, since it all depends on how tired I am after work.

So, hit me with what you've got and let's see if you can get my inspiration going!


  • AishiaAishia Queen Bee
    I'm all over dis.
    She is a wise Azudim who stands just over five and a half feet tall with an ample, buxom figure that
    lends her silhouette generously ripe curves. Her skin is pale, with large patches of verdant tone
    emerging here and there from smatters of red and greenish multi-colored freckles; cheeks, nose, and
    long tapered ears reddened and peeling with sunburn. She has a small, plump-lipped mouth, oft
    bitten lips stained the color of dark violet berries, hiding gleaming white predatorily sharp teeth.
    Her scarlet hair dapples with autumnal highlights ranging from dark mahogany to a sun-bleached
    blonde, and is a tangled mess of feathered plumage and messy curls, mostly gathered behind her
    shoulders to drape halfway down her back, with a few stray ringlets hanging coquettishly to frame
    her face. She has large vulture-like wings of variegated grey, black and brown, spots of mossy green
    and tiny, almost imperceptibly rooted creeper vines filling in patches where feathers are missing.
    Her face is marked from temple to temple with a stripe of dark, almost black skin contrasting her
    pale blue eyes, which are framed by thick, dark lashes and her plump cheeks are set with deep,
    pronounced dimples. Her sternum is marred by a puckered, burn-scarred wound, the shape of pinkened
    tissue around the wound outlining a large handprint over her heart. She is thick of thigh and hip,
    with long legs, and usually bare feet that though small and delicately humanoid, seem just slightly
    too long, and come to pointed claws at the tip of each toe, with sharp talonesque spurs protruding
    at her heels. Her hands are long-fingered, slightly chubby, and end in sharply pointed ocher-tinted
    fingernails, the palm of her right hand is marked with a dark red whorl of scorched flesh.
    (pulled up to mid-thigh) : footless verdigris and charcoal striped stockings
    (looped around her neck) : a maroon muffler scarf
    (jangling on wrists and arms) : a collection of gold and bone bracelets
    (on the ring finger of her left hand) : an entwined ring carved with thorns and vines
    (pendant against her scarred chest) : an earthy necklace of polished riverstone
    (worn on the hands) : an ylem-binding gauntlet of the Parxian Order
    (twisted through her curls) : green, gold and brown hair ribbons
    (provocatively torn up by thorns) : a wispy dress of muted earth tones
    (girding her for battle) : a mismatched pair of mittens
    (tucked behind her left ear) : a purple nightshade flower
    (woven into her hair) : 7 purple nightshade flowers
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    Ok, I am biting, I would love to see what you come up with for Elliana!

    She is a typical Yeleni of Human heritage, her hair is more dusky than the color of a raven's wing. It flows in waves framing her face. Her eyes, framed by long lashes, are a pale green and seem to brighten when amusement strikes her. A straight yet rather small nose, full lips, and soft features leaving her looking much younger than she is. Her thin wisp-like figure compliments her semi-short stature, just a hair shorter than the average female human, belies her natural grace. While mostly quiet and serene, a sense of a hidden fire seems to consume within, as well as a darkened trouble that reflects her gaze in times of reflection. Porcelain in complexion with a glow of life flowing from her, she seems to have one visible scar that she now bears with a sense of pride. It streaks down the left side of her face,from forehead to near the end of her cheek angry and jagged, at times drawing her attention. Her hands small, and graceful, though the pinky finger on her right hand is no longer there.

    (under one wrist) : a black-inked tattoo of a feral eye
    (covering the body) : an asymmetrical, black silk halter dress
    (taking up a third of the forearm) : sea crystal-encrusted bangles
    (around the neck) : a beaded tanzanite and silver necklace
    (around the neck) : a glimmering, jewelled and knotted necklace
    (worn on head) : an intricately shaped ivory and moonstone circlet
    (snugly holding the left index finger) : a ring of delicate silver leaves
    (around the neck) : a powder blue satin choker
    (around one wrist) : a nightmarish length of prayer beads
    I am not a morning inside four walls. I am the hurricane setting fire to the forests at night when no one else is alive or awake. I live in my own flames sometimes burning too bright -too wild to make things last and so I run. Far and wide until my bones ache and lungs burn..and it feels good.
    Do you hear that?
    It feels good, it feels good because I am both the slave and the ruler of my own body and I wish to do with it exactly as I please
  • yup.... all about more arts!

    He is a typical Azudim of Atavian heritage. His form appears divided, his right bearing the semblance of a fairly normal Atavian. His right eye is a pale green and his hair a golden blonde, hanging long to his shoulder blades. His right wing is well kept, a clean brilliant white. His left side, however, is enveloped in a dark misty haze, bearing a heavy soporific scent reminiscent of cloves and myrrh. This haze emerges from his abdomen and a hand-shaped mark upon his throat to form a rippling divide down his midsection and up through his head. The haze, through its murk, reveals a blackened, stony form linked together by segments of a soft purple glow. A few spines of amethyst-like crystal jut from his joints. His left wing seems ethereal, a few slowly writhing tendrils of the same glow that emanates from his joints. His hair, stark white, falls the same length as his right, forming a sharp contrast with the divide. His left eye is missing, in place a large scar cuts across his temple and through the empty socket.

    (hanging to his chest) : a star-etched compass on a mithril chain
    (on a belt, in the small of his back) : a bottomless letter satchel
    (slung over a shoulder) : a sturdy traveler's satchel
    (tilted off a hip) : a rugged leather weaponbelt
    (worn on his right middle finger) : a silver ring
    (fitted into a ruined eye socket) : a softly glowing orb of sapphire
    (under the right wrist) : a black-inked tattoo of a feral eye
    (bound tightly at the waist) : a pair of functional gray pants
    (off his right hip) : a wyrmscale moneypouch
    (worn on the feet) : a simple pair of monk's sandals
    (worn on the belt) : a secure brass keyring
    (worn with the last few ties unfastened) : a functional gray shirt
    (tied loosely about the waist) : a wrap of the Althasai

    I can add a bit more if needed, but that's the current game description.
    By the divine might of Omei, you are restored to life.
    Omei gives the corpse of a headless cadaver to you.
    Omei offers you a quick wink.

  • AnteheAntehe Immortal
    She is a Celani, stone gray and appearing as if sculpted from clay by a simple hand. Her features are vague and minimal, depicted with a rough, Humanoid sensibility. Apparently hollow, Her eyes are black pits that echo some distant blue light. A coiled braid of 'hair' is sculpted along the back of Her head, and draping garments cover Her form, though remain unmoving and unaffected by the elements.

    (inlaid with vibrant shades) : a draping toga of sculpted clay

    Sculpted from pale clay, this toga still bears the marks of the fingers that drug through its substance, defining each pleat and fold of its cloth. The shoulders are 'pinned' with gilded brooches, similar clasps pressed into the clay along each side where the 'cloth' pockets and blouses with keyholes that bare the body beneath. Around the waist and bottom hem, pieces of tile have been inlaid in an intricate mosaic, the borders vibrantly glazed and reflective.
  • DrestynDrestyn Bloodloch
    He is an athletic Azudim of Tsol'aa heritage that stands at the average height common to his kind,
    somewhere close to five feet and eight inches. His complexion is akin to that of light oak,
    sunkissed as the result of a very active outdoors lifestyle. The Azudim's form is moderately
    muscular but he carries himself with a deceivingly ethereal grace that almost seems wraith-like.
    Smooth, pitch-black, hair is tied back into a short braid that reaches the middle of his
    shoulderblades. High cheekbones and a strong jaw makes the frame of this man's face complimented
    with well maintained brows, and a small, sharp nose above full lips. His eyes are the most striking
    feature about him; the pupils are small, thin slits deliniated by large irises that glow with a
    faint cerulean and emerald iridescence.

    (clinging to the torso) : a tight-fitting dark shirt
    (worn on the legs) : a pair of well-fitted black pants
    (tied around the waist) : a simple sash of azure silk
    (worn on the feet) : tall, thick-soled, black military boots
    (worn on the left ring finger) : a twilight forest wedding band
    (covering the body) : a sleek, gray military officer's coat

  • Coooooooooool.

    He is a stalwart Troll. This troll looks much like his kin would: large,
    broad-shouldered, and built up from copious amounts of lean muscle. The man's
    skin is toned a deep shade of grey with some blue mixed in, and its general
    texture is tough, coarse, and evidently worn from some hardship. Though very
    strong, the troll's muscle is in proportion with his large frame: arms and legs
    alike being very long, strings of corded muscle cover his limbs fully, the
    result having them look almost slender on his form. Leathery and thick in
    texture, Karhast's skin is marred in many places: the marks of claws, pincers
    and teeth are easily visible on the skin covering his lower body, with battle
    scars and other vicious wounds more prominent higher up, the palms of his hands
    also showing most thick, visible callusing. A firm jawline gives the troll an
    underbite also, and his nose is warped enough for it to be evident it must often
    have been broken. Two yellow eyes rest above that nose, and the troll has a
    shock of pitch black hair, spiky, bushy, and raised high off his skull by its
    springy nature moreso than by design.

    (covering the body) : a suit of splintmail
    (hanging from the shoulders) : a white cloak trimmed in gold
    (worn on the feet) : a pair of brown rugged terrain boots
    (worn on the legs) : a pair of men's leather trousers
    (covering the torso) : a black linen shirt
    (worn on the back) : a fiery pack stamped with a flaming mace
    (tied securely about his right wrist) : a simple sash of carnelian silk
    (around the neck) : a silver chain necklace
  • AishiaAishia Queen Bee
    love it thanks :)
  • SessizlikSessizlik Muffin Mage
    edited January 2017
    I'm on a roll and just finished @Elliana! Hope you like it!

  • Oh my gosh....I love it!
    I am not a morning inside four walls. I am the hurricane setting fire to the forests at night when no one else is alive or awake. I live in my own flames sometimes burning too bright -too wild to make things last and so I run. Far and wide until my bones ache and lungs burn..and it feels good.
    Do you hear that?
    It feels good, it feels good because I am both the slave and the ruler of my own body and I wish to do with it exactly as I please
  • SessizlikSessizlik Muffin Mage
    Also, I can't for the life of me remember how to do spoilers. Halp? :D
  • EmelleEmelle Dreamshaper Tecpatl's Cradle
    edited January 2017
    To do spoilers, use < div class="Spoiler" >text< /div > without the spaces.

    I love character art, so I'll throw Emelle in the mix too :)

    She is an athletic Yeleni of Tsol'aa heritage. Her visible eye, the left, is the color of pale green jade stone; the remainder of her unremarkable countenance includes a small nose, thin lips, and age written in faint trails of crow's feet. Thick chestnut hair shocked with white crowds her face and tumbles to her waist in untamed waves prone to tangling. Pointed ears protrude from the sides of her head, each pierced several times with an assortment of metal bars and rings dangling unusual stones. She is lithe and willowy, with a frame that might befit a dancer if not for the slouch in her shoulders, and long fingers robbed of any potential grace by their calluses. Ungulate legs with cloven hooves account for the better part of her height, but she is of merely average stature.

    (covering her right eye) a luminous eyepatch
    (on a silver chain around her neck) an amber pendant with a moth inclusion
    (doubled around her left wrist) a nightmarish length of prayer beads
    (on her left ring finger) a nautilite and violanthe band
    (bloused around her torso) a loose white poet shirt
    (fitted to her legs) a pair of sable leather pants
    (left unbuttoned) a simple plum jacket
  • AxiusAxius where I am
    Sure! I'll join in on this!

    He is an intelligent Tekal of Arqeshi heritage. He stands at a standard seven foot
    three. His light grey skin is covered in a thick viscous slime that carries about it
    a distinctive odor that smells of musk with several other distinctive scents. His
    hair, not as slimy as his skin, left to hang to his shoulders, dark locks hanging
    free of his form. His face is flattened and angular, with little in the way of a nose
    beyond two slits below a ridge. His slitted pupils are surrounded by purple irises.
    Carefully bound across his arms are a few layers of bandages, covering them and
    concealing the skin from sight. When his lips part, they reveal teeth that aren't as
    sharp as his Nazetu cousins, instead being slightly more rounded off. His frame is
    built less towards mass, being leaner and more willowy.

    (bound tightly around his arms) : 2 gray silk bandages
    (worn on the back) : a plain grey pack
    (worn on the feet) : sturdy steel-capped black boots
    (worn on the legs) : a pair of ash-grey trousers
    (over the torso) : a neat, formal grey shortcoat
    (covering the torso) : an embroidered ash-grey tunic
    (covering the body) : a suit of steel chainmail
    (worn on head) : a pair of diffusal goggles
    (around the neck) : a lunar eclipse medallion
    (covering the eyes) : a pair of adjustable clockwork glasses
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    Been trying to make an avatar of Fyrren for ages using these online Avatar Generators but they never quite come out right. Would definitely love to see what you come up with from my description and would be appreciated since my current avatar is still a quite off.

    He is an undead powerful Azudim of Atavian heritage and stands monolithically at eight feet tall. His skin, in color and texture, resembles a wall of a dark cavern with veins of glowing precious metal webbing through it. Although his scalp is void of any hair, the lower half of his face has been shrouded by a lengthy, sand-colored beard which is kept in three large braids, bound in small leather straps at the ends. The sides of his moustache reach half the length of his beard and have been set into two finer braids. His left eye glows a bright amber hue while his right eye has been replaced with a polished granite orb. A grim expression has been carved into his facial features, set upon it as if he were a statue. His body is quite large and his skin stretches tight across rippling muscles with broad shoulders sticking out to the sides, beneath which are his over-sized arms. On the left side of his chest, there is a fissure-like wound, held from spreading further by two large iron links, one at each end of the tear. From within this wound pulses an amber glow, though no other features can be made out. Set upon his back are two large wings with sand-colored feathers.

    (worn on a finger) : 4 silver skull rings
    (slung over a shoulder) : a bottomless letter satchel
    (internal) : an amber heart of stone
    (wrist) : simple prayer beads of Ivoln
    (around the waist) : a weaponbelt of living rock
    (worn on a finger) : a ring of swirling sand
    (around the neck) : a golden locket of the earth
    (around the neck) : an Aetolian bicentennial pendant
    (worn on the back) : a cloak of a swirling sand
    (worn on the belt) : a secure brass keyring
    (covering the body) : a Terramancer's robe of shifting sands
    (displayed on one arm) : an earthen wyrm armband
    (worn on the back) : a surplus Bloodlochian militia pack
    (hanging from the shoulders) : a heavy chain of the Teradrim
    (covering the body) : a suit of splintmail
    (worn on a finger) : a Year 300 ring

    EDIT: Here's my golem as well.
    A monolithic golem of basalt columns stands here ominously with its knuckles near the ground.
    Current examined : Ominous and grim, this monolith of a golem has been hewn of large columns of basalt. Resembling an overly-tall helmet with two tiny eye holes, one column makes up its head all the way down to the upper half of its face. The bottom half of its face resembles that of an orc that has been mummified, its sharp teeth in full view due to a lack of lips, with two tusks jutting upwards from its jaw on each side of its front teeth. Its chest is quite large and wide and shaped to look muscle-bound, with even wider shoulders where its head rests on a stumpy neck. A column on each side of its body makes up its upper arms, rising up beyond where one's shoulders would usually stand, nearly reaching the top of its head. Two massive, muscular, humanoid forearms extend down from the column-like upper arms and end at boulder-like fists which hold it up upon its knuckles like a gorilla. Where one might regularly have a belly, this golem does not. Large ribs of dragon bone cage empty space instead and have been blood-stained at the ends. Two short pillars of basalt act as the legs with a ball joint slightly over half way down on each for maneuverability.
    Avatar of Fyrren drawn by the amazing Sessizlik.
  • Awesome! Thanks so much!
    By the divine might of Omei, you are restored to life.
    Omei gives the corpse of a headless cadaver to you.
    Omei offers you a quick wink.

  • SessizlikSessizlik Muffin Mage
    You are most welcome! That was a fun one to do. Two in one! :smiley:
  • I'm absolutely loving all the drawings you're doing here! Keep them coming :)

  • SessizlikSessizlik Muffin Mage
    Thank you, @Xenia! Will do my very best!
  • SaritaSarita Empress of Bahir'an The Pillars of the Earth
    If you're interested in trying some a little less "human," here's Sarita's golem! (I know it has typos, but I think I'd have to pay credits to have it fixed at this point.)

    Onyx carved into the shape of an enormous humanoid creature forms the body of this golem. It easily reaches over ten feet in height, and the muscular appearance of the creature only adds to its massive size. Only crude facial features are etched into the golem's face, but the overall effect is masculine, with a broad nose and strong, square chin. Running along the golem's arms are thin lines of sanguinite, following the lines of the muscles much like raised veins. Where the lines begin to converge on the creature's chest, they connect to larger shapes of runes, which have also been carefully made out of sanguinite. Throughout the golem, the sanguinite decorations are smooths and unfaceted, with the exception of two matches stones set into its eyes. Those are round to resemble irises, but have a few small facets that give them a noticeable glint when touched by any light.
  • DrestynDrestyn Bloodloch
    I should, uh, grab those clothes again. Look good in a uniform. :>

  • SessizlikSessizlik Muffin Mage
    I couldn't help myself and had to make my first jump in the order of descriptions. Presenting...

    @Sarita 's golem!

  • I love when Art-olia happens.

    Keep up the good work, @Sessizlik!

    I'd throw Kelli in, but it looks like you're backed up :)
    Now with 253% more Madness.
    Cute-Kelli by @Sessizlik.
  • SaritaSarita Empress of Bahir'an The Pillars of the Earth
    Thank you @Sessizlik! I wish I could hit love buttons more than once.
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    OK, since maybe you're still in the mood to do something other than humanoids! Xenia's shark-mutated warhound would be super fun to see.

    QL: Displaying rows upon rows of jagged teeth, a shark-mutated warhound is here.

    This warhound is a curious hybrid between a shark and its native race. Two large ears sprout from a distinctly shark-shaped snout; deep red gums reveal themselves when its mouth opens, tipped with countless rows of jagged fangs. Halfway along its back, rising up from its blue-tinted fur, a large fin stands tall, nearly the same height as the massive hound. Its tail elongates into a two-pronged flipper, bereft of fur. Underneath its blue-tinted coat the skin is pale and rubbery, slippery to the touch. Visible on its chest is a patch completely devoid of fur, sporting a large, ugly scar.

    Also, the player of Draiman contacted me asking to see if someone would do art for the character, even though it's been retired. Apparently he's never gotten to see it drawn and would love to get the chance. There's also a neat RP log of a ceremony in the RP section of the forums. Anyway, he asked me to pass along the request, so here:

    He is an athletic Azudim vampire of Xorani heritage, his jagged, dark features adding to the imposing nature of his tall, muscular form. Tall and broad-shoulders, strength would hum along his form if it weren't for the deathly calm and still that lingers about him. Angular and sharp, his face hosts gaunt cheeks and an intense, pale gaze, the taut skin making what expressions he makes all the more difficult to read. Sharp teeth glint past dark lips, and equally as sharp horns curl back from his brow like a strange, corrupted ram's. Their ridging and texture divert and twist in a way that would leave vertical cut-lines if he were to head-butt you. His skin is subtly patterned like scales, enough to seamlessly meld to the tail that balances behind him, and the wings that sprout from his back, the membrane carrying a lifeless blue tint. Blackened nails tip his strong hands, and small, calcified spikes line his knuckles and trail along his lower arms, down his back, and along his tail, like little frozen spurs of ice and bone. Streaks of crimson blood spatter his face. Wrapped around the shoulder and secured with a copper band is a paired shoulder cord showing colors of teal and crimson. He walks with the blessing of Iosyne.

    (worn) : an entwined venantium locket
    (over the torso) : a tabard of the Shadow Keep
    (worn) : a many-slotted vocal fob
    (worn on the belt) : a brass pocketwatch
    (around the neck) : a rustic necklace with a rabbit's foot
    (inked on the lower right of his neck) : a black-inked tattoo of a pair of crossed fists
    (worn on head) : the crested Helm of the Bloodletter
    (worn on a finger) : a vicious draconic ring
    (worn on the feet) : black leather hobnailed jack boots
    (covering the torso) : a formal Carnifex dress shirt
    (worn on the legs) : formal steel grey slacks
    (hanging from the shoulders) : shoulder cords in teal and crimson leather
    (worn on a finger) : an unremarkable ring of iron

  • I am so in!

    He is a powerful Idreth of Atavian heritage who stands at his full height of six feet
    with broad shoulders and an average muscular build. Ascending from his back, two pure
    white wings that bolster the magnitude of his race. The bottom half of each wing is
    charred and covered with still burning embers, though not a feather has been lost.
    His sunkissed skin accents the contrast of his vibrant blue eyes and luminescent
    white hair. Some locks spill over either of his shoulders, the rest falling straight
    to the middle of his back. His face is chiseled with a square jawline, the bone
    structure giving away his heritage. The characteristics of his features seem to
    enhance his overall appearance, making him more approachable. Taking notice of his
    hands, their calloused skin showing his past in hard work. Determination is apparent
    in his eyes, as his brow is arched.

    (worn on the legs) : tightly threaded black wool trousers
    (hanging from his left wrist) : a trinket of living flame
    (covering his right forearm) : an amber crest vambrace
    (draped around the neck) : an entwined decorative pendant depicting a burnished dragon
    (covering his left forearm) : a thick, draconic leather vambrace
    (opened show his heavily scarred chest) : an ebony and crimson, sleeveless longcoat
    (tied neatly around the waist) : a black, time-worn belt
    (hanging from his right wrist) : a furry charm resembling a fox tail
    (pinned to his coat) : a cheerful yellow tulip
    (fused to his left wrist) : a pair of glowing, blackened steel manacles
    (on his right ring finger) : a ring of the Raotimab
    (pinned to his coat) : a thorny evening wisp
    (on his left ring finger) : a black gold band inlaid with golden script

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