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    Xenia said:

    Lenoriel said:

    I absolutely hate how, with Severn not having a formal Order and defilement aura being Order-specific, Severn's shrines have become free game for people to take down to piss off and upset Shadow people (specifically Spines) without any fear of legal PK retaliation. Not just in this current conflict - this has been going on since the Bama betrayal, and I have -literally- seen people mention that there's no order to stop them or put the shrines back so they're an easy blow.

    Edit: yes there's a mechanic to erect them now (after mass dusting with the reasoning stated above), but that still doesn't confer PK cause because the people able to do it still aren't His order and the rules are very specific and clear on defilement cause.

    In an event like this, I don't see why it's not okay to attack the people going after Severn's shrines. Are people issuing and playing rule lawyer to avoid story consequences and interactions in a Spinesreach vs. Duiran event?

    If so that seems like an oversight and counter productive to creating story for people to engage in.
    It's not a 'this event' thing - it's actually pretty much a moot point in this event because the war status is carte blanche to kill active participants anyway, and the people doing it are very active participants. It was a gripe about how it's been an ongoing attitude of 'let's get under Spines's skin by dusting Severn shrines' for many months now with what seemed like zero avenue of retaliation without getting a PK-able defilement aura when their aura was not. But Mjoll cleared it up (though I've personally never seen any Bama order actually care about dusted Sev shrines, especially if it's aimed at Spireans. at least the legal avenue of PK is present.)
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  • It doesn't pop up in any logs I can see, I don't see people with defilement aura, and nobody was telling me!
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    Severn's shrines being dusted doesn't show for them, so it has to be monitored separately (in this case either by constant monitoring of the shrine locations or by asking Bamathis to please put them back again because they are gone). I don't even know if I see people with Severn's defilement aura despite being the Cardinal. I guess I'll have to casually stroll by Iesid and check when I'm online.

    Even if Bamathis people have PK on them since Severn is part of the Order, it leaves a lot of people who support Severn on the outside, since He's the Patron of the city and have several people who would follow if there was an Order, but won't because they don't connect with Bamathis. In short, I understand Lenoriel's frustration.

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    something something tying guild RP super closely to specific gods always creates weird problems like this something something

  • Delete Severn, nothing can go wrong and certain groups/people definitely won't refuse to move on.
  • It seems like there's still a lot of room for Severn's story and I'm not sure if killing him off would really do much justice to the lore and story that has been built up thus far. I think there's plenty of player agency to choose to move on from Severn or break from him factionally if this was the will of the players playing the characters or factions that have thus far been dedicated to the god.

    In regards to the complaint about dusting shrines being as a means to goad conflict from Spines, I think this may be a product of lazy/bad antagonizing if rules and mechanics inhibit the capability of following up or even being made aware of this occurring. While it's absolutely vital to be willing to take on the role of being the antagonizer sometimes, it's not always easy to do in a way that enables quality interactions and consequences.

    When going after shrines, I think it's probably important for players to ask themselves what the goal is, if it's an engagement that is going to be fun and sustainable for all parties involved, and if there's quality story being created in the action. It's probably a pitfall to choose to do something like this as a means of being punitive towards other players as opposed to figuring out a way to engage antagonistically with the characters players control.

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  • OK, a real complaint: I find all those responses funny and want to LOL except I don't want to get lumped in with whoever uses LOL sarcastically. If Severn died, I wouldn't lose any sleep, I just think he has some cool story and lore.

  • Stine said:

    Delete Severn...

    i couldn't hear the rest of your post over my schadenfreude (and an ominous, chaotic buzzing...)
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    Xenia said:

    ...want to LOL except I don't want to get lumped in with whoever uses LOL sarcastically.

    Yeah ngl some folk bordered on sucking the fun out of the LOL react by using it repeatedly in bad faith in order to mock people posting thoughtful, valid opinions.

  • Can we just remove LOL? I swear it's not even used for its intended purpose half of the time and is just used by people to be snide.
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    But we just got swear words back!
    Instead of delete LOL we should provide a salty emote for the people who need to spread it.

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    Alela said:

    I dislike the way HC characters seem to be getting treated with kid gloves, and relatedly, I dislike that there is an attitude of "how dare I have consequences" among some HC players.

    If you mouth off at someone, you may find yourself PK'd. That goes for all of us. Hell, it just happened to me. If you don't want your HC character to get PK'd, keep your mouth shut.

    And definitely don't DM me in Discord to tell me off immediately, especially when we've had no previous contact.

    I said it earlier when it came to offering corpses for blood and other stuff that I genuinely gather corpses for.

    ICly, if a character has chosen to be alive/a blindspot, they are already weak to those of Undeath/Ivoln. If your corpse gets nabbed and defiled, you made that choice opting in.
    By becoming a hardcore character you have resigned yourself to the role of "extra" in the story in my head. If you made a bunch of connections, and built yourself up from that role.
    Congratulations, people get to RP a meaningful funeral.

    My character will 100 percent behead a HC character with ZERO remorse. Sorry about your luck
    Your choice, is yours alone. We are not obligated to feel bad for your characters death.
  • I mean, I felt bad initially. I didn't know, and while I dunno that I'd go out of my way to avoid killing a HC character, I'm def not gonna go after HC characters on purpose, exactly. But then the person in question came at me in DMs, so... my remorse dried up real fast.
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    kill 'em

    I do think it makes sense for some orgs to mourn them more than other characters, for obvious reasons. As an IC act.

    but yeah kill 'em, it's a violent world

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    They know it's a risk of being an HC character. If they can't handle that risk, they shouldn't be playing HC characters. You are, at the end of the day, in charge of your game experience - if you grow attached to your character to the point you lash out at others OOC over an earned death, don't play HC.
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    never feel guilt over valid PK

    this doesn't apply to me, btw, always feel guilty for PKing me

  • HELP HARDCORE and HELP HARDCORE FAQ have all the disclaimers. Don't make a hardcore character if you're not willing to embrace the risk. That's the whole point.

  • A little less hyperbole, please. Did I contact you in a moment of frustration? Sure. Did I lash out? I think you're being a bit dramatic.

    My frustration came from the fact that yes, reading all of the HELP files does make it clear that you are taking on the risks of having your character permanently deleted when you die... but not only is Alela's post hyperbolic, it's lacking the context of how my character died to them. You went on a 25 minute tirade against a Thronekeeper, openly disrespecting them, and I made the mistake of calling out how ironic it was that you were saying the Carnifex lacked manners and respect while in the midst of your anti-Whirran ranting. And so you traveled to me in the middle of the city and used your "sanguine shard of authority" to completely obliterate me.

    It's not like we were engaged in valid PK and I ever had a chance of surviving you. That's why I was frustrated... and yes, I probably didn't need to send you the Discord DM but it was not an attack, and after about ten minutes I had moved on.

    This post feels like nothing more than subtly gloating. It would be different if I had run here and made an entire forum thread bemoaning my death and calling for the rest of the playerbase to cancel you, or if I had publicly called you out in the Discord.
  • Additionally, I think there is a real danger in players adopting the stance that Hardcore characters have to "keep their mouth shut". Based on the lore, newly created characters all stand a chance of being blindspots and the entire Soul Mirror event showed us that even ancient adventurers can suddenly lose their ability to come back from the Underhalls. If we're going to equate "fear of losing your life completely" with "must shut up and stay in line in case someone wants to one-shot you", then it would stand to reason that ALL players should take that stance, not just HCs.

    I've seen so many people in the last few days posting on the forums and in the Discord about how important it is that we all recognize that we're players in this game no matter what side of the conflict we're on, so it's strange that some of those same people are here with this completely dismissive attitude towards - *checks his notes* - other players.
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    Don't be churlish in bloodloch if you don't wanna risk your hardcore character getting nuked

    Don't play a hardcore character if you don't wanna risk your hardcore character getting nuked

    Never DM someone OOC to be an asshole because you got PKed, nobody owes you anything. If you think someone broke a rule or you were seriously sleighted in some way, that's what issues are for (HELP ISSUES if you haven't yet). This was a wildly inappropriate reaction.

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    I acknowledged that it was inappropriate (I think -wildly- inappropriate is, again, hyperbolic considering what I actually said to Alela). I did not and have not claimed that they broke or a rule or slighted me in any way. Again, you're all acting like I threw a public tantrum and begged the Admin to restore my character and pleaded with the playerbase to mourn my character's loss.

    How many of you would have even known this happened if it hadn't been for Alela's post?
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    It's not hyperbolic, it is wildly inappropriate, and you should be embarrassed and, tbh, contrite.

  • In that case, I humbly fall at your feet and beg forgiveness. I shall henceforth follow your example and never, under any circumstances, acknowledge any frustration with the game or other players.
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    You could have just apologized and moved on, especially since you blocked Alela, but here we are, I guess.
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    i love this thread so much

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