Mafia: Original Flavor

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Benvenuti a Mafia

Some rules and common sense things before I recapitulate the roles and get down to beeswax:
  1. Let's not have any direct copy-pastes from any PMs I send you as a way of lending validity to your roleclaim.
  2. I will not be posting anonymous messages on behalf of any of the players. If you want to communicate outside of the forums with each other by whatever means you fancy, I understand that I cannot prevent this, but you do so at your own risk. I wanted to try something different for this game.
  3. As far as night actions are concerned, I will be specific if your action is blocked or if your target is unavailable - i.e. "they were jailed, you were jailed, your target has a bulletproof vest."
  4. I am more than willing to answer questions or give clarification in this thread, or in a PM.
  5. If this thread is up and you have not received a PM, you are one of the Townspeople.
  6. I am not responsible if you begin to crave cannolis. That's on you to fix.

Personaggi del villaggio - The Town

I Buoni, The Townspeople - unless they are also one of the special roles indicated below, the townspeople are confused, frightened civilians who possess only a daytime vote to lynch one of the players.

Il Carceriere, The Warden - able to jail another person for the night; this person is prevented from using their abilities that night, if they have them, but is also protected from any attempts to kill or investigate them - even sniper rifles. The Warden may not jail themselves.

Il Investigatore, The Detective - able to investigate another person's factional affiliation.

Il Poliziotto Corrotto, The Dirty Cop - one revolver, three shots, one per night. Feeling lucky, punk? Investigates as guilty to the Detective.

Il Vecchio Schermidore, The Old Fencer - if targeted in the night, will be caught by surprise and killed, but not before destroying their assailant - this bypasses any immunities, as the Old Fencer, despite their philosophy of pacifism, is a ruthlessly effective combatant. If attacked by the mafia, they will destroy a random mafioso. Only lynches (or a snipe) ensure no reprisal whatsoever.

L'Innocente, The Innocent - an innocent townsperson who may receive confirmation as innocent by Divine declaration during any point in the game. The target of The Lover.

All of the above roles win when all threats to the town are eliminated.

Personaggi della mafia - The Mafia

I Cattivi, The Mafiosos - the rank and file of the Mafia, who may or may not exist unaltered depending on the number of Mafiosos needed in the game. Mafiosos may vote collectively on a night kill, a power they possess in addition to any of the roles listed below.

Il Don, The Godfather - shows up as innocent under investigation; ironclad alibi despite being boss of the Mafia.

Il Consigliere, The Consigliere - the Godfather's right-hand man with access to numerous city records and resources. The Consigliere may research one person per night to learn what their role is.

Il Associatio, The Associate - an outside contractor, jack-of-all-trades and an influential operative within the Mafia, the Associate gains one (x1) use of each of the following abilities:

A hit, whose target requires one less vote to lynch during the following day round..
A frameup, whose target goes to jail for the night.
A sniper rifle, which allows their faction's night kill on that same round to bypass reprisal and bulletproof vests.

The Associate may only use one of these abilities per night.

All of the above roles win when the Lover is destroyed and the Mafia have an indisputable voting majority over the town.

Personaggio pazzesco - The Third Party

L'Amante, The Lover - in their own mind only; a better name for them would be Il Brutto. Set on ending the game with only themselves and L'Inocente still alive (they know the Innocent's identity), and everyone else dead, dead, dead. The Lover wears a bulletproof vest that absorbs any attempts to kill them during the night. The Detective investigates them as guilty. As roles die, the Lover becomes more powerful; they gain the following abilities if and when each of the following roles die:

The Associate - whatever abilities remained to the associate at the time of their death.
The Consigliere - x1 role investigation.
The Detective - x1 factional investigation.
The Dirty Cop - x1 night kill.
All Mafia - x1 night kill.
The Warden - x1 frameup.

The Lover may use only one of these abilities per night; exception being if they acquire a sniper rifle, which they may combine with a night kill.

The Lover, however, begins the game with no special abilities of their own beyond their bulletproof vest.

The Lover wins when only they and the Innocent remain alive. If the Innocent dies, the Lover dies as well.

Game Roster

  1. Slyphe
  2. Alexina
  3. Teani
  4. Parker
  5. Trager
  6. Aryanne
  7. Xenia
  8. Maite
  9. Serrice
  10. Damonicus
  11. Jami
  12. Ilyon
  13. Moirean
  14. Demarcus
  15. Aren
  16. Gwenith
  17. Llok
  18. Piper

They found the horse's head beside a chicken's head, and a chicken's head beside the horse's, and a pig's head beside the chicken's, and a cow's head beside the pig's, and a cat's head beside the cow's, and a dog's head beside the cat's.

Next to all of that, there was the poor farmer, old man Millantatore, riddled with bullets, his field in ruins. You didn't have to be a detective to know that he'd been talking a bit too loudly about how the Mafia shouldn't come knocking at his door.

To the criminals' very slight credit, they hadn't, really. They'd sufficed for knocking in the wall, instead. The old man's wife, Strega Millantatore, had been run through with a pitchfork, and now lay across her cauldron. She'd been a source of rich gossip and more than a little awe, but without her and her cures, arthritis was going to be that much more unbearable.

One thing had become clear, before this incident: the Mafia was a threat, and they couldn't be allowed to continue. The protection rackets, the extortion, and the murders were all bad enough, but the Cannoli Incident? The Cannoli Incident had really sealed the deal.

You have to destroy them.

An angry meeting converges in the town square - everyone is full of blame, full of accusations, well aware that the Mafiosos must be hiding anonymously in their midst. Puzzolente is a small town, true, but everyone has their secrets, some larger than others.

It's just a shame that those secrets might see their owners' blood spilled upon the streets.

It is Day 1 - there are 13 Townspeople, 4 Mafiosos, and 1 Lover surviving. 9 votes are necessary for a lynch.


  • So what are the chances that this day round will end with a no vote?
  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    I Cattivi, The Mafiosos - the rank and file of the Mafia, who may or may not exist unaltered depending on the number of Mafiosos needed in the game.

    Can you clarify what this means? It says there are 4 mafia, in your summary at the bottom, so does this mean there's one plain mafia without any special powers? Or does the role shift somehow?
  • PiperPiper Master Crumbs

    No votes always lead to one death at the end of the day. Then again, voting at random and pointing fingers at someone who's just a buoni is also a bad death. Tough choice.  :/

  • Last round I pushed heavily for the no lynch because there was a smaller player pool and then we got the role claim which seemed to give the town an advantage.

    However we have far more players, power roles, etc. this time around. I'm up for the random lynch.

    Because Damonicus was so sneaky and messed with my head last game ... I'm voting him! D:

    Vote: Damonicus

  • Xenia said:

    Last round I pushed heavily for the no lynch....

    I'm trying not to edit my posts, by this I mean the last game I played, as clarification of my wording.

  • Moirean said:

    I Cattivi, The Mafiosos - the rank and file of the Mafia, who may or may not exist unaltered depending on the number of Mafiosos needed in the game.

    Can you clarify what this means? It says there are 4 mafia, in your summary at the bottom, so does this mean there's one plain mafia without any special powers? Or does the role shift somehow?

    I mean to say that there are four Mafiosos in the game - three with Mafioso roles, one who is simply a Mafioso.
  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    Yeah, we need a lynch for evidence to go on. Going with my usual, favorite round one action of...

    Vote: Llok
  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    Well, from what I've read in these games no lynch on first round is not good, since it gives us nothing to work with in the second day voting. I'm going for a completely random and arbitrary vote.


    Also, I hate that you can't just click a color anymore. Too tired and in too much pain to bother. The text is red! Just so you all know!

  • Well, if RNG-votes are the name of the day.
    Vote: Aren

  • TragerTrager Raiding your underwear drawer.
    The randomness! I love it!

    Vote: Damar-.. Uh.

    Vote: Aren!
    Indoran'i is back baby. It's go-... Oh.

  • PiperPiper Master Crumbs
    Alright,  the gods of RNG have spoken: VOTE: PARKER

    (On my phone so I can't color anything red)

  • Not an early round death again, argh!

    Vote: Aren.
  • I understand that hopping on vote trains is usually a pretty obvious sign of being scum, and that everybody wants to make it painfully obvious that they're using RNG to decide rather than any bias to try and make it quite clear they're innocent, but at this rate we won't be making any progress whatsoever if everybody's voting for a different person.

    If we're going to push in random directions here, we may as well vote for a nolynch at this point, which is something I generally don't really like in first rounds.

    /2 cents

  • TragerTrager Raiding your underwear drawer.
    Unvote: Aren
    Vote: Slyphe
    Indoran'i is back baby. It's go-... Oh.

  • @Slyphe, are you asking for a train to get started? Also, I'm not familiar with what RNG stands for-- my only experience, beyond the games I've played here on these forums, were playing The meta and process is a bit different there, usually games start on night rounds, typically town goes for the No lynch first day round unless there is some real evidence presented.

  • RNG = Random Number Generator. Basically voting at random.

  • Why am I being targeted again? PSH!
  • PiperPiper Master Crumbs

    No lynch is worse. At least if we vote on someone, it gives a person the chance to defend themself. 

  • This is my first time playing, is a random lynch really better then no lynch?
  • SerriceSerrice the Black Fox
    There was some mathematical evidence in support of it, and then there's like, psychological reasonings. Like, if we all vote for a lynch, people talk and talking is really a good way to try and suss out who's a bad guy and who isn't and stuff. Also, you can look and see who voted for a lynch and sort of guess that there's at least one or two scum on the train, so that like, cuts the number of possible suspects by 50% right there. Usually, anyways.
  • Oh crap, I didn't realize the game had started, thought this was still the sign-up page, derp!

    Might I suggest (for this early, particularly) that we actually @name people when we vote for them, so that people realize they're being voted for / referenced and don't miss a chance to defend themselves?

    That'd be all helpful!

    On one hand - giving someone a chance to defend themselves is lovely and gives us some insight, but what on earth are they defending against? There's no actual evidence or REASON for suspicion yet for them to counter, they can just say "Seriously not me, bro!"

    Alternatively, Serrice has a good point with math and crap supporting it. Also, all no lynches DO mean all no talking.


    I vote:
    @Parker‌ - for being the third on a vote train. First is a good start, second to vote is too obvious, third it convenient and seems slightly more sneaky.

  • My feeling is that these are the following individuals that are guilty of being mafia: Serrice, Gwenith, Malte and Parker. Also, that Piper or Jami is the Lover.

    Since I was the main baddie in the last game, I seriously doubt that Dam would place me in the same position again even with a RNG. So with that I am going to

    Vote: Serrice

  • I've played two..maybe three mafia games in all my years, and I had no idea that being third on a vote train on the first day was a bad thing. Someone show me all the unwritten rules!
  • Damonicus said:

    Since I was the main baddie in the last game, I seriously doubt that Dam would place me in the same position again even with a RNG.

    This comes off as a pretty obvious (maybe desperate, even?) attempt to protect yourself here when there wasn't any spotlight put on you to begin with besides Xenia's vote. Past games are good for referencing mentalities of the players involved, but the roles really play no significance from game to game.

    Random is random, and I highly doubt if you did end up as mafia Damariel would make you the sole exception and switch your role just because you happened to be mafia last time.

    While it's not exactly much, it does come off as suspicious to me, and suspicious gives me more to work with than praying to the random gods.

    Vote: @Damonicus

  • SerriceSerrice the Black Fox
    I'm going to agree with Slyphe here. Your remark that you seriously doubt Dam would make you scum again sort of clinches it for me, tbh. Xenia's post has a definitely flippant tone to it and the fact that you're addressing it sort of rubs me the wrong way, like, being overly defensive.

    Vote: @Damonicus
  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    edited August 2014
    I agree that Parker's hop on the Aren express looks guilty.

    Vote: Llok
    Vote: Parker

    Edit for typo
  • Cause of what Slyphe said:

    Vote: Damonicus
  • I don't now how people can say they can start playing the psychological assessment game on the first post. @Damonicus's post really, really is just throwing names out there for luck. Round one there is no evidence to go on for anyone yet and everything is just a random guess. Since I've had a finger pointed at me, I jab it right back good sir!

    Vote : Damonicus

  • Day, not post. Sorry.

  • Vote: Parker foe the irony of being the third vote on a train based on third votes

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