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Just like the popular imgur meme. This thread can host all your shower (or high/yoga/sick/whatever) thoughts and we can discuss them in qausi-philosophical form.

Example shower thought: What if the bright, blinding light you supposedly see when you die is, in fact, the lights from you in a new form, being birthed? Does this mean that there are a finite amount of souls in the universe? If so, how does our population keep expanding exponentially?

This thread may or may not fly, but I thought it'd be fun to see all your deep shower thoughts too!



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    The skeleton isn't inside of you.... you are inside of the skeleton.
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    Real shower thoughts? Because I am a very basic unphilosophical person like...

    My cereal sure has lots of vitamins... what if I only ate cereal and milk... how much money would I save in the long run?
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    The only reason my rescue cat of seven years acts so adorably kittenish all the time is because he was probably weaned too early from his mother. Which is really sad, when you think about it. D:
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    @lait I actually like that one, because you're a braaaaiiin.

    @Aniko Depends on what cereal you get! I think I'd get bored of the same textures, myself.

    @Nia Aw, that is sad. Weaning too early is a problem for a lot of kittens. They say the average age is 6(on the early side) to 8 (more average) weeks of age, but all baby animals benefit from being with their mama's a little longer.

    My own shower thought of the day: If I want to walk for a healthy heart, I have to not walk to the point of getting a migraine, because it kind of defeats the purpose.

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    It isn't really the meme shower thought, but it is related to showering!

    I've always been fascinated by how English adapts to other languages and been curious as to how certain words got adopted. We learn in school about the Romance languages, and how English is also heavily influenced by Germanic languages, but then see things like shampoo which is Hindi in origin (and started becoming a 'thing', phrase wise, in the mid 18th century!).
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    Everyone has such deep thoughts in the shower!

    Mine are always things like: "God I wish I was still in bed," or "What tea do I want when I get out?" or "Crap, I think I forgot to bring a towel into the bathroom with me."
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    @Mariena: To expand on your thought process....

    Our population goes up and down, varyingly. What if there is a finite amount of souls in the universe and the reason why our numbers keep increasing is because other life forms population on their planet is decreasing, if not completely getting wiped out due to planetary failure? This would cause a paradoxical effect through the entire universe and would subjectify a notion that pregnancies only happen because we need another body to host one's soul from across the universe or even our own.

    Additionally, what if a black hole is just a dimension into an alternate universe?

    Sorry... I can get really theoretical if I need to. Work/people hate it.
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    I am firmly with @Kelliara.

    "How am I going to solve this coding problem?"

    "Should I go dick around in RDR before I go to bed?"

    "Did I do the dishes?"
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    Agreed with that line of logic, except mine doesn't even go that far.

    "Huh, this shampoo smells really good. Where did I get that again? I should probably buy this one again. Oh wait no I got it at this place. Was it on sale? I think it was on sale. I wonder if the other ones are this good."

    Just circles upon circles of thoughts that are about things within approximately 3 feet of me. And sometimes karaoke in the shower but w/e that's neither here nor there.
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    I'm... not even sure I actually think in the shower beyond, "soap, face wash, shampoo, towel, unicorns it's cold."
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    Beyond what I actually think in the shower:

    "Too hot. Too cold. Perfect. Aaaaaahhhhhhh.... time to relax."
    (Oasis): Benedicto says, "There was like 0.5 seconds between "Oh hey, they're in area. That was quick." and "OMFG THEY'RE IN THE AREA STAHP STAHP!""

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    "IDK what this Argan oil is but it's like hair magic, I'm glad they put it in literally everything now"

    Seriously TRY IT OUT.
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    Not really a shower thought, since I had it while sitting at my laptop — although it's honestly bugging me enough to follow me after I've left.

    @Mariena's signature gif. It's under my skin.


    I mean at first I didn't really get it, I thought it was just a funny animated rhino, but then I kept scrolling past it while reading her posts and then I noticed the unicorn poster and got the implication. But now I can't decide what to make of it. Is it mocking those rhinos who continue to jog on the treadmill out of the foolish belief they could one day look like a unicorn? Is it implying you shouldn't jog on the treadmill because there's no point? Or is it saying we're all rhinos doomed to run on the treadmill anyway, against all reason, simply because we have to aspire to be unicorns in order to keep ourselves sane?

    As someone who's pretty image/health-obsessed at times, where does that leave me? I know I'm a rhino but I still want to try and be a unicorn. Is that dumb, and if so, what's the not dumb thing to do? Because if I stop trying to be a unicorn, then I'm bound to lose my status as a rhino, too, and I'll just turn into an elephant. You know?!

    Damn you, @Mariena.
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    @Antehe -
    The adjective word order we all follow without realizing it  SEP 06 2016 From Mark Forsyth's The Elements of Eloquence, a reminder of the rules of adjective order that fluent English speakers follow without quite knowing why. ...adjectives in English absolutely have to be in this order: opinion-size-age-shape-colour-origin-material-purpose Noun. So you can have a lovely little old rectangular green French silver whittling knife. But if you mess with that word order in the slightest you'll sound like a maniac. It's an odd thing that every English speaker uses that list, but almost none of us could write it out.

    What you said made me think about this quote and I wondered what everyone else thought? Native english and non-english speakers. Are there other, non-written but absorbed language rules?

    @Zsadist I didn't even think about other planets beyond ours! That adds in a whole new interesting spin on things. I was watching a documentary on youtube about kids who remembered parts of their past lives that, in part, spawned this thought.

    It is really interesting, but if we add alien (to us) lives into the reincarnation puddle..

    @Nia It's a gif of a shirt that I had a while back because I always thought it was inspirational. No matter how big or large or daunting your goal seems, you just keep truckin' towards it.

    @The rest of you - Good lord you people are literal, I said in the initial post it didn't have to be strictly shower thoughts, but that the shower thoughts meme inspired this thread.

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    So in the Matrix, the Machines beat the humans in the war and then subjugated them utterly, making them into biobattery farms.

    They could have stopped there - maybe even bred them specially with no higher brain functions, so they were essentially vegetables that could be plugged into their capacitors. We'll leave that alone since the entire premise is pretty dumb anyway.

    But they did something merciful: they created the Matrix, leaving humans in a simulated world so convincing, that for however long it's been running (in its latest iteration), very, very few people have even so much as considered that it might not be real.
    • You are born, raised, and eventually expired in the Matrix.
    • You have no perception of any greater outside world.
    • For all you know, you're a regular person on regular Earth, with a fully-featured life, with its economics, poverty, society, war, famine, love, hate, all the goody-good.
    So what the hell was the problem, exactly? Can't we infer from the machines that, by not choosing simply to use us for batteries and by expending what must be unspeakable amounts of power to run this simulation to keep us happy, what they really did was make the planet big enough for the both of us? Earth now exists in dual layers - the machine layer, and the human layer.

    Why couldn't they have just left it alone?
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    I think there was some limitations to the program, the world always seems kind of unusually bland. Like maybe it's not all that humanity can be? Since it keeps resetting obviously there's some limit to progress and evolution and stuff. Kind of got the impression almost everyone living inside of the simulation was almost dronelike.
  • LinLin Blackbird The MoongladeMember Posts: 1,701 ✭✭✭✭✭
    But why have the program at all? They could have just as easily set up birthing factories, ran us all through a little machine that snipped those bits of our brain that would cause us to scream endlessly until we die once they jack us into their battery packs, and called it a day.
  • AishiaAishia Queen Bee Member Posts: 2,271 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I got the impression they had to stimulate brain activity to really amp up the batteries. I think they kind of like, unrealistically hype up how good of a battery the human body/brain is beyond what is like, actually even real science.
  • LinLin Blackbird The MoongladeMember Posts: 1,701 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Well that's a pretty good explanation.

    So really, I guess the essence of my shower thought is that I would have machine-gunned down all of the rebels, thrown myself into the arms of the nearest drone, and begged them to put me back into my simulated 9-to-5 job.
  • MarienaMariena By a lake. Member Posts: 616 ✭✭✭✭✭
    If I am a simulation, I am damned annoyed at the robot coder. It is not funny nor kind of them to give me such tremendous pain all the freaking time. Rude, even.

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    @Mariena If you ever wanna talk deep philosophy, feel free to hit me up in a tell. I'm always game.

    In contrast to what @Nia and @Lin are suggesting, the Matrix simulated something that was already there, already recorded. Things the machines already KNEW. So in essence, it was just a code put on repeat for whatever purpose they wanted, for whoever they wanted.

    So, realistically, Morpheus and those who broke out of the Matrix could have been seen as viruses. This would mean that Mr. Smith was the anti-virus program meant to eliminate them, developed by the machines because they were intelligent enough to anticipate something like that could happen.

    Now... that begs the question...

    What if our lives are just some sort of code put on repeat? I mean, the phrase "History always repeats itself" is there for a reason. Its ALWAYS repeating itself... just in different forms. Additionally, how do you know this is the only code there is? For all you know, people could have been jacked into different timelines and would never even know that the future was already planned out, because the code has already been built from point A to point Z and is already separated. Furthermore, the people currently living would have no idea that the things they're living have already come to pass years ago and we're just playing a part. Food for thought.
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    Loving all the various threads of thought in this topic. As for my own shower thoughts, they are very basic:

    "I should probably have turned the light on but its as too bright so early in the morning."

    "I hope this is shampoo and not conditioner."

    "Time to spend forever untangling my hair...."

    "Did I remember to wash my face?"

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    "Hey I could do squats in the shower... then I can exercise and shower at the same time!"

    Literally had that thought this morning... in the shower >_>
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    Aniko said:

    "Hey I could do squats in the shower... then I can exercise and shower at the same time!"

    Literally had that thought this morning... in the shower >_>

    Showers aren't squat-friendly. Have tried >_>
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    here's one that has unicorns a fair few number of people I've attempted to discuss this with up pretty hard. Like. They had to sit down and actually consider it, and the matrix discussion above brought it back to the surface after I had buried it beneath the seas of consciousness for the time being.

    So..uh.. Warning: Following considerations has unicorns up a few people of weaker mental fortitude?

    With simulations having been proven to become extremely realistic, what if all that we know is nothing more than a simulation? Possibly one run by a scientist in a lab attempting to examine the effects of a specific thing in the universe, namely, a percieved divine intervening? He is the god that we all perceive and recognize in christianity, and a lot of "weirdness" we encounter are just glitches and bugs in the system? But things like the burning bush, the star over bethleham, and other various "divine signs" were actually put there by the scientist overseeing the simulation? And we are an experimental world to see what would happen with the intervention of religion, while every other planet in our solar system tested something else out? And the control planets are literally trillions of lightyears away those "earthlike planets" we can barely detect?

    What if it isn't a scientist, but instead we are a simulation running on someone's computer, and have been since they were young? What if the old testament was back when the guy was 13, and now the person is actually 18 and in college now? That might explain the difference in the "hate and brimstone" versus the "love and peace" in the two testaments of the bible. All the natural disasters occur when he gets extremely bored watching us work our lives away, and how all the "miracles" happened back when he was 13 because he loved having a personal hand in affecting things, versus now when he realizes he is curious to see how it would develop like Dwarf Fortress?
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    Turn on some music, make sure the fan is on, and get the water as hot as I can while I try to not fall asleep as I turn into a lobster.

    "Did I prep my dinner for work tonight? Man, I'm tired. Did I make myself a cup of tea? Hmm.. I wonder which tea.. when is work again? What is today? Mmmgh."

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