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I recently had a thought about the effects of multiclassing and RP. It seems that multiclassing has had a negative effect on RP in Aetolia. I realize that we aren't going to revert back to a system with no multiclassing but I would like to address a few thoughts for everyone to consider. I don't have the answer to this problem but hopefully in this thread a conversation could help point everyone in the right direction.

It seems that multiclassing has lowered individual accountability and respect of a class and guild. For instance in the past if you did something against the guild your consequences were great. You'd be forced to go rogue or even lose your class. So people naturally had to respect their guild if they wanted to keep their class and maintain their RP as an ally to their guild city etc. With multiclassing none of this matters. I can disrespect a guild when I feel like it, leave, keep the class and move on to another guild. I believe multiclassing has taken away the depth of RP for individual classes because of the lack of consequences.

I understand multiclassing is profitable, because now I can buy more artifacts more lessons etc. Which honestly is neat because I do like being able to use multiple classes, but at the same time I miss the connection that one would have to their guild. There may not be an answer to this problem but perhaps a discussion could help solve this issue.

An idea that I have is perhaps for Syssin, if you aren't guilded, completely take away the ability to sign. Or for Shaman if you aren't guilded, take away the ability to have a grove. Carnifex take away the ability for non guilded to train their own hounds. Establish some sort of risk of disrespecting a guild so the guild still has some sort of power. Without consequence, without conflict, and without risks genuine RP fades.


  • Guilds are outdated for the multiclassing system and aren't a focus of the game anymore ever since the administration decided to focus more on the city aspects. Doubtful anything will change.
  • An issue long ago were chokeholds. Guilds would have so much power over class (until you reached a certain guild rank) that people would have to pay obeisance or lose monetary investment. This, in turn, lead to too many easy roads of corruption or nepotism as too many would find reasons to simply ensure people would never get class.

    While this is not being suggested directly, it is still the offered suggestions in basically allowing people to keep class but taking away certain key features that allow them to play the class. Note, however, that Syssin already have something of that nature as their signs cannot be read by non-sanctioned non-guilded Syssin if they so choose.

    Guilds have to try harder now, honestly, and I am okay with that. Class fantasy should be its own thing, and guilds should be able to enhance it, not demand it happen within their walls. I see guilds as RP hubs now to add further depth regardless of your class.
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    I have to disagree with this sentiment entirely. I want to say for the first 3 months of Sryaen coming to the Templar, I almost exclusively played Syssin class. Even if I didn't enjoy playing the Templar class for a long while, I still enjoyed the guild as the 'Knight' RP is something that's at the core of my character. I also tend to RP differently based on what class I'm currently in. And I also agree with @Saidenn 's thoughts on enhancing RP, not demanding it.

    Ultimately, we're all free to do what we want to do, but I think by joining a guild you're sort of agreeing to at least somewhat follow the outlined RP they're going for. Otherwise what's the point of you being there in the first place?

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    I try to look at the good of it. I think it's great that you can still represent a guild without having to invest in their martial style (I can be an axe-wielding barbarian who still venerates Dendara and practices ritualism). I think it's great that a guild has far, far less arbitrary control over your ability to use a class you spent real-life money on. And truth be told, "disrespecting the guild and keeping your class" isn't by any means a problem endemic to modern Aetolia. That has always been possible, it's just that you used to have to attain one more guild rank.

    If guild RP feels diluted in any way, I have to attribute it to two factors: The first being what @Stine mentioned, in that guildcentric RP is taking a definitive backseat to citycentric RP. The second being that we do not currently have many players in leadership roles who seem to understand the freedom and flexibility they are given - not a lot of people shaking up the formula, trimming the fat in their orgs, or realizing that you don't need to wait on a helpful Celani to start an event or create some kind of scene within the org.
  • I really agree with @Sryaen. Since you can multiclass and play whatever class you want in whatever guild you want, assuming tether fits, it means you have a lot more opportunity to find roleplay that fits your character while also engaging with mechanics you enjoy. You can be a Knight in the Templar and do syssiny things or be a mage in the Ascendril and do Luminary things. You could be a Carnifex Knight and focus on Archivist things. Multiclass gives you the freedom to mix and match and find unique roleplay.

  • Lin said:

    we do not currently have many players in leadership roles who seem to understand the freedom and flexibility they are given - not a lot of people shaking up the formula, trimming the fat in their orgs, or realizing that you don't need to wait on a helpful Celani to start an event or create some kind of scene within the org.

    I wish I could like, agree and insightful this part here.

    I think there's a lot of space for guilds to play around in that isn't explored, for a variety of reasons, and perhaps some of it comes down to feeling like they aren't empowered unless they have a Celani present.
  • Speaking as one of the said leadership roles, we (meaning me and the other players involved) have found that we had th freedom (within limits) to completely shift the direction of the entire org into something that integrates well in the other orgs around it and also enhance the RP and character development around them.

    You do not need a Celani or a ritual room. Both can help but are not necessary to build your org's identity or push the roleplay amongst the guild members.

    It does take effort, diligence, and time, however. Which requires sometimes taking away from what you immediately want to do and giving back into the org. Which, really, should be something anyone in a leadership role is willing to do anyhow.
  • I think the biggest thing is to figure out something that you can have your guild do that promotes and reinforces the guild's role and the archetype that the class or classes that your guild offers fit in but can also be carried out by other classes. For example, in the Ascendril we are currently working on ways to promote and push scholarly study of the Elements and things related to them. A character doesn't have to be slinging Elemancy spells to understand and be a master of the Elements, especially if they incorporate such things into their day to day roleplay.

  • Thanks everyone for commenting on this forum topic, I appreciate the insight.
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