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    Swara said:

    The celerity/recovery is being looked at a lot from a combat perspective but I also want to say for people who aren't involved in combat, these changes really damages the game. It takes longer to do everything. Hunting foci, hunting in general, questing, exploration, shopping, doing milestones. Being able to do these things quickly with celerity artifacts allows you to do and be involved in more.

    Yep. Precisely this. I'm, largely, a noncom (although I do participate regularly at lessers), and Celerity was probably the mechanic I took advantage of most while playing the game in non-combat environments (although it will also harm bashing, if that counts as 'combat').

    The more I think about these changes, the more maudlin I get, honestly. My will to play and log in has more or less evaporated, to the point that, if these changes don't get redressed in the near future, I may just cancel my iron membership and go to playing, I dunno, Elite Dangerous or something. I'm currently 50,000 lightyears away from Earth, but the tedius jumps back to civilization seem way more validating than the tens of hours of play in Aetolia that have now been flushed down the toilet for no reason I can think of.
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    I went through the trouble to make the meme and forgot the Slippers of Xon which give 2 celerity when speedwalking.
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    I feel like this should be on the iceberg meme that Lin made as well....

    Somewhere maybe attached to the titanic sinking off the side. Though to segue to @Xavin is that the Pools about to look like a CVS during a riot if someone doesn't respond.

    Oonagh has been slain by the might of the toxic atmosphere of Ulangi.
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    After taking awhile to consider, I think these changes aren't very good.

    I understand they're being presented as experimental, so I'm not going to completely lose my unicorns.

    Celerity 'recovery' changes totally invalidate a lot of time (augments)/credit (artifacts)/iron coin (speedwalking boon) investment. Not cool.

    I'm not sure why the hiding changes were necessary. The one class that spies regularly isn't going to stop using Phase to do so. Completely dumpstering spiritsight was probably not the best move.

    The hide being lost on movement is a big middle-finger to Syssin, in more ways than one. Shadowslip has lost a lot of value, and we can't open fights with backstab anymore unless we have the chameleon skin artifact (or start from phase, which is not an option in some cases).

    Anti-illusion on lifevision is a big part of why I picked up my artifact, so I feel especially salty there.

    I'm trying to look at the bigger picture here. It's just not a picture I like.
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    In my line of work, I can not imagine leaving customers hanging for even 24 hours before formulating a response if an uproar anwhere near this level arose. If what has been shared here is true, I certainly can't imagine leaving them for six months.
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    Tbh I'd really appreciate a postmortem from Tiur. Like, how do changes that are so obviously detrimental to enjoyment of players who just want to play the game make it not just past the idea stage, but actually get implemented and pushed to live.

    Of course, I have a strong suspicion the postmortem would just be something along the lines of "Keroc thought it was a good idea so he implemented it". Not trying to point any fingers, but it's just very difficult to understand how any of this happened, and how we can be reassured that it won't happen again.
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    Czcibor said:

    Tbh I'd really appreciate a postmortem from Tiur. Like, how do changes that are so obviously detrimental to enjoyment of players who just want to play the game make it not just past the idea stage, but actually get implemented and pushed to live.

    Yeah, this is something I've been wondering as well. My suspicion, honestly, is probably just that that's what the practice has been for most of IRE's existence, and it's kind of a legacy workflow that certain people that have been working long enough just get a level of trust with regards to implementation. That said, while probably a test server is unfeasible, I feel like there's not a ton of back and forth between the playerbase and the upstairs folk about the game (in some ways this is good, you don't really want players to be dictators of what gets put in or taken out), and a lot of headache could have been avoided if someone had said "Yeah we're thinking about making these changes but we don't actually play the game we enact changes for, so our sense of what is important and minor are warped. What do you guys think?"

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    Lin said:

    Iesid said:

    Please ask yourself what you are "losing" via these changes and then look at it from another perspective: was what we all had in the first place even fair or healthy?

    Yes? It was perfectly fine? What even is this?
    Yeah, like, I mean, just a quick answer to "what have you lost" is, for me alone, 100-200 hours of bashing to get to level 140 so I could have a base celerity of 4, only to have it utterly and completely gutted to uselessness discernible reason whatsoever. Four base celerity being what vampires get out the gate as little newblets when they got the Celerity skill.

    Was celerity somehow breaking the game in a way that I'm not seeing? Was there some massive celerity-based meta that nobody told me about?

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    The ones with quest clues. All other rooms are the same.
    ShAmAn'S aRe UsEleSs In GrOuPs
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    The only reason to have changed Celerity was that admins didn't like how quickly people were getting from one part to another, but Aetolia is not an RPI nor should it strive to be one. The solution to anything in a game should not be to add monotony and drudgery. I also see that Tiur did a reaction to Iesid's post, so I'm waiting to hear the admin response on this. I will preemptively say that any statement involving: "You don't know what you want" or "you don't know what you're talking about" isn't going to go over well. This is a vastly unpopular decision, and I for one can't even remotely fathom any of these changes.
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