Mafia: The Return of Ashtan



  • Very vindicated. :P 

    I totally would have killed off Etrigan too, but I think I would have otherwise done alright. 
  • Ahhh I was asleep for the end of it! Gutted I missed the final drama. That was fun AND dramatic... Dibs on getting killed off early next game :p. Can I suggest one rule change though? No referencing of previous games in any way
  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    Alright! That was a really fun game! ANd now I'm home and will be ready for a new one when that's set up. :D

  • Hahahhahaa fun game.

    All kept thinking I was suspicious. For being silent?
    Next time if I'm scum I will have useless chatter.

    Great job the last two days guys, picking all the Mafia.
    I thought it wouldn't happen :)
  • Kudos and thanks to Aldric for hosting this!

  • PiperPiper Master Crumbs
    That was serious, legit awesome fun. Thanks for hosting, Aldric!

    I felt like it was a circle of superheros fighting against a group of super villians with civilians to be protected! Dibs on playing the next one!
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    What a fun game....except for dying on the first day. D: 

    No but really, I followed this thread none stop and got pretty into all the turns of events. Man, Piper as the Sheriff, I didn't see it coming!

    Edit: Next time I play, totally going to just be quiet. I swear talking gets me killed way too early Too early.

  • MacavityMacavity Chicago, Il
    Xenia said:

    Edit: Next time I play, totally going to just be quiet. I swear talking gets me killed way too early Too early.
    Thats why I did not speak as much at the very start and just voted based on who sounded right to me.  I did not want to peg myself as a mafia when clearly I was not!.   A few times I honestly thought I was going to die too!  heh
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  • I read the whole thing through the whole time even being killed off night one.  Was great, thanks @aldric

  • No problem guys, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Personally, my biggest, "HNNNG" moment as the moderator was the night @Demarcus was lynched. @Draiman and Co sent a PM saying to protect Demarcus that same night he was going to get lynched, then changed their minds to protect Draiman instead.

    I've got to say that ultimately hosting is more fun than playing, I think. It's so interesting getting to watch everything behind the scenes.
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  • >_< HEEEHEEEHEEEE at this game. I got my Moot on.
  • DemarcusDemarcus Black Flagon Inn
    @Aryanne Fair enough, just very surprised that if the train that Mina and I started had actually gone to fruition, we would have nabbed ourselves a baddie.

    @Llok I disagree with this rule request, but I'll leave it up to host of the game and will respect their rules.

    @Aldric Yikes! They had submitted to protect me, huh? I knew without question I was going to get assassinated hardcore that night and made sure to put it in tiny off-color print so I could reference it when I did die. I like it. I was even thinking as I was driving to Chicago and into my own doom that we as the townies really needed a night where an assassination was foiled. Darn those nagging second guesses! :-D

    Great fun everyone, thanks! Will see you at the next one!
  • One of the things about this game that I tend to dislike in most Mafia games, and that I opted to subvert in running my own game, was the way the setup so favored the townies. It made it very easy for me to roleclaim, be protected, and develop a confirmed network that gave the townies an edge. I confess to playing worse than I might have, in order to mitigate that advantage somewhat and make things a bit easier for the scum. That said, it was still a very fun game, and I think the scum did really, really well at flying below the radar.

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  • *nod* it was quite fun all the same, but the lack of sniper role took me off guard and was a BIG lean in the civilians' favour.

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