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    Thanks to the Sentinels for being so cool to my little guy Zalem. And thanks to everyone for not calling me out on an Orc who speaks in bad Cockney lingo.
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    @Cariv @Trager @Rashar @Draiman and @Valingar

    I want to extend a HUUUUUUGE Thank you to you guys, for being so supportive and helping me get more involved in combat.

    @Benedicto and @Zsadist too for helping me keep things in perspective about it all.

    I've got a long way to go still, but thank you all for helping me get me head glued back on straight

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    Massive thanks to whoever was behind tonight's (admittedly long) event with Duiran. Enjoyed it immensely.
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    A few of these have been a long time in coming, but I have quite a few people I'd like to extend some gratitude towards.

    @Lexen , @Kerryn , @Roux - My buddies on the Light side. Thank you guys for always being there and providing RP opportunities regardless of whether Phoe is rogue or serving an org. While we may not interact often, I always enjoy seeing how the friendships develop. No matter what happens, you guys always give me something to go back to. You have no idea how much that means to me.

    @Teol - Phoe's adorkable nephew. I swear, every time they interact, it's always so sweet that I can't help but smile. Even when the topics of conversation are serious, I love how it never really becomes overly so. When I need a dose of happy cuteness, Teol always seems to fit the bill. On an OOC level, I love gushing about art stuff with you and sharing past work. You've kind of inspired me to try and go back and complete a lot of stuff I either never got around to doing or never finished. <3

    @Xandren - New friend! Even though we don't interact as often as I'd like, I've enjoyed the conversations Phoe and Xandren have had, from the weird conversations regarding his shrubbiness to the more serious ones regarding personal problems. Whether he knows it or not, his advice and opinions have become something that Phoe's come to value, being relatively detached from her goings on. I promise I'll emote at you more. >.>

    @Tratos - Thank you for being one of Phoe's closest friends and confidants. He's probably one of the few constants left in her life, and he's probably one of the few things left that keeps her relatively stable. I've always loved seeing how their relationship has developed over time from being little more than acquaintances to close friends. I don't know what she'd do if she didn't have him in her life.

    @Benedicto - I know I've said it before, but you're an awesome RPer, and I've always enjoyed the dynamic Bene and Phoe have always shared and how it changes every time they meet. It's kind of disappointing how things went between them, but I still hope they might be able to repair things in the future.

    @Coryn - We've not interacted much, but the few times we have, I've been very impressed. With Phoe and Coryn in pretty much the same boat, it kind of feels like they have an odd sort of understanding. I hope we get opportunities to play that out more.

    @Omei - Not going to lie, for the longest time I've been put off by the god character simply because I had never really been into the line of RP that often came with it, but you've gone and changed my opinion on it completely. It's not completely psycho or over the top like it had been in the past, but still has a level of creepiness and depth that keeps me guessing, and keeps Phoe just outside of the bounds of trusting Her completely.

    @Zaila - New darkie friend! Zaila is kind of like that one friend full of vices and bad ideas that always somehow manages to stay a friend despite being a huge handful. Even though she challenges Phoe's patience on a regular basis, she's also one of the few people that doesn't hold things back while still being relatively supportive. Thank you for all the weird, random stuff you throw at me. Always keeps me on my toes.

    @Mazarine - Thank you for all the fun chaos that's happened lately. What started as just run of the mill RP across the tether divide quickly snowballed into something that ended up being way more than I think was ever intended. Phoe and Maz have a fun and interesting dynamic that's fun to play with and explore - they're both very similar, but also very different. He constantly challenges her to be more honest about herself, but has also made her reevaluate what she wants and needs out of her life and the people in it. I really owe you a big thank you for giving me the opportunity to explore her motivations and desires in a way that I don't think I'd have been able to otherwise. And thank you on an OOC level for the support when things kind of got a little crappy near the beginning. Regardless of how and where things go, Maz has probably had some of the biggest impact, and probably will leave a lasting impression.
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    Short list, because I'm a curmudgeonly hermit.

    @Pilar: I know we haven't really done any face to face RP, but thanks for entertaining me in tells and tolerating Atra being Atra.

    @Emelle: Hi. We're frenz. Please keep RPing at me, because you RP good.
  • PhoeneciaPhoenecia The Merchant of Esterport Somewhere in AtticaMember Posts: 751 ✭✭✭✭✭
    To whoever mob pos'd Draden yesterday, dragged him to Attica and had him start yelling around, thank you! The RP was really unexpected, but fun. And it really made my morning. <3
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    Figured it was time for me to toss some out.

    @Fezzix - Q's guide. He can always come to Fezz for questions, or to make sure something he wants to do isn't stupid. I think it's been a great mentor/protege relationship, and hope that he continues to live up to standards.

    @Olethea @Feirenz - You two both helped me in the beginning to flesh out playing an Arqeshi, and helped Q become more comfortable. Introduced Q to hookahs, and now he is the one pestering the both of you for new stuff to try.

    @Gasto - <3 for the amusing self-discovery RP for them both.

    @Zaila - Red is such a pain in the unicorns. Love her anyway. The constant challenges and prodding always result in the most humorous drama, or the most humorous antics I've gotten involved with in forever. <3

    @Aliane @Istela @Trikal or just @Syssin in general - I love this guild, so much. You all make it great to be around.

    @Apianora - Q's first protege. I love the background, the story, and him having to learn different ways to be social.

    @Inkh - Ugly and Slimeball have an interesting dynamic and I love it. I appreciate all the RP that's happened.

    @Mazarine - Just gonna say, I love the interactions. Yay prison RP?

    @Aisling - I love their arguments (discussions). I will be looking forward to more, because Q is not done learning yet.

    Anyone else I missed...Sorry if I forgot!

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    Whoever played that denizen in the temple with the thing, that was fun, thank you.

    @Faerah @Zaila @Trikal @whoever else I've interacted with lately, always lovely with ya guys

    And to everyone in Duiran who's been helping my alt, running with 'em, interacting, and riding the waves of advancement with me, it's a blast and I look forward to what's next.
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    So there are a couple people I've been RPing with lately, in my short trips around the continent looking for random engagements with writing.

    @Zaila : The RP last night that ended on a note of tension was great. Been a while since I got to play Ryotega that way, and had a good time doing it. Zaila's trouble figuring out who was who ended up being a point of entertainment for Ryo. He can be a unicorns or an unicorns, but usually only if someone else starts it - so it was the first meeting that set that stage up. Hope it wasn't too frustrating. :)

    @Rasani : I like the Burly Chest for the same reason I like the Monkey: it's a great meeting place. Who doesn't show up at a watering hole once in a while, right? Being outside of Spines and finding a bar to visit is great, it's actually kind of reminiscient of just about any classic tabletop when the GM tells you 'your adventure begins in a tavern...'
    Enjoying the characterization of Rasani, and last night was no different, with the added benefit of a bar scuffle to bring out a different side of her.

    @Nola : Nola is the first of a small handful of Enorianites the boys have come across while randomly wandering the streets of Enorian to appreciate the rebuilt city. Sharing the loss and upheaval of the guild and the subsequent struggle to integrate was the a new response and it brought a little more sympathy out of Akary. Thanks for that, it was a pleasant and thoughtful RP, good for slowing down and taking a moment to appreciate things.

    @Eleanor : As always, you're an integral counterpart, and having you around in any guild or bar interaction gives me all the more to do. Having you around the other day with all the new Auxiliar brought a bit of life to the game, both for myself, and I would guess for them as well. <3

    @Kanivara : It's always a pleasant surprise to have a tell out of nowhere just to say hi, and I'm not the only one that appreciates a little bit of grounded engagement. Sometimes that's all you need from people, a bit of acknowledgement and a chance to chat here and there. Kani fills that role pretty well for the boys, occasionally dropping by the Monkey, or catching them in passing along the basilica or what have you. The mundane interactions build the background for dramatic events to stand out from, so kudos for helping set a base.

    I'm sure there are a few more names I'm forgetting when it comes to more recent RP, but alas they have escaped me, sorry.

    (speaking of names I forgot, I had a short interaction just at the edge of esterport with someone, and their name escapes me as well. The interaction was short, and was mostly a conversation about basilisks, birds, and shopping lists...)

    In general, I have been enjoying the last couple weeks in Aetolia, and it's good to see I can just wander out, find somewhere populated, and just engage. Thanks!
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    Thanks @Drestyn for showing me the appropriate thread. Thanks @Yeras @Rosdes @Tenshyo @Teol and everyone else in the Illuminai who has made my migration a really pleasant one.
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    Zaila said:

    I'll throw a bit of love out to @Iosyne

    You were a tremendously good sport, I'm amazed you didn't kill Zaila, and I was just about doubled over laughing at the heart while expecting to die some horrible, horrible death.

    Now with 253% more Madness.
    Cute-Kelli by @Sessizlik.
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  • IrudanIrudan Member Posts: 2
    Whoever worked on the Evlasu area, you are all my favorites. It was great! Thanks a lot!
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    Thank you everyone. I've had a really great time here, but now it's time to move on. Maybe we'll meet in up in Achaea someday.

    I want to thank @Razmael in particular. In all my time here I've always felt he had the game's well-being as his primary priority. I didn't always agree with his decisions, or IRE's policies for that matter (still a bit sad that the island ultimately ended up a waste of credits, time, and effort, but I realize that is my own fault). Anyway, I remain an extremely satisfied customer. Hopefully, Razmael's leadership will allow Aetolia to prosper and grow in the years to come -- this game is too well-polished to just quietly fade away.
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    Where is my sad as unicorns reaction :(

    Bye Lexi :(
    "You ever been divided by zero?" Nia asks you with a squint.

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    edited October 2016

    EDIT: need more sad faces than Draiman.

  • DrestynDrestyn BloodlochMember Posts: 118 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2016

    Doing my duty. <3 Thanks for the comms and such.

  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress SwedenMember Posts: 2,125 ✭✭✭✭✭
    You will be missed, Lexi!

  • IrudanIrudan Member Posts: 2
    Irudan said:

    Whoever worked on the Evlasu area, you are all my favorites. It was great! Thanks a lot!

    And! Now that I'm 100+, my new favorite place is the feral caves! I'm so amused/horrified/feeling-terribly-trolled. It's awesome. Everyone who made it is awesome. What I mean is -

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    I think it's about time for another thank you from me:

    @Pilar For getting me back into the game, should've said so way earlier. Pilar's been at odds with Drestyn for a long while and I kinda went the opposite way he should've went, but I've enjoyed it nonetheless.

    @Solaria You probably don't frequent the forums anymore, but I want to thank you for taking Drestyn in and making him feel welcomed in the Teradrim. That got me started with figuring out what I really wanted to do with him. You helped get him started on his newest chapter.

    @Kanivara You've challenged me in different ways and have been Drestyn's motivating factor in nearly everything he does. <3

    @Mazarine For being an unicorns and pushing Drestyn to be better and not settle for mediocre. You helped me get back into combat in a big way.

    @Nenelos You're a bastard and I love you.

    @Xenia You're an awesome guild leader, among other things.

    @Draiman You're also a bastard and you left me, but you also helped me get better at pvp. I'd be slightly more unicorns than I am today if you hadn't.

    All others I've forgotten or just failed to mention: Thanks for being awesome, I guess? I'm gonna chalk it up to separating these by character.

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    I'm from one of those strange countries without a Veterans Day. Instead I want to toss out a thank you to those who manage, despite everything going on, to keep their calm and do good.

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    I want to thank @Serrice for taking the time to always hit me up for rp, even when I'm just popping in. It's really helped with reaffirming who Nola (still) is, but it's also been refreshing to do that with someone who has no opposing, differing values. Sometimes it's better to just be, and that's what Serrice has been allowing Nola to do. I think that's really nice, so again, thank you.

    Love for @Istoria too, in her short visit, don't think she comes to the forums but it was so nice to get to interact again.

    I also wanted to thank @Apianora and @Svarog for providing a reason to craft again and @Dzekk for listening to the resulting chatter. 

    Also I love @Jami. You mah bestie.
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    Thank you to @Rasani, @Michi, and @Dzekk for making Saturnine's tenure enjoyable, and the rest of the Templars' guild as a whole. I wanted to shout out to Rasani in particular - it is exceedingly rare that I see a Guildmaster go out of their way to acknowledge each member and play an active part in their development. The Templars will continue to thrive so long as you're in the driver's seat.

    I wanted to express gratitude for @Eleanor, @Akaryuterra, and @Drestyn, for essentially fishing Lin up out of the gutter and dusting her off; @Pilar and @Aisling for one of the most tense and powerful vampiric cure arcs I've ever seen; and @Delyth, @Shumbra, and @Michi for all responding to Lin's predatory antagonism in different ways. I'm having a shitload of fun again!

    Also, special shout-out to @Aisling, @Pilar, and @Rasani, Wulfpack 2016!
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    I wanna say thank you to all the Templars honestly. I mean, heck, the whole city. Templar and Enorian have been the only place Rasani's ever lived or worked and it means a lot that you trust me to help lead!
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