The Midnight Age?



  • I have a serious question for admin at this point. Why is aetolia still at PG-13? At this point the player base has grown into adults. Adultier adults tend to pick it up and keep with it and I would imagine 18+ would offer more unique opportunities for advertisement. It would throw the door open to explore all avenues of roleplay IG, in game setting for admin and for players. It would allow us to stop tiptoeing around the fact that ope! Wait, PG-13, have to remember. And we can have honest, frank discussions about consent for everything.


    Remember when the one vampire lady had seizures when she got into combat situations? Everyone knew this, everyone made sure she didn't have too much flashing on her screen. It was an OOC need that everyone worked with and around. If she were accidentally around, I remembered that everyone made an effort for whatever was going around to STOP so she could leave. That was almost 8-10 years ago.

    That was consideration to a fellow player and I do not understand why the holy hell consideration has dropped so low as to be abhorrent now?

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    A game putting themselves firmly in the 18+ category is committing to an entirely different target audience, which I am about 99% certain is a death wish for most games.
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    Illidan said:

    2. There's definitely a MASSIVE bleeding of OOC vendettas people have against others that they drag IC because they have no separation between the two, or simply choose to ignore it when it suits them.

    3. A number of players like to say really nasty things about other players, make up outright lies about them for absolutely no reason, and then act surprised AF when they get called out for it and or the person starts behaving negatively toward them for it. There's also the culture of cliques seeing their own friends do something like this, and instead of putting their toxic, lying unicorns friend in check, they always defend their friend against the people they gaslighted to begin with.

    Also late to the party, but these two points inparticular are 100% true and real. You all know who you are, and you're also the kind of people that have largely ruined Aetolia, and other IRE games in the past.

    On the topic at hand, I think it's 100% true as well. Even though it doesn't affect me now too much being that I don't play currently, and when I did I was attempting to play an archetypical good guy, I do think part of why I made the archetypical good guy was the nearly multiple real life decades of trying to play a bad guy and getting lambasted for it, and seeing the playerbase continue to draw fake lines of what is 'cringe' or 'acceptable'. It's like dude, not every single person plays Aetolia for what you think they should. Yes everyone has to co-exist because it's a multiplayer game, but at the same time, you should not have these small groups of people, who aren't even administrators or archetypical 'dungeon master' types trying to tell you what you can and cannot do/say in this adult, dark themed game. This isn't Facebook or Twitter, man, it's a video game. Quit trying to politicize every single thing in life, its a good way for nobody to enjoy anything.
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  • MUDs are kind of their own breed. Moreso than any graphical or single-player experience people are invested in every moment of what's going on. You don't mindlessly twiddle thumbsticks and watch things happen, YOU direct every piece of this characters existence. It's your choice what they do and feel and think and that REQUIRES you to process and think about what's going on around you, requires you to put their voice into the world with your own lil boogerhooks. Obviously, there's a need to separate self from character, everyone that loves flinn doesn't love me, everyone that hates flinn doesnt hate me (hopefully). But there's some topics and actions that are unreasonable to burden uninterested people with dwelling on, because your character isn't you, but the mind they live in IS. Just be good to each other's brains. If someone doesn't wanna think about something, don't press, if you know someone wants to deal with something you aren't in a good space for right now (maybe you never will be!), Just let them know, and stay away from it, reschedule, cut the problem parts and roll with what's left, respect each other and figure it out if you can if you still want to interact in the game with them, there's systems in place if that's not enough. The kind of game itself being so intimate there's always gonna be little ruffles over things being taken too personally and stuff, just be good to each other. Don't explode, don't implode the community, just take a second and let cooler heads prevail. Thats my two cents, anyways.
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