Bloodloch's government system is unfair and doesn't make sense



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    Haven said:

    If the intent is to create this unfair advantage. If the intent is to artificially create a divide amongst Bloodloch's citizenry. If the intent is to foster and maintain a certain type of roleplay where vampires are always "superior" in Bloodloch then it's working.

    Rijetta said:

    Haven makes a great point! If the Carnifex and Teradrim don't like that the Dominion gets special treatment, they have no recourse to undo that special treatment no matter what, and they are 100% stuck in Bloodloch. That's still a pretty sore point for the Carnifex in particular. That sucks!

    Yeah. If the goal is to foster a sense of resentment among both the playerbase and the in-game citizens I'd say it's doing a bangup job of it.

    Edit: what's more, as a Carnifex character and player (or Tera or Indo [rip] for that matter) why would I tolerate this, IC or OOC? The envoy system leaves us limited in our ability to leave even if we wanted to, and civil war is...I mean. It feels yucky to go to IC civil war over an OOC mechanic. It's not even like the Dominion can snap its fingers and capitulate if they even wanted to, so that seems unfair. What exactly are we expected to do here?

    At this point I'm just ranting because the radio silence on this issue is almost as frustrating as the issue itself, so I'm going to conclude with:

    The producer of this game is agreeing to give people that play his game special treatment over other players. That is bad. It is not just Bloodloch players that should be mad about this. Everyone should be mad that any group can be given special treatment to how they can play the game. That is bad and should be changed.

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    Rest assured that while we're considering the issue, we're not going to be able to deliver a response while people - paid staff included - are busy celebrating a holiday and dealing with the other chaos in the world.

    Thank you all for your patience. We've read and understood the criticisms on display here, and we're going to close the thread as we deliberate!
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