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The Aetolian coming out thread. 

I’m a Panromantic Demisexual. 

For anybody unfamiliar with that: 
Panromantic: biological sex and gender doesn’t factor in to who I’m attracted to. 

Demisexual: Gray-Ace, Asexual spectrum. 

I’m wondering how big our LGBT+ Club, if there are very many of us in Aetolia? If there are very many Panromantics or Demis? 

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    Panromantic pansexual here. I like everyone!
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    Saidenn said:
    I first learned I was bisexual when I used to watch Seventh Heaven after school and would have daydreams about Simon's eyebrows. I was confused for a bit because I would also go BOOBS when I would see some I liked, but ended up realizing I liked both. In later years I have also gone with the label of pansexual, too, as if I find someone attractive, I find them attractive, but that can be as much aesthetics as romantic and/or sexual. Needless to say, I have not had the concept of gender, sexual identity, or biological sex impede my interest in someone, especially once it is sparked. I will say the oddest feeling/emotion I deal with in being bi/pan is where my aesthetics and sexual attraction lie on a surface level some days. I'll wake up and go, "Hm, boobs are all right, but you know what is really attractive? BOYS!", or "Boys are cute, but I really cannot stop thinking about girls." It is a weird cycle.
    I vibe the cycle lol. Makes sense it could be a Pan thing. My interest is in certain personality traits society labels male or female, I guess? Sometimes I have zero attraction and can go months without having any interest or desire until there’s an emotional connection.

    I admitted to myself I first liked more than cis gendered men when I was in 7th grade basketball practice and I went to the women’s locker room for the first time. A friend of mine, whom I closeted about liking at the time, complimented my underwear and I was like, “Yeaaaaah, I’m definitely not completely straight.” 

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    To our non-binary Aetolians, if you're out there: how/when did you realize you were non-binary? What does it mean to you?

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    Cayn said:

    You there, reading this. You're hot.

    I don't appreciate being lied to

    That said, hello, cis male, still figuring out the other parts. Probably ace?
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