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    Rijetta said:

    ...so we can get back to gossiping about Teani and Sryaen's sexy dark forbidden tryst.

    Speaking of are you gonna give us logs @Teani or @Sryaen because I love me some forbidden romance scenes 👀

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    ijs I make my RP decisions based off my personal interpretation of my character and her direction - that includes potential consequences as motivation or deterrent. It's like deciding to wear a coat or not when it rains - consequences exist and I work into or around them as needed.

    To complain about them is ridiculous, in my opinion. A game without consequences - or with consequences lighter than these (***I have never played a game where the admin demand people be given a path back into an org they ticked off?? Wild. ThereAreNoRules.gif) - would not be worth playing, honestly.

    Edit: ***I know they do that here. I meant not until THIS game!
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    There are only consequences if the clique you're in think you should have consequences. It's been that way for basically the entire existence of these games. People will try to put consequences on you with zero proof, and people will unsuccessfully try and put consequences on you when they have your admission to wrong doing, and fail. Basically, since this is a video game that is admittedly social, it's mostly ran by a bunch of cliques, and it doesn't have silly real life things like 'truth and justice'.

    If you run afoul of the status quo for x y z reasons, be prepared to have a bad time. It is what it is.
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    Aeryx said:

    Basically, since this is a video game that is admittedly social, it's mostly ran by a bunch of cliques, and it doesn't have silly real life things like 'truth and justice'.

    This is exactly the same as life, though. In much the same way, you have to outplay, outwit, and outlast to get to where you want to go - even if it doesn't seem fair. Aetolia is, as you say, a microcosm that involves social gameplay - including consequences, regardless of how they may not seem to be applied to another from your personal viewpoint. It's just part of the game.
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    To circle back to the topic at hand and clarify a few points:
    Teani said:

    [...] If someone has put effort into a guild, then they should be treasured. They chose to join that part of the game for a reason [...]

    No one should ever be allowed to dictate how someone else plays their character.

    If they want to play a Carnifex that struggles with the concept of Slaughter, because the bunnies are far too cute, let them! Are they Carnifex material? Maybe not to you, but time will tell!

    Enforcing a "higher standard" for certain people in the game, or forcing people into boxes or categories, will only hurt the environment in the end, because it leaves no room for nuance, no room for natural mistakes. This is especially true if people are not allowed the time to work through them in their own time afterwards, or if they have that underlying fear of a disproportionate punishment, like outguilding.

    In short, don't threaten with outguilding, because you risk doing more damage than good for the game as a whole. It should be a last resort, if used at all. Try to help make the game more enjoyable to people by fostering the RP environment rather than shoot people down for doing something outside the norm.

    Sometimes we get caught up in the nuanced details of the individual trees that we forget or lose sight of the larger forest around us. While it is true that no player should dictate how another player chooses to play their own character, that does not also mean they must respond to our decisions based on how we want them to either. Whether it's with impatience, arrogance, or a rigid conservatism of clinging to different values than our own, keep in mind that their response is just as valid role-play as ours. Even if it means it can be negative to our experience.

    People play Aetolia for many different reasons and approach the game accordingly. Some people just want to chill after a long RL day while others want to blow off some steam and fight. Some want to find romance or friendship for their characters. Others want to explore morality or push boundaries. Some players want to be so engrossed and immersed in the game while others desire a casual or complete opposite experience being concerned with only the mechanics. All are valid approaches. The real key here, however, is learning to find our audience and recognizing the types of players we come across as we tell our stories.

    I can assure you that the "slow changing conversion" or the "deviance from norms" RP can be done and at your own pace on both sides of the game. I've done it with varying levels of success over the years; with one arc being as recent as April. I've seen others accomplish it as well. If it's something you enjoy and you want to explore, so long as you're not breaking game rules, the best advice I can give is to just go for it and explore the conflict. See what happens. While we might find that our roleplay gets us outguilded or maybe we come to the realization that we just don't mesh with the current crowd of our organization of choice for whatever reason, that's just as natural as a progression as if it went the other way. The game has taken some wonderful quality of life approaches over the years that has given roleplayers more freedom in crafting their stories without losing access to critical mechanics like class.
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    It's almost like we play characters in a society and aren't just playing World of Warcraft 🤔

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    Tetchta said:

    It's almost like we play characters in a society and aren't just playing World of Warcraft 🤔

    I feel attacked.
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