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5/16/2020 at 23:50
Tiur, the Gnosis

Milestone credits have been available for a couple months now, which has given us the opportunity to observe how they do, or don't, effect the game overall.

For the most part, it has absolutely been one of the greatest things we have introduced! Players are able to progress their characters with skills, flare and artifacts like never before and that is something we all agree is helpful for the game overall. Who doesn't love being able to ride around on their newly acquired mount due to now being able to justify spending credits on horsemanship?

On that note, however, there are two things it has impacted negatively, and they are customisations and player housing. This is due to the ease of acquiring a house or customisation, due to milestones. This has presented a few challenges: It takes away how special they are, it negatively impacts our sales and the extra time investment spent on the influx is not sustainable.

On that, for a short period, we will be closing the acceptance of both down while we revise on how to approach them. Things in the queue or my email will continue as before, grandfathered in.

Thank you for your understanding

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    With the amount of unused customization certificates out there it’s something that had been readily encouraged and drastically underutilized. The customization queue has been historically slow, though truthfully so is orgreqs and every other system that requires modifications or customizations. I know I waited 2 real life years on an orgreq myself and I surely can’t be the only one.

    I’m not trying to be ungrateful for the hard work but I am trying to put it into perspective.... we as players do plenty of approving in different manners and review designs and projects for Celani/Admin.

    Perhaps having celani go through those volunteer only queues in the same manner players work through design queues as approvers or builder projects as mortal builders with equivalent enthusiasm as we do as unpaid volunteers as players for projects these might be done as well in a timely manner.

    It goes both ways honestly.

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    Take all the time you need to figure out what is most sustainable and workable for you guys. Thank you for all you do! <3
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    I likewise don't want to be ungrateful for the ability to customize but I can't help but think that less of this comes down to customizations being less special and more of a realization that people are less inclined to spend real money on some forms of customization since it's a minor thing that can largely be earned in game now.

    To put it in perspective, everyone already has the ability to customize their character's possessions in the form of crafted clothing, weapons, armor, shields, jewelery, etc. The customization system really only allows for explicitly magical effects and even then, there are mundane commodities in game that allow for some of those already. But even more...let's look at what all can be customized.

    The following classes get a free customization:
    Teradrim - golem
    Carnifex - warhounds (I'm not sure how much this comes into effect since I admittedly don't know how management of hounds works)
    Luminary - angel
    Sentinel - one woodlore companion, further woodlore animals at a rate of 50cr per.

    After the first customization, it's 50cr per for each of these.

    Class items, like the archivist codex, shaman quarterstaff, and zealot chain are 100 credits per customization.

    Everything else that can be customized is a significant purchase of at least 150 credits, up to 500+ for a new pet, with a charge of 50cr to revise or change customizations on anything. Considering most of these things were fairly easily earnable in game before the milestone credit system, I hope that whatever system you guys come up with doesn't end up requiring a lot of irl investment, considering how much you can already customize with literally just a trade skill, how much is given just as a courtesy, and how little impact customizations actually have on the game.

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    Getting golems to a level they can be customized at is a pretty decent time investment also since they have a level requirement.
  • AxiusAxius where I amMember Posts: 372 ✭✭✭
    @Ehtias to tack onto your comment. It doesn't change the "time" investment part, but I also feel like its worth noting: I ended up able to level my golem somewhat just by fishing. Dunno if it's a bug, or what. But it was gaining XP whenever I'd be fishing. It probably helped that it was set to auto-cure prone any time the wind knocked me over though.
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    @Tiur Asking for a friend, what about people who bought a house deed in the current promotion before this announcement? 
  • TekiasTekias WisconsinMember Posts: 458 ✭✭✭
    Idea: Is there a relatively pain-free way to code in a difference between Platinum-bought credits and regular credits? I imagine this would be the best way to not cheapen customs by keeping them in a 'can only be bought with paid funds (whether by $$$ or gold)' ecosystem if the coding wouldn't be a nightmare.
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  • YedanYedan Member Posts: 50
    Houses are still very special to me... :neutral:
  • EnsisEnsis Member Posts: 27
    Any status on bringing the system back?

    Also, whatever system is put in place, can default wears, attires, and so forth be described and applied? I've leaned on crafting and applying my artifacts more because of this, but there are some things that have to go through customs.
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  • TiurTiur Producer Member, Administrator, Immortal Posts: 1,148 admin
    We'll post shortly, finally came to a good medium decision.

    Can you rephrase? You mean like, a way to add wear locations to the design when you submit it? And attires?
  • EnsisEnsis Member Posts: 27
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    DESIGN # ATTIRE description

    I double checked, it's the default attire description that I kept asking for. Artifacts should ignore slot limits, so wearloc may not be important.

    Thank you Tiur.
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