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Are there some fun facts about your characters that maybe people might not know from your description, but if they had a chance, they might learn through either RP? Or maybe you kinda wish they fit into your description organically without breaking immersion, because it'd be kinda cool to see people actually roleplay with these traits?

Share 'em here! Just be aware in offering this info, you may be offering implicit permission for people to come around and use some of these facts to interact with you. I'll start with neat facts about Axius, just be aware that I'll note the circumstances required for someone to actually -notice- the details in question, and why they're not explicitly available via description.

Axius' male form (Guyaxi) has color-changing eyes. They're related to his emotional state at the moment, and only really shift into colors when his emotional state is pushing to the surface and expressing itself intently. It's intended to replace eye-focused facial expressions in his RP, but he's only expressed a few different shades because he's always been the type to bury his emotions, and when he's bringing them up, it's usually in response to some sort of religion-type RP so that's the shades they've taken up. Sometimes I'll reference it in a particularly interesting discussion on religion between Axius and someone asking questions. But his eyes often shift from purple to bright -bright- red when discussing Iosyne. He's also had tints of Jade in situations that he's expressing a bit of his history with Chakrasul, though it's never blatant and out in public that he lets that side have a handle. It's even gone yellow once, and then shifted to Orange. Malice and Passion and Pain mix together interestingly, no? hehe.

Axius has 2 tail-related relics that I RP with. they are the Scorpion Tail and the Prehensile Tail relics, and they are shaped into very -very- small bands tucked into the base of the bladed tip of his tail, with the scorpion tail pressed against the blade to exude the venoms over the bladed tip. And the RP is that because he was not someone -with- a tail before he ascended, he needed some sort of guidance to help him grasp using it, and the scorpion tail relic was a gift that came paired with the prehensile relic, giving him access to a method by which he uses his bladed tip to put out venoms, with fun RP implications of the amount of time he's spent with it, learning to use the framework. The reason why they're not in his description is because unless you're actually handling his tail, you're not going to notice the very small bands.

For Femaxi, there's no bands, they're actually very small scales blended into the -very- fine scales of her tail, she lacks a bladed tip, so the venoms secrete through her slime around the tip of her tail, and need an alternative delivery. And yes. Femaxi's got -very- fine scales. Look at a newt or a gecko. They technically have scales, but they're so small and fine, it looks like smooth skin. Most would never know unless they explicitly are close enough to her that they're physically touching her and noting the -texture- of her scales first, because they HAVE a distinct texture that is concealed visually by a layer of her slime, and the relic scales are tucked into her hide in such a way that they can't be easily identified under her slime in the location they are hidden.

Edit: Adding another fact I -want- people aware of 'cause it's in my desc.. but unless I've got perfume/cologne, most don't notice it.

Axius' slime is actually not normal Nazetu-stink slime. Depending on their biological sex at the moment, it's a different flavor/scent.

Male Axius: Spiced fruit in flavor, old spice-like scent.

Female Axius: Berries, fruits, apples and other sweet things both in scent and flavor.

And yes, Axi's slime -is- completely edible. It's made for some interesting RP with the few people who've paid attention and gone "...oooh." and done stuff like taste it. Because it's normally a consistency similar to jelly if you scoop it onto your finger, but less sticky and more... gloopy? I guess? Either way, lol.


  • SibattiSibatti Mamba dur Naya Amidst vibrant flora and trees
    I'll bite, selectively - I'm going to include some things that are so minor/very few people will ever need to acknowledge it, but I still build into small moments of Sibatti's RP and find interesting.

    First, what is up with that name

    In actuality, I named her 'Sibatti' before I knew anything about the world, and didn't even expect to stick around. Sibatti is the name of a character in a graphic novel I was writing at the time who was based on that character's traits. Since I ended up sticking around after all, Aetolia-Sibatti has become an entirely different character, and I subsequently had to rename the book character to keep them distinct in my mind! Later, once I figured out and developed Siba into the character I wanted her to be, I "renamed" her name to Esrytesh. This is explained through her story, which I won't go into here cuz who has time for that, but I'll give a TLDR: Sibatti is the name she gave herself when she was suppressing her past, and she eventually overcame that shame and re-integrated herself into her home society, the Mhun. She accepts either name and won't get offended by people who aren't in the know.

    She has blunt claws

    instead of sharp ones, which was inspired by my dachshund Robbie - very strong and sturdy, but not super great at slicing. This is another small detail I invented as a tribute to her heritage and the old racial rock harvest/rock crush skills. Her claws are totally meant for digging and burrowing, and she actually dug out her barrow-home herself. I'd like to imagine that digging is a way for her to self-soothe, sort of like how people might go fishing or curl up with a good book.

    Crafting is central to her character

    based off the old Mhun caste systems, where crafters were at or near the top of their society. Creating useful, functional, and beautiful things (in that order of importance) has always been ultra-important to Sib. She rarely makes anything fancy or elaborate, even now. Old habits die hard.

    About her eland, Chelan.

    I was heavily inspired by Princess Mononoke with early Siba RP, so that's where he came from. In retrospect, I likely would have picked an animal that is more aligned with in-game canon. Chelan is Siba's oldest friend and views him as an extension of herself. They understand each other and share a strong empathetic bond: if one of them is feeling an emotion, the other one will as well (and Chelan has the worst poker face). He's affected by whichever God Sibatti is currently bonded with, and will occasionally modify his appearance to reflect that - I won't spoil the details here, but it's one of my favorite things!

    Finally, a word about Nightmarebatti

    This happened so long ago by this point that I'd call it public knowledge. 90% of that RP was done without an active Omei so I feel bad for all the subsequent Omeis that did nothing wrong (and hey, maybe she'll seek reconciliation someday). The mask oldOmei gave her allowed her to see into the dream realm and physical realm simultaneously, which is a huge strain on one's mental fortitude and ability to distinguish between real and unreal (and don't get me started on the withdrawal symptoms). Eventually it's what drove her to the mad terrormonger wrecking ball she was so well-known for. It was a lot of fun but eventually started to feel a bit one-note and predictable, so I either had to retire her (before retirement was a thing) or make a huge change. I went with the latter and don't regret it, but I regret not bringing along more people on the journey.

  • ArbreArbre Arbrelina Jolie Braavos
    I'll try. And I'll blatantly copy @Sibatti 's formatting while I'm at it.

    Metaphors are difficult for her.

    She constantly tries to use them, but mixes them up completely into something that usually doesn't make sense. (You can lead a horse to water but it swims really badly.) Very, very few people have ever made mention of noticing this, instead I have just confused them, so I've kinda quit doing as much.

    About the drugs.

    Auresae used to have a big bowl thing full of scintilily nectar that would screw with your vision and make you hallucinate and then pass out. Arbre made such a thing about it that Auresae gave her a bag of white powder that was crushed up scintilily roots. She gave it to me and said RUN WITH IT, so I did. It eventually got given back to Auresae against my will, but I've played off the scintilily thing since then, which was years ago now. I don't know how officially cannon scintilily being a drug is, but whatever.

    She stinks.

    I used to have a line in her desc about it - I might put it back in, now that I think about it. Something like "The scent of scintilily emanates from her, but not quite strongly enough to overpower the smell of dirt, blood, and wet dog." I did this originally because Mariena made a comment about Arbre never bathing and it made me giggle a lot, but it eventually became a part of who she is.

    What the unicorns is a mountain screamer?

    Sheesh, people, lrn2google. Mountain screamer is a regional name for a cougar. Ruush-ka is supposed to be a "gift" of sorts from Griash (the cougar spirit guardian in Dendara), that she can use as a mount kind of like the Shamans call familiars to use in combat.

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    I'll jump in a little and field some things that have become integrated into my RP over the years. Most of these will either be really minor things, stuff that's sort of become common knowledge, or stuff so obscure it hardly ever comes up.

    Origins of Phoenecia, the character

    When I first started playing, I was very into history and ancient civilizations. The Phoenicians were a civilization in the Mediterranean that were very central to trade in the region, and developed an alphabet system that made commerce between cultures much easier. All I did was swap a letter, and boom, Phoenecia became a thing. She was also something of a legacy character I'd used across various things, and her appearance has always been the same: black/dark blue hair, light blue or light purple eyes, pale skin. She's also a minor character in some other stuff I've been writing.

    The merchant aspect of her character wasn't something I had initially planned, and sort of happened much, much later.

    Why the merchant RP?

    Truthfully? The merchant thing kind of happened by accident. I initially picked up the Tailoring craft skill and loved it, and just ended up picking up more as time went along, and I eventually decided to go all into the merchant RP. Even integrated it into her previously generic backstory. She had a pretty happy and mundane home life before, but then I made into her being from a merchant family that did well enough to run with nobility, but were considered 'new money' because they were still commoners.

    The merchant RP also ends up being kind of a convenient explanation for how much crafting I do and how many shops I run or help out with. Plus, in a world full of badasses, I kind of enjoyed the idea of playing someone who can fight when needed, but still largely worries about mundane things.

    Phoe's antennae

    Before the antennae relic ever became a thing, Phoe had them since she became a Yeleni ages and ages ago. Her antennae serve a few purposes. a) They're super cute. b) They're emotive. How they move depends on her mood, what she's thinking, etc. c) They enhance her senses. Her antennae make her super sensitive to smells, and allows her to sense movement around her. Though she wears perfume, it's always sweet or light smells; really strong smells - especially certain fumology and perfumery scents - stuff her up and make her uncomfortable. Her antennae are also very sensitive to touch, and can lead to a sensory overload if they're touched or grabbed.

    Her antennae have been ripped out exactly once, and it...wasn't pleasant.

    Her eyes occasionally change color

    Whenever Phoe is feeling particularly aggressive or pissed off, her eyes will sometimes change color to golden and become serpentine. Which is connected to...

    She has multiple forms/can change her appearance

    I got the disguise gem a long time ago and thought it'd be fun to write a bunch of different descs for each race to reflect how she'd look in each one. Ultimately, that never really happened, but she still has a few appearances she shifts between, mainly her Human look, her Yeleni (faerie) look, and her Tekal (gorgon) look. There's not really a rhyme or reason when I'll switch, but the gorgon form I tend to swap to or hint to its existence whenever Phoe gets angry.

    The Language of Flowers

    This was a later addition to Phoe's RP, but an aspect I've always enjoyed. Flowers are a very large aspect of her character, and whenever she gives flowers to someone, there's no small amount of significance attributed to it. Because of this, I've done a ton of research on Victorian floriography and Japanese hanakotoba and ended up putting together and writing an Aetolian version of flower language (which I'm still not finished, btw). Both IC and OOC, flower language is something most people don't know, so whenever someone pops up that does, it's always exciting.

    Sweet tooth

    Not going to lie, some of my favorite little RP moments (and tend to also be some of the funniest) are whenever Phoe is eating something, and that something tends to be sweets. Phoe has a massive sweet tooth, and it always makes me laugh whenever she's eating something in front of someone because I always end up describing it along the lines of a ravenous locust or making NOM NOM NOM noises.

    There's an etiquette to gift-giving

    This kind of rolls into the merchant RP, but Phoe loves to spoil people she likes with presents. She loves to keep trinkets that reflect her bond with a person if she's known them a long time, and she'll usually give someone the same. Destroying or discarding a gift is a sign of severing contact or ending a friendship or relationship.

    That weird horse-antelope thing that follows her around (ina'a)

    The ina'a mount Phoe has is a special one as it's also a custom pet. It has no name, but she occasionally refers to it as 'sky prince'. OOC, I won it in an artifact auction following the Liruma War about two years ago. ICly, I sort of explain it away as it being gifted to her by the Mitrine after the war. The ina'a has a lot of neat interactions with it.

    What's up with that scar?

    Phoe has a weird phoenix-shaped scar on the side of her neck that came from a bit of god RP quite a few years ago now. Long story short: Phoe got really sick, which was determined to be some form of Corruption, so Auresae and Lleis decided to help purge it with their combined essence, which ended up leaving the phoenix-shaped burn mark. Phoe keeps it as a memento of the two goddesses that are no longer around.


    Around two years ago, I picked up the Gem of Transmutation because I wanted to be able to swap statpacks, and the gender change was a convenient bonus, and thus Bronecia became a thing. I ended up coming up with an explanation for the existence of Bronecia (known ICly as Sinclair) as I didn't want him to just be Phoenecia, but with a male body. At the time, the mirror maze quest in Azdun was a newly implemented thing, but it was really buggy. One such bug made the mirror entities come after you and kill you even after you had completed and escaped the maze. Due to that (and magical shenanigans), Bronecia kind of popped out and hangs around every now and then. He's pretty much an alternate universe version of Phoe, which is why he looks a lot like her, has the same scent, etc, but they're different people, and I play them as different. Kind of like twins, actually.

    Essentially, it was a way for me to play a different character without having to alt, and still have access to all of my artifacts and skills. Yeah, I'm super lazy. >_>
  • LinLin Blackbird The Moonglade

    I'm a very stubborn person with Certain Rules about what secrets are acceptable to divulge. I think of my character as a sort of tiered progression system where you get more content by learning how to put up with them.

    Still, there are some tidbits I don't mind spoiling too much.

    The Rojalli

    It's way too big. It's weird. It has three eyes, and one of them is all black, just like momma. It doesn't behave like a real animal in the slightest, and tends to mimic Lin's actions perfectly when she's close enough.

    The Severn Tree

    An obsidian tree sprouting from an alien garden in Lin's den. It was formed when Lleis vomited up Severn's blood. Pretty!

    The Mark

    A circular half-mark burnt into Lin's forehead. Its particulars got a little lost in what I lovingly describe as a game of Telephone between god roles, but the takeaway is that it begins to smolder and smoke in the presence of Shadow gods.

    Hunting Instincts

    As @Nisavi can testify, if you run, Lin tends to want to chase you. There's something she can't control, like she's had wolf genes spliced into her DNA. This isn't even really a secret, it's like a blatant RP hook.
  • PhoeneciaPhoenecia The Merchant of Esterport Somewhere in Attica
    Quite honestly, I see the information shared in this thread as little insights into people's characters that players can look at and go 'Oh, this person has some interesting quirks. I might have to find an excuse to bump into them and see what they're all about!'

    Seriously. Look at the other character info thread and see how many people have posted, and that that thread has a LOT more info shared on it. 
  • AxiusAxius where I am
    @Teani The difference of what you're implying, and what I said, is that I indicated that the fun facts I'm hoping people will share... is stuff that is implicitly available on immediate LOOK at you.. Or just observing you for like.. a minute and a half, or stuff that -should- be like that, but due to mechanics in the game, are not able to be done like that. I get tired of people walking up to Axi and going, "You need a bath" just because they haven't taken a second to read the first 2 lines of my description, or had any sorta interaction with me. I'm not asking for info to metagame. I'm indicating that this is the place to put stuff that you're willing to let people to know before jumping into an RP with you so that there's a deeper bit of RP there using stuff they consciously -would- be aware of, but could not due to limitations of the game. Or as @Lin shared and I like, ways to introduce RP hooks that will be interesting and encourage further roleplay, with her indication that Lin has a hunting instinct. You run away. She chases. I can see at least two or three RP situations where that'd be an interesting opening hook.
  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    That's all good and stuff, but many of us know, from experience, that some players cannot help themselves when it comes to metagaming. Best not even hint at the possibilities. If you want to share tips on RP hooks, fine, make this a thread about that. If you want people to learn about your quirks, use your excellent RP skills to rope in people and hint at them through that.

    Just saying, even if it was well-intentioned.

  • oh HELL YEAH i'm gonna metagame the UNICORNS out of y'all now HAhA Watch OUT NeRdZ
    (Congregation): Iosyne says, "I made a cup."

    Horkval are a feature...
  • Lin said:


    Hunting Instincts

    As @Nisavi can testify, if you run, Lin tends to want to chase you. There's something she can't control, like she's had wolf genes spliced into her DNA. This isn't even really a secret, it's like a blatant RP hook.
    Can confirm. Was chased. Nisavi was not going to share her bacon-wrapped avocado slices. Over her dead body.
  • Teani said:
    Axius said:
    Share 'em here! Just be aware in offering this info, you may be offering implicit permission for people to come around and use some of these facts to interact with you.
    This part made me cringe and immediately decide not to post about my character in this thread. Please. Do not use information picked up from the forums or anywhere outside the game when you play your character. Your character is not supposed to know that information.

    Sharing information about stuff here should never be seen as giving permission to metagame.
    If it is physical traits, Axius' tail information for example, there is no problem. However, if they are not, I do agree with you. 

    Now for Ayas turn. 

    Though the ears and tail look solid enough, and for all intents and purposes act like flesh, it is actually a manifestation of her soul from having her soulstone embedded into her when she ascended. 

    Aya is very crude and a loudmouth, and says whatever comes to mind. That much is obvious, but she isn't nearly as dumb or immature as she comes off. SOME, but not all, of it is an act for public perception. Those closest to her would know she can be considerate and contemplative in the right situations. 

    Lastly, she loves nature. Especially being out in it to stare at the nights sky. Far away from the bustle of cities. If she hadn't gone Carnifex after the syssin, she likely would have ended up in Duiran as a shaman or sentinel. 
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    Saidenn is actually quite fond of alcohol and its different varieties, despite almost never drinking it. This is due to the fact he becomes amorous and/or morose when drunk. Two of his last three drunken moments had him ending up on the floor of the Savvy Serpent throwing himself a pity party.

    He harbors a not-so-secret hatred to those who stereotype Rajamala. Conversely, he also has a strong not-so-secret hatred for any Rajamala who pander to those stereotypes. He also has a tiny hint of a racial superiority complex (which came out for those who rp'ed with him some during the Cursed event).

    Jewelry cat was born out of a singular conversation with his husband when discussing the hatred of clothing. Originally it was going to be a few accessories made from silver and something like a toga but not a toga. One conversation (plus some feedback from other scenes) and Jewelry Cat was born.

    Lastly: He wants to and will someday eat your pet rabbit. He doesn't care if it fits into the above-mentioned stereotype, they are flat, plump, lazy, and likely delicious.
  • Disclaimer: If you know you accidentally metagame, please skip this. ilu. Come RP. But don't use this. Seriously.

    You're not that lucky with names

    True that. I have a weird obsession with naming anything being a whole process, so I did research after reading the lore on the main site, made that blatant race/ irl cultural influence, then picked a cool name that wasn't a sentence long. I was still a little lucky, though, since it wasn't until I logged in a looked around that I learned that the Rajamala language teacher was named Tlolteotl. So naturally I rolled with it. Teotl has half-joked that they are the unwanted offspring of the storytelling drunk in Itzatl and a Rojalli.

    Teotl is the quintessential stereotypical Rajamala (sorrynotsorry @Saidenn ). Grew up with stories of Tecpatl, very curious, feline mannerisms, about the pursuit, artsy, and energetic.


    Representation! I'm a neurodiverse bean, and I decided instead of trying to do the extra work of writing a passable neurotypical character, for the first time I would write closer to my own experiences of the world translated to a fictional character. I do not regret it. Even though it is me writing it, having neurodiverse representation in a fantasy setting is super rewarding-feeling, and it also offers opportunities for more interesting character development since I understand my character better! So Teotl has thinking patterns and habits that throw some people off who aren't used to or expecting them.


    Teotl has always disliked speaking aetolian and will avoid it whenever possible, the exception being the rare days they are 'trying to build a tolerance. like poison.'. At 23 years old they've already learned over 20 languages and are still learning more. They play it off as trying to considerate and speak people's first language... but mostly they just really, really don't want to speak aetolian and will learn your language if it means avoiding that one.

    About Symbols.

    The way Teotl puts it is "saying emerald is my favourite colour is like saying 'ears' or 'paws' are my favourite colour. It's just part of who I am."
    BEEEES. I think writing a poem started this trend? But Teotl is obsessed with bees and honey now. It's a recurring theme. I'm going with it.
    Quicksilver claws. Teeth and claws are pretty standard for the ferally inclined, but Quicksilver claws being used to fidget, doodle, and other fun things is a current trend.
    Stars. Nicknamed/titled Startail. Pretty self-explanatory there.
    Blood. It just tastes yummy, okay?


    I joke about this a lot, but basically:
    Teotl is created somehow (origin tbd)
    Baby raja wanders around attracting A LOT of Chaos asking "are you my mommy?"
    Two Chaos Goddesses and the Primus of the Consanguine show up
    They say 'yes' in unison.
    Commence plot.

    Teotl was turned Nightstalker by a rogue when they were 11 (enter vamp connections) and basically ran amok as the littlest vampire with all the malice and cruelty of an untempered child with all the oomph of a vampire. Corruption's baby, right there.
    Turns full vamp at 18 and clearly Callidora claims the chaos kitty.

    On the flip side, though, we have the aforementioned quintessential Rajamala and suuuuper sparkly brained. Which means Tecpatl's baby.

    Is it stressful to write a character that fits both sides of Chaos almost perfectly but just off enough to be othered? Definitely. Is it full of excellent writing opportunities? Hell ya.
    Is everyone confused about whether to love or hate my char? yeah, I'm really sorry. I'll keep sending esteem aftercare when i remember
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  • Seurimas is an atheist. Sure, the Gods obviously exist, but they should really just go do their own thing most of the time. Stop getting all us mortals in trouble with your nonsense. Severn gets his offerings, half because corpses have to go somewhere and half because Severn has done the right thing of going off and doing His own thing most of the time.
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  • Eliadon said:

    Eliadon blows things up.

    Big if true
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