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    Silena said:

    Karhast said:

    It's really, really nice to have a sense of being able to contribute, though I'm not sure that's a feeling that'll carry over well after this particular event is done. Enorian has a history of getting a raw deal during events, and one reason I've been going preaching a lot was not wanting to see that happen yet again. If that's not going to be a factor in future installments, I don't think I'd bother as much, myself.

    Yeah, I know. That's one thing I am considering for setting this up - making it so that it's balanced between all the orgs and that wouldn't be dependent on people logging hours to win.
    Karhast said:

    Second.. I'm not really sure what the idea behind the five different preaching lines were. If it's variety, great! They're fun lines. Figuring out what lines fit on which Mhun was all done through trial and error, though; if there's reason to it, I don't think anyone's found how. Furthermore, the independent Mhun converting faster than typicals is a nice touch, but the way to convert priestly ones is incredibly opaque; we haven't gotten a single one, and if there even is a way.. It feels a little rude to get our hopes up like that.

    I completely agree, this was one of those issues that seemed like it'd work when I first wrote it, but seeing it in practice, I hated it. For this particular event there wasn't much incentive to do extensive testing or change the mechanics, but it is definitely something I want to adjust in any permanent system. I don't like that it's not clear what the logic behind it is, and I don't like that there was no way to tell how to(or how to not) convert the priestly mhuns.
    Karhast said:

    If you want to tie this into something not related to events, do consider how PK will factor into things. As it stands, this event came to be after some people in Eno got worried and things kinda snowballed, upon which a lot of other orgs had their own reactions but mostly let us be. If it's something much more contentious, I expect to see the usual pattern of both sides duking it out until it becomes clear who's going to come out on top, after which there'll be a waiting game of letting it peter out. This is perfectly fine for lessers and majors, where exhaustion doesn't really become a factor, but if it's anything laster longer than that.. Yeah. Please consider the ramifications of making things worth PKing over, because it will turn into no holds barred fighting the moment that happens.

    I really don't want pk to be a positive factor in this at all. The idea is to convert/convince via diplomacy, as I feel like there's plenty of avenues for pk elsewhere and would rather give an rp-related opportunity for non-comms to participate in events. How that actually plays out I'm not sure yet, but... yeah.
    I'm really, genuinely, only asking so I won't waste any time: is there a way to convert priestly Mhun? One that doesn't involve anything beyond preaching? I don't ming trial and erroring some more, or doing something to find a way, but preaching at a brick wall is pretty bad for morale :|
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