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    Raz was by far my favorite! 

    Do MORE! Please please please!!!
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    Haydyn's sig .gif makes me crack up every time. :D
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    Not suitable for children.

    EDIT: Also, February is the second MONTH, not the second year. It is still the best month.
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    I'd like to hear more people do what I did (on Irea) and read on a different language! There are many native English speakers playing this game, but I know there are those who have other first and second languages.

    This last thing isn't much fun to translate, so I don't think I will. :P

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    Ingram said:
    "Oh my arms are suddenly lubed"
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    I am the worst. It's MONEY SEX FAME GLAMOUR :(

    Someday I should do a Let's Play of Faxanadu and it'll be full of whining.

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    I saw this on youtube and since New Orleans' accent seems to be underrepresented in this thread, I thought I'd share it.

    "To be awkward or unkempt, to talk or move wrongly is to be a dangerous giant, a destroyer of worlds...any accurately improper move can poke through the thin sleeve of immediate reality." - Erving Goffman

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