Mafia signups: The Syssin Strike Back

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The Story

After the Consanguine were purged by a small, but mighty brigade of citizens, life in Esterport quieted down and folk returned to business as usual, working to build a new life for themselves in the wake of previous destruction. The city stabilized, its citizens learned to work together despite their differences, and everyone lived reasonably happily ever after.

For about five minutes.

To no one's surprise, the Syssin -- who had wisely capitalized on an alliance with the citizens during the previous conflict -- quickly bored of stability and decided to stir things up. This time, the game is on their terms, and they're aiming to take Esterport for themselves.


**Each round consists of one day and one night.
**During the day, everyone talks among themselves with the ultimate goal of reaching a majority for a vote.
**Once a majority has been reached, I will announce the death, and the night round begins.
**During the night, all power roles should PM me with their actions. Long delays will result in a lost turn.
**Discussion is allowed during the night, but no voting will occur.
**Anonymous messages can be sent to the group at any time by sending me a PM.
**Players may not PM each other. Please use the anonymous message feature instead!


The General
The ringleader of the group, the Syssin General is so skilled in the art of subterfuge that their identity cannot be discerned in an investigation (i.e., the Godfather).

The Syssin
Each night, the Syssin conspire to take out the citizens one by one (i.e., the Mafia).

The Psychic
Rumors surrounding this person's identity suggest their methods a word, unusual. Nonetheless, it is strongly believed that the Psychic is capable of great feats of mysticism, perhaps most notably the ability to see true into the hearts of men, women, and beasts (i.e., the Cop).

The Knight
Although the Templar guild has long since dissolved, along with most of the others, there is still one knight with a truly honorable reputation -- a rarity in these trying times. Tirelessly, the Knight spends each evening on guard duty, oathbound to protect the good folk of Esterport even if it requires self-sacrifice (i.e., the Doctor; cannot self-protect).

Mystery role to be revealed if the roster reaches a sufficient number!

Everyone else.

Sign up by dropping a comment in this thread. I'll keep the roster updated in the OP. This thread will remain open for 24 hours or so, and then the game will begin!

1. Teani
2. Lehar
3. Karhast
4. Emir
5. Pazradym
6. Sibatti
7. Sarita
8. Axius
9. Buford
10. Kelliara
11. Xenia
12. Valingar
13. Ilyon
14. Jami
15. You!
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