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    First of all this system looks amazing, but as I am a complete Mudlet newbie I am having some trouble getting it set up. If anyone can offer some advice as to where I am going wrong it would be much appreciated.

    First of all, when I log in to the profile I have source saved to it gives me the message:

    GMCP needs to be enabled to function properly! System on hold!

    But I definitely have Enable GMCP ticked in the settings menu.

    Then, when I log in, I get the same issue Pilar was having above with the lua error string

    Lua error:[string "ps.defs.lists.Monk = {..."]:100: attempt to index field 'levels' (a nil
    value)Lua error:[string "ps.defs.lists.Monk = {..."]:100: attempt to index field 'levels' (a nil
    value)Lua error:[string "ps.defs.lists.Monk = {..."]:100: attempt to index field 'levels' (a nil
    value)Lua error:[string "ps.defs.lists.Monk = {..."]:100: attempt to index field 'levels' (a nil
    value)Lua e

  • Go to that specific script and verify line 100 looks like this:

    reqs = function() return == 100 and ps.vitals.levels.ratios.mana == 100 end,
    (Oasis): Benedicto says, "There was like 0.5 seconds between "Oh hey, they're in area. That was quick." and "OMFG THEY'RE IN THE AREA STAHP STAHP!""

  • Awesome, that fixed that issue, but now the sentinel ones is messing up in the same way. It seems to be messing up on any def that needs to check health and mana. I'll see if I can fix the sentinel on in the same way. At the very least I now know that in the error message it gives the line of script that is throwing the error. Thanks!
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    Enzo can be located in a script called Bloodloch if you use the search tool. Just grab the room number and room name. Replace the old room number and name. Should work.

    I am working through several issues arising from the Zealot defences being put up repeatedly. I'm now trying to get Temperance to stop putting itself up over and over.


    I can't stop Temperance from putting itself up. I toggled it on and off with no success unless I pause the system. I've tried installing via the package manager and the module manager with no luck. Something is failing to capture the defence lines to put up Temperance and stay that way. Temperance is still listed in the missing defs table on the left.

    Okay it's fixed..... Thanks for all your help. :)


    I would like to suggest adding Stance to the bar where you see Target: | Mode: | Status: | Queue: so we know what stance we're in when we're fighting if we choose to modify our scripts to change different stances to our liking.
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    It actually is on the bar. You simply have to enable it through the SETTING STANCE ON, or something like that. I actually had to insert Essence into the prompt, which was the only thing I found thus far that was missing.

    If it isn't in the list, you'll have to add it to the list.. which is something different.

  • Is there a new users guide that's been made for Source? I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of functionality because I'm not familiar with the syntax the programmers have used for things.

    On that note I am having a lot of trouble getting the autobashing to work. I turn on the autobash setting, walk into an area (in this case the Masilia Ruins because I can see that it has mobs filled out in the mob table) and walk around until I find some mobs. Then nothing happens. The "target" on the UI doesn't change to reference the mob in the room, it doesn't try to attack, just nothing. Any hints?
  • Source doesn't have a perfect autobasher, but what I can do when you are available, is I can use Teamviewer to connect to you and build you a basic basher that will far outlast that of Sources.
    (Oasis): Benedicto says, "There was like 0.5 seconds between "Oh hey, they're in area. That was quick." and "OMFG THEY'RE IN THE AREA STAHP STAHP!""

  • I don't normally check forums, but if you have specific source questions or need basic help just message me in game or get inducted into the Project Source clan. I don't care what side of the fight you're on.

    I've got a semi-updated version of Source I'm fixing up that includes the GMCP fix and any issues I found or someone told me about. All that I messed with will be noted in a changelog in the system itself (All the changes I remembered to note, that is.) With that said, feel free to message me oocly with bugs you've fixed or edited or things you'd like me to look at.

    Nothing major is changed to keep everyone on the same page, just organized folders (so fire-order isn't interrupted), and made all the folder/alias/trigger name format universal, (Lowercase with _ instead of spacing).

    As for a user's guide, that's a great idea. I'm not even sure of all the functionality so I think we can all pull together to list everything and someone with more talent can collect it in a pretty html or something.
  • Source needs to be overhauled for a lot of the class changes, for example it has data regarding carnifex domination of canines (Which they don't do anymore due to code changes) among others which I can't think of right now.
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    First, a big thank you to everyone who helped with feedback and support. A thank you to everyone in 'Project Source' and Paithan (I stole your instructions for the install.txt). I take no credit for this as I didn't create it. I'm only tinkering and sharing what I've done.

    Here's what I'm calling version 1.2.
    Changelog 1.2:

    "Version 1.2 created by Aoi, with help from anyone who'll give it.",
    "Any offensive systems, triggers, aliases, keys, or other have been mostly ignored in this passthrough. 1.3 will have more of that.",
    "A change to the way GMCP works required a quick adjustment of the 'char_vitals' variable to include gmcp.Char.Status.",
    "Folders have been alphabetized for easily navigation, when possible, as as all names of triggers-alias-scripts lowercased and given underscores. Fire order on scripts and triggers have been designated 'Alpha' to ensure they always fire correctly. Not everything is put in alphabetical order, because I didn't want to risk screwing up trigger order.",
    "Various bug fixes that have mostly been forgotten as I didn't start documenting this until midway in my revamp. Sorry! It's not drastically different from Source 1.1, aside from all the fixes people pointed out to me. Source 1.3 will have a much more detailed changelog I will publish so downloading a new file is not needed.",
    "Some changes I remember, but no specifics: concoctions refill: tmp.amount trigger made into 'if statement' and updated concoction herbs, fixed artifact calculation value alias to 'artiecalc' so give that a try, added firstaid off and on to 'pause' and 'unpause' alias. Changed a few defenses for Cabalist class and added a bunch of aliases and triggers, incorporated the 'Essence' option in 'SETTING PROMPT', luminary bash function designed to only use lightning if no mace is equipped. Auto reform body or approach mirror on death removed as the game does it for you.",
    "Noticed a big issue with the 'damage_done' mobhealth tracker, still working on a fix for most classes, but it should work for anyone not using a style.",
    "Remove trigger group ab_replacements and tekura inside of it, as the updated AB scrolls make this pointless. Added 'rockscrush' triggers to auto-rockcrush when initiated and 'incall' when finished. Simply 'rockcrush rock for ink' to start. Fixed a typo with Carnifex Deathlore defense 'Spiritsight' formally 'Soulsight', it should showup in DEFLIST. Added 'Fearless' from Carnifex Savagery to deflist. Also fixed a typo with 'Hound list' making it 'Your Hounds' instead of 'Hounds'.",
    "Updated venom_delivered trigger with code created by Trikal.",
    "Added 'send(matches[1], false)' to alias 'stop' in map movement, just as a temp fix to those who like to change their mind when you QQ or enter NEWS.",
    "Added class check to Praenomen defence 'minion'.",
    "If you encounter any bugs, issues, or weirdness, please message AOI and I'll get on figuring it out.",

    It's mostly the same as 1.1 with a bunch of breaks and bug fixes. The only other thing of note is I made every name lowercase with underscores instead of spaces. Nothing important has been changed or removed. I'll be updating this version as I get more and more input from people and move forward with my own changes.

    If you intend to follow my updates, I suggest doing a clean install on a new profile and transferring any personal code or offensive to the 'Personal' folder. If you're brave or have been keeping to the 'Personal' folder, then download the zip but only use the 'source.trigger' part.

    I tend to never check forums so message me in game.

    EDIT: My instructions didn't work, so I had to rewrite them. Thank you Eocis for testing!
  • You are awesome, as always :)

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    Hullo. I just started playing here, immediately I noticed that the auto targeting for the basher didn't work (when setting autobash on and such is enabled)... Since the ones I asked said it doesn't work, I figured I'd look at fixing it myself... A bit of a bandaid fix, but it works at least (and I have no clue about ps, so I wouldn't know how else to do it...)

    Firstly, in the on_room_info script, I just added this (right beneath the function line, i didn't add THAT line)...
    function on_room_info( event ) ps.moblist = {} local get_bash_area = string.lower(gmcp.Room.Info.area) get_bash_area = get_bash_area:gsub("the ", ""):gsub(" ", "_") if ps.mobs[get_bash_area] ~= nil then ps.moblist = ps.mobs[get_bash_area] end Then in the gen_targeting script, I just added 'mob_slain' as another event handler. Finally in the bashing_hook script, I edited the entire 'for do' block, with this line in it: info("<white>Next Target: <a_darkcyan>" .. name .. " <white>(<a_darkgreen>" .. ids[1] .. "<white>)") And just replaced it with the same one from the gen_targeting script, which is... for _, name in ipairs(ps.moblist) do local ids = ps.roomItems[name] if ids then info("<white>Next Target: <a_darkcyan>" .. name .. " <white>(<a_darkgreen>" .. ids[1] .. "<white>)") = ids[1] ps.flags.bashed = false if tmp.empty_timer then killTimer(tmp.empty_timer) end activateLimiter("empty_room", 0.01) return end end

    Hope it helps, for anyone who wanted it! Dunno if it works with the auto running thing, but I don't use that so...

    Edit cause I forgot something!

    in the get_room_items script, click the little arrow on the left and select the addItem script from the drop down, then add this just above 'end'

    if table.contains(ps.moblist, then

    That'll continue attacking if something walks in just as you try to move again (when the system still thinks there's no available targets)
  • So, with the new changes to the who layout, has anyone encountered a way to rewrite the track list for Source?

  • Busy trying to figure out how the hell that script interprets things. I'm sure it's just a slight change to the regex capture so it can recognize what it is reading.

  • For anyone who wants their WHO parser to work.... do a search on WHO LIST and there should be one trigger.... in line 1 (perl regex) just add this:


    And tada... you're fixed. Enjoy.
    (Oasis): Benedicto says, "There was like 0.5 seconds between "Oh hey, they're in area. That was quick." and "OMFG THEY'RE IN THE AREA STAHP STAHP!""

  • Bless you, @Zsadist !

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    So, I did it, and I've run into the same issue I was having with my own where it wouldn't capture the rooms that we don't know the location of, cause we haven't discovered it. -shakefist game-

    If all the rooms conformed to that whole format and had like "Unknown -" instead of, say, "1422 -", I could prolly drum up a fix but since you need 2 different captures for the two different types of appearances... pain.



    Put these two lines into your code as regex

    ^(\w+) .+ \- (.+)$
    ^(\w+) \s+ (.+)$

    Yaaaaay me!

    (Disclaimer, it can still overwrite stuff.. like OFFERINGS SHOW) Will tweak!

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    That sort of works @Zsadist but it's broken by the people that don't have a vnum (Due to not knowing the location, as Satomi says)
    The problem lies that the script is designed around the old capture. So therefore the script itself will need changing.

    An example of what happens now:

    Adalis (H) A mystical underground cavern
    Aiden - The Boiling Point - 9330 - Bloodloch (68)
    Aryanne The Sentaari Tea-house
    Camile The Sentaari Tea-house
    Chelsey A veranda overlooking the ocean
    Drahkuna An ornately-wrought aviary
    Eleanor A comfortably warm living-room
    Eliser A large swell within the Myesis
    Eocis Colorful cavern of cave formations
    Erzsebet An exquisite art gallery
    Ezalor - Forest of webs - Multi -
    Feichin - The Boiling Point - 9330 - Bloodloch (68)
    Grawthorg - Bend in the highway - 1681 - the Highways of Sapience (70)
    Hezik The Sentaari Tea-house
    Iselle - Forest of webs - Multi -
    Izlude - The Bloodloch Imperial Library - 11430 - Bloodloch (68)
    Kelliara - The Inner Gate of Spinesreach - Multi -
    Keros The Sentaari Tea-house
    Kerryn The Sentaari Tea-house
    Lhyens - The Portals of Bloodloch - 45544 - the Portals (91)
    Lleminara The Sentaari Tea-house
    Mileta The Sentaari Tea-house
    Milian A veranda overlooking the ocean
    Pilar The Sentaari Tea-house
    Rizial Sheltered overlook
    Sarkis The Sentaari Tea-house
    Tenshyo The Sentaari Tea-house
    Tirria The Sentaari Tea-house
    Xenia A snow-covered arbor
    Xeniothalus - The Boiling Point - 9330 - Bloodloch (68)
    Yeras The Sentaari Tea-house

    What happened before was everything was coloured green, the areas where the script did not know where they were were labeled with (Unknown) and Havens were properly labeled as havens. Your fix works but only as a quick moment fix, this will need proper fixing later.

    Edit: Turns out @Satomi's fix worked. Seems about right that it was just add another capture.
  • @satomi's works like a charm

  • Satomi said:

    So, I did it, and I've run into the same issue I was having with my own where it wouldn't capture the rooms that we don't know the location of, cause we haven't discovered it. -shakefist game-

    If all the rooms conformed to that whole format and had like "Unknown -" instead of, say, "1422 -", I could prolly drum up a fix but since you need 2 different captures for the two different types of appearances... pain.



    Put these two lines into your code as regex

    ^(\w+) .+ \- (.+)$
    ^(\w+) \s+ (.+)$

    Yaaaaay me!

    (Disclaimer, it can still overwrite stuff.. like OFFERINGS SHOW) Will tweak!

    Well I kind of got it working, at least for offerings. There's probably an easier way to do this but hey. I added ^.+Offerings to (\w+).+$ to the who_begin trigger and added this code:
    if matches[2] then break end

    Now I'm sure there's probably just something that can be changed script wise but it works at least!

    (This issue wasn't happening before, so there's something in the script that needs to be changed to fix it properly)
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    For those suffering from the WHO list issue, I have a fix for you all that involves minimal work. Sorry for the delay. This will also be in the next upload I have for the system.

    Search for 'who_list' and change the perl-regex line to:
    ^(\w+)\s+(\d+)? -? (.+)$
    Then make:
    local partialName = matches[3]
    turn into
    local partialName = matches[4]

    Click save, save profile, you're done.

    EDIT: Since it seemed like no one read the post, I'll go ahead and edit it to post my fix for the issue of this 'who_list' trigger eating other things, like OFFERINGS SHOW:

    Search for 'who_begin' and under '' add:
    selectString( matches[1], 1 ) if not isAnsiFgColor( 10 ) then disableTrigger("who_list") return false end

    Now go to 'who_display' and just above the 'setTriggerStayOpen' add:


    Here's the full code body of 'who_begin' = or {} selectString( matches[1], 1 ) if not isAnsiFgColor( 10 ) then disableTrigger("who_list") return false end

    And here's the full code body of 'who_display':

    if isPrompt() and (not tmp.map_prompt or tmp.map_prompt < 2) then tmp.map_prompt = (tmp.map_prompt or 0) + 1 return false end enableTrigger("who_list") setTriggerStayOpen("who_begin", 0) if not ps.settings.mapper.enabled then return false end if not then = nil return false end = nil if == nil and == nil and == false then peopleByArea( elseif ~= nil then peopleInArea(, elseif ~= nil then peopleInRoom(, elseif then peopleByGroups( end = nil

    ---------Edit: If you have issues with the WHO list not parsing the whole list because of pagelength, please apply this fix to your system:

    Search for 'who' and select the alias 'who'. Above the line with 'send("who' add the following (I left the send("who line for a guide, there is more code there you want to leave alone):
    send("config pagelength 250") tempTimer( 2.0, [[send("config pagelength 35")]] ) send("who " .. (matches[2] == "groups" and "" or matches[2]), false)
    ----------- ANOTHER EDIT: Issue with AUCTION WARES, here's the fix:
    Create a new trigger, name it 'auction_wares_fix'
    Make the pattern an exact match: Player-created auctions.
    Make the code: disableTrigger("who_list")
    The original who_list will reactivate the disabled trigger.

    --------------- EDIT NUMBER 9828341:
    Add an exact match to the 'auction_wares_fix' trigger above:

    Artifact List

    Since the Artifact list uses the same shade of blue as them.

    Here's my changelog so far:
    ps.changelog["1.3"] = {
    "General additions:",
    "Thanks to Eocis for the following addition: A ylem mist counter! This added 'ps.mist' as a table to 'init' script, four triggers to 'utility|ylem_rewards' folder, and one alias 'mist_count' to 'utility|misc' folder. It gags and calculates when a gauntlet is probed and does it after each successful absorb. You can also type 'yc' or 'yc f' or 'yc short' to get readouts. Gold calculation numbers may be off, will need testing. Future application will be putting mist total and gold total in top or bottom bar.",
    "Trigger addition: Added 'firstaid on' to 'login_resets' trigger.",
    "Trigger addition: Added 'stable list' to 'login_resets' trigger.",
    "Variable creation: 'horsetype' or ps.settings.entities.horsetype which defaults to 'donkey'. Simply do 'setting horsetype mule' or change mule to anything you want, such as stallion or grizzly.",
    "Trigger creation: 'pretty_pony' created to gag stable list.",
    "Trigger creation: 'horse_set', checking stable list will now display buttons for setting your current mount ( If you have a horsetype, it will show this has been set and will set your current gmcp city as the return stable.",
    "Trigger edit: 'chameleon_off' has had the send'cham' part removed as the system will autodef if you have chameleon toggled via the defup. It was double touching/chameleoning because it would auto-redef and the trigger would push it.",
    "Alias edit: 'chameleon' alias edited to recognize if you have 'setting chameleon chameleon' (the default) set. Anything else will prompt it to 'touch chameleon 'chamlist, etc. This is not perfect, but it'll do for now.",
    "Trigger edit: 'syringe_list' just gags the useless parts of the syringe list. I'm still trying to figure a way to check and stop the system from trying to fill syringes (and eventually pipes) when you don't have any or the wrong ones.",
    "Alias edit: 'firelash' added if statement to check for 'breathe' as a possible setting to ps.settings.items.firelash, for anyone who has the racial ability. It'll do that over the firelash ring. Just remember, FL ICEWALL to randomly destroy one and FL ICEWALL (direction) to pick it.",
    "Trigger add: 'mindseye_allsight' This trigger will automatically switch from trying to touch 'allsight' and 'mindseye'. Still working on figuring out how to have it pause when it finds neither.",
    "Trigger edit: 'who_list' broke after the latest changelog 1101. I updated the regex and changed the partialroom matches from 3 to 4. It's setup for a future update where if the vnum is present, it uses that and speeds up the code process. For now, this is just a kickass good fix.",
    "Script edit: 'pvp venoms' removed 'kalmia = limpveins'. Going to have to fix this later, since kalmia gives either asthma or limpveins, having kalmia repeated messed with scripting.",
    "Bloodborn changelogs:",
    "Script change: added 'spec' to 'tmp.vitals' so that 'ps.vitals.spec' can populate with either 'rituos' or 'n/a'. Then, added an if statement in 'char_vitals' to check for rituos and gsub ps.vitals.class praenomen for bloodborn. Just continue using ps.vitals.class == bloodborn in your scripting.",
    "Carnifex changelogs:",
    "Alias update: Carnifex ability added to 'shield' alias. Thanks Eocis!",
    "Trigger created: 'soul_fracture_on' to apply the 'soul_fracture' defense to deflist.",
    "Script edit: 'carnifex' deflist addition, 'soul fracture' set on manual redef. Will eventually add a check to make it auto.",
    "Script edit: 'carnifex' deflist 'fearless' fixed, had some bad code. It's set to redef.",
    "Trigger created: 'fearless_on' trigger created to apply 'fearless' on deflist check.",
    "Auto_Soul_Consumption! Thanks to Eocis for donating this code. This added three triggers, 'consumption_start' 'consumption_wraith' 'consumption_end', one alias, 'soulgaze' (along with an alias group for Carnifex), and added 'ps.soulcount' to the Carnifex def script. To initiate simply have a bardiche or soul cleaver wielded and type SOUL CONSUMPTION. Potential alias 'sconsume' coming that will auto unify/summon soulstone and wield a bardiche.",
    "Script edit: 'carnifex' bashing script updated to use 'doublebash' or 'bash' for warhammer, 'spinslash' or 'hack' for halber or bardiche. I know there are other skills, but spinslash and doublebash are better than them and the only skill beneath those two are the ones listed. Also, greatmaul is garbage for hunting, so I force you to unwield that and remind you to get a warhammer. No crying!",
    "Shaman changelogs:",
    "Changed alias 'attune' for Shaman into 'att' and attached a class check. This was preventing 'attune (color)' of special ylem goggles.",
    "Shapeshifter changelogs:",
    "Script edit: Thanks to Eocis, 'bottom_bar' now displays your madness level on the bottom status bar so you can take it off your prompt if you'd like.",
    "Syssin changelogs:",
    "In trigger 'hypnotized_on', added '\w+ is already open to suggestions, Syssin.' and in trigger 'hypnosis_broken', added '\w+ is not under a hypnotic spell.'. Added to 'flay' and 'rebounding_off' trigger, ^You send your whip to flay (\w+)'s rebounding defence, only to discover that \w+ has no such protection.^' If that line actually means something like sileris, shield, and rebounding are stripped, I'll update it. Updated the trigger 'venom_delivered' from an exact match type to a perl-regex so it tracks venom properly now.",
    "Script edit: 'ps.bash.syssin' now defaults to try and use garrote over Camus or Sumac and checks for the skill and a whip. Thank you Kanivara!",
    "Script change: 'pvp.venoms', strophanthus has been changed to 'kalmia' as per changes made to that venom. This mostly only affects venom users, not curing.",
    "Alias update: 'ScreenFix' updated to include mini-instruction as to it's purpose and reason for existing. It also forces your Aetolia wrapwidth to 0.",
    "Trigger update: 'class_attacks' folder and 'lycanthrope'. Added two bashing attacks for detection: '^You rake .+. with your claws.$' and '^In a vicious slash of your claws, you tear open .+.$'.",
    "Script update: 'carnifex' bashing script, removed check for bashing and targetting. For now, it only hinders autobash.",

    I'm not especially good at listing them, so I'm working on it. I'll probably redo all the changelog stuff so they're the same format and easy to read. I'll probably add more detail as well.
  • New post madness!

    So! For now, I just updated the deflist for Praenomen. This is everything up to Insidiae path and should work for anyone at the moment. The Insidiae and future path stuff won't work if you haven't added 'spec' to the ps.vitals list. If you don't know how to do that, message me in game and I'll walk you through it. Otherwise, just copy/paste this over your Praenomen deflist (deleting the old one first). As soon as I can switch paths, I'll be updating the Rituos one and likewise the other path.

    You'll also have to create the triggers for the new deflines and edit some of the ones I changed, namely 'Bloodsense' should just be 'Bloodtrack' and 'Concentration' is now just 'Concentrate'.

    ps.defs.lists.Praenomen = { lifevision = { action = "lifevision", balances = {"equilibrium", "balance"}, consumes = {"equilibrium"}, skill = "Lifevision", class = "Praenomen", redef = true, }, telesense = { action = "telesense on", balances = {"equilibrium", "balance"}, consumes = {"equilibrium"}, class = "Praenomen", skill = "Telesense", redef = false, manual = true, }, nightsight = { action = "nightsight", balances = {}, class = "Praenomen", skill = "Nightsight", redef = true, }, elusion = { action = "elusion", balances = {"balance", "equilibrium"}, consumes = {"balance"}, class = "Praenomen", skill = "Elusion", redef = false, manual = true, }, hidden = { action = "veil", balances = {"equilibrium", "balance"}, consumes = {"equilibrium"}, class = "Praenomen", skill = "Veil", redef = true, }, masquerade = { action = "masquerade", balances = {"equilibrium", "balance"}, consumes = {"equilibrium"}, class = "Praenomen", skill = "Masquerade", redef = false, manual = true, }, nightstalk = { action = "stalk", balances = {"equilibrium", "balance"}, consumes = {"equilibrium"}, class = "Praenomen", reqs = function() return not ps.daytime end, skill = "Stalking", redef = true, }, arrow_catching = { action = "catching", balances = {"balance", "equilibrium"}, consumes = {"balance"}, class = "Praenomen", -- May need to update the skill for this one skill = "Catching", redef = false, manual = true, }, fortify = { action = "fortify", balances = {"balance", "equilibrium"}, consumes = {"balance"}, class = "Praenomen", skill = "Fortify", redef = true, }, celerity = { action = "celerity", balances = {"equilibrium", "balance"}, consumes = {"balance"}, class = "Praenomen", skill = "Celerity", redef = true, }, lifescent = { action = "lifescent", balances = {"equilibrium", "balance"}, consumes = {"equilibrium"}, skill = "Lifescent", class = "Praenomen", redef = false, }, ward = { action = "ward", balances = {"equilibrium", "balance"}, consumes = {"equilibrium"}, class = "Praenomen", skill = "Warding", redef = true, }, potence = { action = "potence on", balances = {"balance", "equilibrium"}, consumes = {"balance"}, class = "Praenomen", skill = "Potence", redef = false, }, -- Missing some Sanguis so far. bloodtrack = { action = "blood track", balance = {"equilibrium", "balance"}, consumes = {"equilibrium"}, class = "Praenomen", skill = "Track", redef = false, }, blurred = { action = "blood blur", balance = {"equilibrium", "balance"}, consumes = {"equilibrium"}, class = "Praenomen", skill = "Blur", redef = true, }, trepidation = { action = "blood trepidation", balance = {"equilibrium", "balance"}, consumes = {"equilibrium"}, class = "Praenomen", skill = "Trepidation", redef = false, }, concentrate = { action = "blood concentrate", balance = {"equilibrium", "balance"}, class = "Praenomen", skill = "Concentration", redef = true, }, shadowblow = { action = "blood shadow", balance = {"equilibrium", "balance"}, consumes = {"equilibrium"}, class = "Praenomen", skill = "Shadow", redef = true, }, -- Insidiae Spec !ps.vitals.spec affinity = { action = "blood affinity ", balances = {"equilibrium", "balance"}, consumes = {"equilibrium"}, class = "Praenomen", reqs = function() return ps.vitals.spec == "insidiae" end, skill = "Affinity", redef = false, manual = true, }, }

    Just message me in game if you have trouble. I respond to messages, most of the time.
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    Definitely have GMCP on, keep getting this error even with the latest version available here:

    Lua error:[string "ui.functions.defenses = function()..."]:15: attempt to call method 'echoLink' (a
    nil value)


    PS. Seems to be referencing this:
    ui.elements.defsConsole:echoLink(def1[1], [[expandAlias("]]..def1[2]..[[")]], "Activate Defense", true)

    Except I have no idea what's wrong because I suck at this hardcore. :(
  • Nvm, looks like I'm a dummy who should have upgraded her Mudlet sooner.
  • I want to try this out (looks pretty cool) but the link to the 1.1 update seems to be dead?
  • Amberlea said:

    I want to try this out (looks pretty cool) but the link to the 1.1 update seems to be dead?

    Get the one from Aoi's post near the top of this page.
  • KletturKlettur Underground
    edited January 2016
    Never mind, figured out my problem.

    I do seem to have an issue with my mapper on the right side. I've deleted my old mapper.xml, after advice from someone on the clan. It didn't seem to do any good, and now I can't RF rooms. Ideas?
  • Make a completely new profile and download it on initial installation. DO NOT download it again, even if Mudlet tells you to.
    (Oasis): Benedicto says, "There was like 0.5 seconds between "Oh hey, they're in area. That was quick." and "OMFG THEY'RE IN THE AREA STAHP STAHP!""

  • Hey folks, with the new changelog added the new "You have discovered "

    here is the instruction to add that into Source

  • IraeIrae Six feet under.
    Hi! Just a few questions:

    Is there a way to disable the GUI and restore the output that appears whenever I use the in-game MAP command?

    Additionally, is there a way to show my prompt? After installing the system I noticed that it was not appearing at all. Below is a link to a screenshot for reference.

    Thank you!!
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