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  • MazarineMazarine the best maze ever
    edited July 2016
    Irae said:

    Hi! Just a few questions:

    Is there a way to disable the GUI and restore the output that appears whenever I use the in-game MAP command?

    Additionally, is there a way to show my prompt? After installing the system I noticed that it was not appearing at all. Below is a link to a screenshot for reference.

    Thank you!!

    Use this instead for an updated source:

    edit: this fixes the prompt issue. No idea about turning the gui off.
  • IraeIrae Six feet under.
    Cool - thank you!
  • As for the prompt

    If you have already done CONFIG PROMPT ON, it should show up.

    Or you can try setting subprompt on/off

    As for the GUI output for the map?? No idea

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