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    Once in D&D, my char survived being under water for a long time thanks to sipping air from a glass bottle. It's not technically possible, but the game master was so impressed with my Quick thinking, I got through anyways.

    I agree 100% with @Moirean. Fun comes Before accuracy for me. English is not my first language, so I can't stay super accurate at -all- times because of language limitations. I do my best and I try to have fun. That's why I play to begin with. It's an escape from a dull rl, it lets me hang out with cool people and it's -fun-. Blatant ooc stuff is horrible to see on ing channels, yes, especially when it comes from people who should know better, but if I see a newbie doing it, I try to correct and move on. It doesn't break immersion for me, because I can easily get back into it again.


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    I guess what I want to know, Ambivalence, is what you were expecting when you got here. Not in a sarcastic way, I just wanted to know what you expected interactions to be like. Also, which other games have you tried?
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    Well now, while I've always known that it doesn't come mandatory to any IRE, with all of the alternatives out there better suited to most interests, I would have liked to assume that anyone considering the obscene investment of time and cash in one of these games does so with at least some interest in the one really exceptional, unique features they have offer- that is, the RP atmosphere.

    It's true, the PvP mechanics are fun and original. They're also largely obsolete thanks to the advent of the free action MMO. There is the benefit of a small, close-knit, like-minded community, but these day's that's portable, and doesn't really require sticking around if that's all you're interested in. Customization is also a thing, ranging from character description and clothing, to craft goods and the world itself. On the other hand, I find that it takes more energy than it's worth for it's own sake, rather than as a contribution to greater whole; a whole defined by a shared theme.

    So, simply put, however varied the ideas of appropriate and enjoyable RP are, my expectation was an environment where roleplay comes first. In the past, that was largely my experience, and though, again, there is no exclusive "RP IRE" as Moirean said, it's my opinion that RP is the only really meaningful, long-lived strength of an IRE over an NCSoft or a Blizzard.

    Other games... as best I can recall, I've played Achaea, Imperian, Lusternia, Avalon, Unwritten Legends, Shadows of Isildur, Harshlands, and Threshhold.
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    From a dev standpoint, I'd guess that mechanical things - PK, bashing areas, conflict mechanics - are easier to create, as they don't need the constant time investment that events and RP arcs do. You create a mechanic and put it out there and it runs itself. Encouraging active and quality RP is much more demanding, time-wise. In addition, mechanical additions can inspire RP ones among the players (eg all the RP that we do whenever there's a war), but it can't go the other way, really, as any mechanical changes our RP may inspire will still require time and effort to introduce.

    I really wish we had a RP/Event docent system here, as has been mentioned multiple times by a range of people in the past. I think it would create a ton of activity, help demonstrate quality RP to lots of people, and encourage the more creative side of the game, while also helping admin workload. I know in other games it's been abused and gone badly, but - well, this thread is a good example of it. In Aetolia, we tend to take RP more seriously, and I think you'd see people performing the roles with integrity.
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    @Ambivalence - you forgot leadership, politics and influencing the game's story. MUDs let you do things in that vein that you really don't see happening in MMOs.
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    Moirean said:

    @Ambivalence - you forgot leadership, politics and influencing the game's story. MUDs let you do things in that vein that you really don't see happening in MMOs.

    Besides, in some ways, EVE Online. But that's almost neither here nor there.

    That said, I'd have to agree that all those things are very appealing aspects of Aetolia/IREs.
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    Immersion!? GET DUNKED!
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    I'm pretty sure that bringing up EVE is some kind of subcategory of Godwin's Law.
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    I actually don't mind that it's a sand/ice chair. What I mind is like...the emote is so big it looks like this:


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    All the derail.

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    Sand/ice chairs, fedoras, some real world objects people don't think belong here, along with how we speak are not the immersion breaking aspect of this game.  It's how we all can and do turn off RP and disassociate conesquences that do it.  I'm not RP Jensen all the time, because you can't be.  I need to actually think like a decent person and be reasonable to make things fair, engaging, and helpful to my orgs and this game.  Also a lot of us have been on this  "island" of aetolia for centuries/an irl decade.  You just can't keep that going that long.
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    Aetolia -isn't- medieval Europe. It also isnt lotr. You will have more than one vision of what it is supposed to be because we're all playing here. The MA has been going for centuries and things will progress. And as for words like yo and cool, get over it. Aetolian isn't a real language and non of us know how to speak olde English.
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    So you disagree, that mean you know how to speak olde English? If so, bravo
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    No, but I disagree with the premis of invalidating and demeaning other players due to their preferences when it comes to the game. It takes compromise and concession to meet in the middle, but that doesn't mean there's a need for snide jabs of 'get over it' while we're having a discussion about our preferences and what immerses us.

    Aetolia isn't medieval Europe or Lotr but it does have its own constraints and there is validity in being disgruntled when it becomes incohesive and 'well there's already inconsistencies so why not really just go to town' becomes the approach.
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    Areka said:

    No, but I disagree with the premis of invalidating and demeaning other players due to their preferences when it comes to the game.

    I think this is @Jensen's point in a nutshell, as well.
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    I'm saying get over it because you're all doing a fantastic job at taking pot shots at a player, who may be nameless, but is still enjoying their own play style. Disagree all you want but get over it, we're all here to have fun
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    @toz - by doing it? People can prefer what they want, silly me I suppose for thinking maybe we could discuss this to come to a better understanding of other aspects of the playerbase so we could make things more fun for more people than just our niches (which means that the stricter immersion side, which includes me, needs to give up ground as well)?

    Maybe I'm missing the pot shots in saying "This is not the style I enjoy, here is what I enjoy and what immersion means to me."
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    I just really don't like people dictating what can and cannot be in a fantasy based game. If you are the sole author or creator, you can have that license, but in this game we do not have that right. If people want to ruin someone's fun, RP, or others immersion over an ice chair, sand chair, words like yo (which I use regularly) and cool then I will stand up for them. You don't need to interact with them if you don't want to, but you're coming off as having more of a right to aetolia than they have.

    My side rant about the word yo. Years ago, I dropped my main character and looked for a new role to play. I made a Syssin novice and started getting into it. Shortly into it I said Yo over gnt. I was severely scolded and threatened pk when I wouldn't agree to stop saying it. I quit and played imperian until I created Jensen here. Now I still regularly say yo and if you don't like it, too bad
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    I do get twitchy eye at things like 'yo' and 'bro' and all that, but it doesn't really.. It's not killing my immersion. It might make me avoid talking to you or interacting with you as often as I would have, but I guess that's everyone's prerogative. Thongs don't bother me because I rarely care about what other people are wearing - if you want to wear a thong for your sweet haven sexy RP, cool. I have 0 concern for what you do in your haven. You can go completely OOC there and have like, futuristic space suit sex for all I care, or weird tentacle anime stuff. The mob boss, pinstripe suit and fedora makes me think of those two dudes on FF7 that you had to fight like 10 times, and really that just makes me think of the music that went along with it. It doesn't make me think, "Damn, I'm not in Aetolia anymore."

    Immersion is out there. Alexina has great points, but I think @aishia nailed it on the head most recently here. It's all a bunch of microcosms and you just have to know what you like and know how to not get pulled in -or- pushed out. Let's face it - we don't have the playerbase to be nitpicky thematically.

    I see @areka's point, but I mean. Are you really willing to change anything? You want people to not do things that bother you or break your immersion. What if I told you that the leader of a guild of Templar Knights that constantly markets about her wenches and how strong her hammer is breaks my immersion, because that's not what -I- see in my head when I imagine that? (Or a guild of Knights, for that matter, that mostly doesn't actually go fight bad guys. But that's me being me and I admittedly have a hard time considering bashing mobs that reset in 10 minutes as real people.)

    I think everyone should reread Aishia's post.
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    Reno and Rude of the Turcs/Turks sp?
  • ArekaAreka Drifting in a sea of wenches' bosomsMember Posts: 1,693 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'm willing. If my ads are doing a disservice to the guild, I'd certainly cut them back to being straight business, because it is impacting more than just me, being broadcasted in public space.

    The not going out and fighting? Yeah, it's a bummer, and I certainly don't help with it. I don't enjoy PK, and I feel like it doesn't do anything but feed egos at the current time. But if that's something that would help the image of the guild? Being more present at least in leylines is something I can do. That's a concession I can make.
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    Keep doing what you're doing @areka. The point is having fun!
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    Omg I LOVE Kingdom of Heaven!!
    Indoran'i is back baby. It's go-... Oh.

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    Etymology and historyEdit

    The interjection yo was first used in Middle English, specifically in the 15th to 16th century.[3] In addition to yo, it was also sometimes written io.[4] It was (and is still to this day) used often to get the attention of another person. The Middle English term originated as a variant of ya/ye ("yea, yes"), which is derived from Old English ġēa ("yea, yes"), which is derived from Proto-Germanic *ja ("thus, so, yes"). Thus, "yo" is etymological twins with "ya", "yeah" and "yea".


    I'm yoing all day
  • JensenJensen Corruption's Butcher Member Posts: 1,821 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I cite it to show it fits the time period some of you seem to be worried about sticking to. Let it irk you all you want, we don't have to interact if we don't want to, but I'm not changing my play style.
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