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  • Nah, I've just had a busy day. Give me a bit to break it down and I'll post the night results.
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    Addendum: I actually don't have results, or a statement of inaction, in from all the players. If we could get that done? I'm feeling kind of antsy myself!

    EDIT: Mafiosos! I'm talking to you!
  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    @Alexina‌, @Gwenith, @Graelun‌, @Nevlar‌, @Elene‌, @Ilyon‌, @Maite‌, @Xenia‌, @Vidget‌, @Aren‌, @Parker‌, @Moirean‌.

    Just going to tag everyone (think I got all of those who should still be alive in the game) and see if that helps get this moving. Come on, people!

  • Expect new round shortly.
  • Shots echo through the streets - the Mafia are out again in force, shattering windows and breaking cars as they assert their control over the town of Trollvolto. Machine guns roar, bystanders flee, and then the Dirty Cop emerges, firing on the Mafia. A firefight ensues in the misty moments before dawn, and although both Mafia and Cop flee without tangible harm, innocents lie dead in the streets.
    You find the corpses the next morning.

    In the clash, Ilyon died. He was Un Buono, A Townsperson, and a skilled blacksmith. The losses are really starting to hammer home.

    Gwenith has died, as well. She was also Una Buona, A Townsperson, who grew olives out a small distance from the village. Her death is truly the pits.

    It is now Day Three. There are 11 surviving players, including:
    • I Buoni, The Townspeople (quantity unknown)
    • I Cattivi, The Mafiosos (quantity unknown)
    • Il Investigatore, The Detective
    • Il Poliziotto Corrotto, The Dirty Cop
    • L'Innocente, The Innocent
    • Il Don, The Godfather
    • Il Associatio, The Associate
    • L'Amante, The Lover
    A minimum of 6 votes will be required for a lynch this round.

    Game Roster

    1. @Moirean
    2. @Maite
    3. @Xenia
    4. @Aren
    5. @Alexina
    6. @Nevlar
    7. @Vidget
    8. @Parker
    9. @Graelun
    10. @Elene
    11. @Teani
  • Now, where does that leave us, I wonder? @Moirean dear said that she's the Innocent, and since she shared the information with @Teani, it'll be pointless to turn an eye onto both of them for now. My housewife senses are still tingling, and something tells me that @Graelun has an awful secret that's not being shared!

    Vote: Graelun
  • Indeed, too many innocent dying in one night. I don't like it one bit. I'm reluctant to point any fingers just yet, figuring as how Moirean has claimed herself to be the innocent...though odd thing, I must have been catching a snooze when the great one confirmed that. Whatever the case, I'd rather wait and see if indeed the dirty cop and detective will contact her....though might be some clever ploy of killers to make everyone think there was a private revelation made only to Teani.

    Though, they seem nice enough, I'm willing to accept their word.

  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    Re-read the game rules. They changed from last round. Damariel confirms only to one person via PM. Nobody else has claimed, for like a week now, though, so...
  • Since the last game, it seems more chancey to claim that since there's a good chance you'll be telling someone scummy. As I said before, I'm going to believe both of them and just hope that they both are being protected in some manner. 

    As to day round.. I'm honestly not sure. There are a few more quiet people that have me eyeballing them. @Alexina and @Nevlar, you two awake there? 

  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    Seeing as it took a long time for dawn to come, I'd say those who stay quiet seem more and more suspicious, since they're not participating in discussions and the mafioso were taking their time taking actions at night. I know it's a gamble to keep voting for the quiet people, as we've been wrong before though.

    @Graelun is still a bit suspicious to me, and I'm definitely not sure what to think of @Parker and @Nevlar. What have the three of you to say about this mess?

  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    To clarify, when I said nobody has claimed, I meant that nobody else has said they are the Innocent. It's been a week and nobody has spoken up going "wait, you're BSing" so I think it's safe to consider me uncontested.

    Regarding the claiming process, since there seems to be confusion - Before I asked Damariel to confirm it to Teani, I posted saying that I was doing that. It seems that explanation was lost in the nuance of my irritating RP. :expressionless: Even if she is scum (shrug, maybe she is), she was kinda obligated to pass that on, which she did - had she not, I'd have pinpointed her as mafia. I'm not really sure what Vidget means by "chancey" nor do I really follow what Xenia is saying. I think the two of you are probably confused about the rules for this iteration of the game.
  • I was saying that it was chancey that it it'd be a possibility to come out, as innocent, to someone and be killed before anyone else found out who was told if the timing was off.  Sorry about the confusion. 

    Just a comment on how it could have played out but ultimately not important. Glad it worked out! 
  • I agree that because of the length of the night round that mafia are most likely people who are quieter. @Alexina, @Nevlar, @Maite and @Parker are the people I have my eye on.
  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    Agreed. Let's hear what they have to say.
  • The days I work are much harder to be around. I'm always quiet when it comes to these kind of things. But I know that unless we starting weeding out one of them Mafiosos, they are gonna win quickly, and I will be dead.
  • I was confused about the rules but I understand them now, so it makes sense and as Moi pointed out, no other CC's on the innocent role so I think that's fairly safe to assume she is. Basically I'm waiting on Teani or Moi to point a finger and to go along, under the assumption that the other town members have contacted Moi.

  • I'm a civilian. Maybe not the most innocent of them all, but I've got things going for me. I've got a nice new business up and running, too!

    That said, I check the forums often. Whenever I get home, it's one of the few places I always open, just to see what's going on. In the morning after breakfast or coffee or what have you. Just because I don't post often or in a long-winded manner it doesn't inherently make me guilty. On a side note, I just noticed the puns in @Ignotum's post.

    What I'm suspicious of is why @Moirean wasn't taken out last night by the mafia. She serves no purpose to them and is only helping our side get more organized. Sure, she could live if the lover gave up their bulletproof vest, so maybe that's why they didn't want to use a night round.

    Why Gwenith and Ilyon? Both the mafia and the dirty cop had..odd target selection. Why not take out the loud ones? The ones trying to organize and get things in a positive direction?
  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    Why would the dirty cop take out civilians? They are on our side.
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    Exactly. Why fire blindly instead of waiting? I suppose that last part is worded a bit oddly. It was more odd that the dirty cop chose to fire at all. The second part about people talking a lot and such was directed at mafia member decision.
  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    I can't give insight into that, unfortunately. Still waiting to get in contact with the cop.
  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    Breakdown of where things stand so far:

    Day 1: Jami killed - CIVILIAN (warden)

    Llok (3): Parker, Nevlar, Alexina
    Moirean (2): Gwenith, Hadrak
    Jami (9): Xenia, Aren, Moirean, Maite, Llok, Teani, Elene, Ilyon, Graelun.
    No Vote (3): Winters, Vidget, Jami

    -Gwenith previously voted for Llok.
    -Ilyon previously voted for Gwenith, then Llok.
    -Moirean previously voted for Llok.
    -Maite previously voted for Llok.
    -Aren previously voted for Llok.
    -Llok previously voted for Elene.
    -Graelun previously voted for Llok.


    Night 1: Mafia hit Llok - CIVILIAN (fencer)
    Llok hit Hadrak - MAFIA (Consigliere)


    Day 2: Winters killed - CIVILIAN

    Teani (2): Nevlar, Elene

    Winters (10): Gwenith, Xenia, Moirean, Teani, Ilyon, Parker, Graelun, Vidget, Aren, Maite

    -Teani previously voted for Moirean.
    -Xenia previously voted for Teani.
    -Moirean previously voted for Teani.
    -Ilyon previously voted for Graelun.
    -Graelun previously voted for Moirean.
    -Vidget previously voted for Aren.
    -Aren previously voted for Teani.
    -Maite previously voted for Teani.


    Night 2: Mafia hit Ilyon - CIVILIAN
    Cop hit Gwenith - CIVILIAN


    Day 3:

    Elene votes Graelun
  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    This'll be a long post. Hold on tight.
    Elene said:

    I feel positively threatened! Signore Llok, how could you say you'll be useful in the long run yet turn around and accuse a poor woman with kids to feed?

    Imma be trusting Moirean's suspicions about this. She's always had an eye out and a nosy streak for those sneaky fellows. You're one of them, aren't you?

    Vote: Llok

    Elene joined this train very near the end, right when it was nearly at lynching level. Perhaps a sign of over-eager mafia.
    Elene said:

    I'm going to sit here and scream that Llok is still guilty, until he tells me exactly why I should trust him. He pointed fingers at me and gave vague clues to his usefulness in the long run, but everyone, even the mafiaso thinks they're useful in a town they wish to control. I demand a detective!

    Now she's asking for the detective to speak up.
    Elene said:

    I still have my eye on you, Llok! Don't you do any funny business there in your house. You're not safe! Everyone's not safe! 

    We should probably check on Jami though. She was such a nice, chatty lady. Wonder where she's been..

    Unvote: Llok
    Vote: Jami

    She then joins the Jami train very much near the end. This was a fairly arbitrary train, however, since we all swapped to her as she clearly wasn't playing, so there isn't TOO much we can read from this.
    Elene said:

    Poor old Llok, I knew there was something about you, but I never thought you would be our old Fencer. I promise I'll write you a good eulogy, dear.

    Would dear Missus Moirean would ever be involved with the mafiaso, then, given how attention has shifted to her? I feel. No, I think that she just loves gossip, like all of us woman do. Such messy, dirty business though, I don't believe she'll be a part of it.

    Moirean - poor abused soul, bless her! - only said she thought she saw Llok sneaking around the town butcher when more piled onto him, especially when I was so convinced he was dirty! Her hazy guesswork of our old Fencer being there may be on the money (mayhaps he was hunting them!) when he was revealed to be the ensuing target of the Mafiaso, though.

    La! Thus, my suspicions has shifted to those who are oh so quick to find fault to blame her. Anything to say for yourself, @Graelun, @Teani?

    Vote: Teani

    However, she jumps on the Teani train right when it's picking up steam...
    Elene said:

    La, I'm here, Moirean m'dear. I haven't found the need to speak up, because I have no intention of changing my vote since more than enough people have pointed their fingers at silent Winters!

    And then refuses to change her vote to Winters, who is innocent - to me, this reads as her wanting to keep a clean record, so she can deny having lynched someone innocent. IMO, this is something someone guilty would do, in an attempt to establish an "innocent" voting record.
    Elene said:

    Now, where does that leave us, I wonder? @Moirean dear said that she's the Innocent, and since she shared the information with @Teani, it'll be pointless to turn an eye onto both of them for now. My housewife senses are still tingling, and something tells me that @Graelun has an awful secret that's not being shared!

    Vote: Graelun

    Graelun has been confirmed as (likely) innocent by the detective. He could be the Godfather, but those odds are low.

    Suspicions at @Elene. Waiting to hear what she says.
  • La! What a fix I've found myself in.

    If you want to incite the mob on me, I guess that's your prerogative, but right now, we're all simply acting like scared little headless chickens. We've got no headway into anything at all and day by day, we're bleeding civilians. From calculations dependent on the number of individuals in the town, it's safe to say we don't have many more civilians left. If you're going to organize the townspeople, we should step it up.

    I'm pretty worthless as townspeople go. If you want to destroy my house and take my life, take it. Just don't regret it after!

    Incidentally, where did the detective (or you) confirm Graelun was innocent before this last post? How do you know the individual who contacted you was the real detective?
  • I don't know that I've ever been in a fistfight, let alone any kind of situation where someone's life has been at risk. And if I were the Godfather, would I even be standing around with all of you right now? They would have the most to lose by being discovered, so it's probably one of those who has remained quiet and hidden away from us since the beginning.
  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    I obviously have to take it on faith that this person is the detective. Nobody else has spoken up, however, and it's been several days. The results of the investigations have not been posted publicly, aside from me mentioning Graelun's results in response to your post - we don't want to show the mafia too many of our cards, afterall.

    Dirty cop, I *need* you to contact me. Last night's investigation found us someone guilty and I don't want to be lynching you by accident.
  • Well. In an effort to move this day along and hopefully bag someone guilty, that leaves us with three people we've discussed being overly quiet lately: @Alexina, @Nevlar, and @Parker. If the mafia is hiding in the shadows, that is. 
  • I don't think we should focus on people who's been overly quiet. Look at the selection pattern of the Mafiaso. I'm sure there are some active ones among us who are trying to sway people's thoughts.
  • @Vidget - You have 7 posts in this thread. I have 5. The point of being overly quiet must come just before six posts, I suppose. And to that end of 'overly quiet lately', I just posted twice within the last two days. This game is almost a month old at this point, and I've been involved in both day rounds completed so far.

    Actually, I've got a new suspicion on @Nevlar and @Vidget. Day 1, both of them weren't on one of the main train, which is a classic move to stay off to the side. But, on day two, Nevlar was again off on a side train while Vidget jumped onto the end of the train for Winters.

    And now I've noticed that, despite my having posted a few times after being called out by @Aren for being quiet along with Nevlar, @Maite and @Alexina, Vidget conveniently left out Maite from the re-iterating that we are somehow still too quiet. Could there be something there with Vidget trying to cover for Maite?
  • Actually, it was more my lack of notice then anything regarding the first round. I really only started paying after the first round, as I've started before. I'm fully invested now and trying to be active. 

    Since you've talked, I'm willing to admit that you're also probably not scum. Regarding @Maite, I've actually been considering calling her out on her lack of ability to respond, or excuse, to be quiet with such a coincidental alibi, I'll be willing to:

    VOTE: Maite

    Then again, considering how long it's taking us to form a plan, we can't claim that the town is much faster at working on a plan than the mafia. 

    On phone, ignore errors and grammatical nonsense. 

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