Mafia: Original Flavor: The Recapitulation



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    The front door of the mansion is kicked in, and the masked Mafiosi burst into the house an hour or so before dawn. Carrying their ill-gotten gains and singed with smoke from the prison riots, they begin to divvy up their goods.

    "This'a was a notte buena!"

    "Si, si, look at all the money."

    "Who'sa house is dis?"

    A moment later, one of the Mafiosos jumps aside - just in time to dodge a rapier point slashing through the air. The Fencer steps out of hiding, assuming an en garde stance, edging forward along the carpeted entryway.

    "Uscire de casa mia, bastardo!"

    One of the Mafiosi stands and produces a switchblade from their coat, spinning it open in their gloved hand.

    "You'a go, take'a da goods!"

    As the other Mafiosi flee, the Fencer clashes with the sole remaining one. Switchblade and rapier clash against each other, and the two figures circle, constrained by the hallway, swinging and darting and weaving in an attempt to land blows on each other.

    "You," the Fencer spits, "You'a fight come una vacca!

    "E tu, the Mafioso rejoins, "Come una gatta!"

    The rapier flashes - the Mafioso blanches, realizing that they've just been stabbed through.

    "My name is Llok del Fuoco," the old Fencer whispers. "Digli il diavolo che io dico... 'saluti'."

    The Mafioso smirks, through bloodstained lips, and spins, ramming backward into the Fencer, grabbing the hilt of the rapier deeper - into both of them. A moment later the Fencer has shoved the criminal away, but it is too late.

    "Digli te stesso."
    You find the corpses the next morning.

    In the ensuing altercation, Hadrak died. He was Il Consigliere, The Consigliere and, prior to his death, a perfectly respectable banker who appeared by all accounts to be a good Catholic.

    Llok has died, as well. He was Il Vecchio Schermidore, The Old Fencer - so much for retirement.

    It is now Day Two. There are 14 surviving players, including:
    • I Buoni, The Townspeople (quantity unknown)
    • I Cattivi, The Mafiosos (quantity unknown)
    • Il Investigatore, The Detective
    • Il Poliziotto Corrotto, The Dirty Cop
    • L'Innocente, The Innocent
    • Il Don, The Godfather
    • Il Associatio, The Associate
    • L'Amante, The Lover
    A minimum of 7 votes will be required for a lynch this round.

    Game Roster

    1. @Moirean
    2. @Maite
    3. @Gwenith
    4. @Xenia
    5. @Aren
    6. @Alexina
    7. @Nevlar
    8. @Ilyon
    9. @Vidget
    10. @Parker
    11. @Graelun
    12. @Winters
    13. @Elene
    14. @Teani
  • HadrakHadrak Dorohedoro

  • I think at this point the logical thing would be to go with Moirean, who was so determined to get at Llok in the first place.

    However, I feel this may be an attempt by mafia to have people turn against Moirean, knowing that she went so hard against him, it would be easy for them to kill Llok to make her look guilty.

    Parker voted for Llok with basically a one word response and hasn't said anything since.

    Also, Vidget conveniently waited until right after the votes were closed to say she (he?) was still playing.

    Right now my eye is on those two.

  • @Aren Very convenient, yes, as I simply was not around. There is nothing wrong with announcing that I am, in fact, still active and playing. If you would like, I could go back to being quiet but apparently that made me guilty in the past, too. 
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    I was one of the people that actually voted when the thread opened, around twelve(12) days ago. On the first day, there isn't a smidgen of reasoning involved, so why bother posting more than a vote on someone or a nolynch?

    That said, I'm just a civvie and pointing attention my way because of not adding much to my vote could just have easily been aimed at others who did similarly. Dun be silly.
  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    Oh no! My my my, such messy things in our nice little town - and to think they tried to implicate me as well? Goodness gracious, that's just downright disturbing to hear!
  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    Well, as some of us know, Moirean and Llok have always had some kind of strange relationship to one another and that one or both would accuse the other (personally, I think it's a rather tiresome ritual!). I'd say that the animosity between the two of them set them up for finger-pointing one way or another.

    This is too slow business for me, so I'm going to just:

    VOTE: Moirean

  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    If I was a mafia, why did Hadrak try to string me up! That doesn't make sense! Elene, Aren and Nevlar, though, goodness me, they hopped in to nearly kill our poor mister Llok!
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  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    Eep! It's a ghost!
  • Llok, you're a little bit dead, and should not be posting any more until you get better.

    Anyway, it's hard to draw any conclusions from that Llok train, both because it was round 1 and become voting for Llok early is a time-honored tradition by now.

  • Teani said:

    Well, as some of us know, Moirean and Llok have always had some kind of strange relationship to one another and that one or both would accuse the other (personally, I think it's a rather tiresome ritual!). I'd say that the animosity between the two of them set them up for finger-pointing one way or another.

    This is too slow business for me, so I'm going to just:

    VOTE: Moirean

    I feel Llok's death was indeed a (shoddy at best) attempt to set Moirean up, and you're falling for it a touch too easily since it hasn't gained the momentum you would have likely wished for if you're part of the mafia.

    Vote: Teani
  • Everything about Moirean's behavior since this whole incident started has been suspicious. Even if she wasn't involved in the murder of Llok, I think she's just going to get in the way of any kind of investigation.

    Vote: Moirean
  • Hadrak (our only confirmed mafia) was #2 on the day 1 Moirean train, which makes her rather unlikely to be mafia.

    Vote: Graelun

  • Going for Moirean right now when Hadrak, a confirmed mafia, did as well makes Teani and Graelun look pretty suspicious to me. Not saying Moirean is completely innocent but jumping on her after this round just makes no sense.

    On the first page, Teani said: "Is there no way for us to unite behind someone we can all trust?"

    To me, that sounds more like a 'Someone with a good role come forward so I can kill them later."

    Could just be grasping at straws, but for now my vote is:

    Vote: Teani
  • Moirean didn't seem so guilty to me in the first place, nor Signore Llok. Such a shame to see the fencer go like he did, but at least he took one of 'em out. Seeing as how this does look like a frame job, gonna go ahead and put my money on Teani as well.


  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    I am a nice lady, I promise! Mama ma, even though I can barely fathom these mean things, I think I have to defend myself against this attack.

    Vote: teani
  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    (On phone so pardon typos)
  • Honestly, I'm not seeing how Moirean could be guilty. For one, the killer of Llok‌ Was in the train to of Moi. Why would scum vote against fellow scum. 

    That being said, I'm going to assume that @Aren should have a good defense for herself. I'll be active and ask her for a good reason why she's not scum.

    Teani asked for unity and you're finding suspicion in that. I am quiet, a thing that others find suspicious, and when I finally speak... you find THAT suspicious, too. You are sowing seeds of paranoia. I will not train on Teani based on her asking for unity.

    VOTE: Aren

  • I found it suspicious that you waited until after the voting was over to say you were still here. I'm sorry but that's suspicious to me.

    I'm not scum, I'll tell you that. I have no proof just as anyone else has no proof.

    If you won't 'train teani' for asking for unity then why are you accusing me? Because I jumped on you for not responding first round?
  • I am more apt to believe that those dirty mafioso were trying to get in on framing Moirean up. She is outspoken, sure, but that don' mean anything. Always easy to point out to those who say alot. I ain' really seen nothing that seems suspicious - other than that. With that, I am gonna have to say -

    Vote - Teani
  • Poor old Llok, I knew there was something about you, but I never thought you would be our old Fencer. I promise I'll write you a good eulogy, dear.

    Would dear Missus Moirean would ever be involved with the mafiaso, then, given how attention has shifted to her? I feel. No, I think that she just loves gossip, like all of us woman do. Such messy, dirty business though, I don't believe she'll be a part of it.

    Moirean - poor abused soul, bless her! - only said she thought she saw Llok sneaking around the town butcher when more piled onto him, especially when I was so convinced he was dirty! Her hazy guesswork of our old Fencer being there may be on the money (mayhaps he was hunting them!) when he was revealed to be the ensuing target of the Mafiaso, though.

    La! Thus, my suspicions has shifted to those who are oh so quick to find fault to blame her. Anything to say for yourself, @Graelun, @Teani?

    Vote: Teani
  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    Hey hey now. Slow that down one bit! I'm just saying that this whole thing is taking far too much time and people need to be discussing things and taking action more quickly to get done with this mess. At least my vote sparked some interest in doing something, but don't go killing me off. That's a very bad idea, I tell you.

    UNVOTE: Moirean

  • My opinions at the moment are conflicted. If I was mafiosa I would vote on one of my own if it looked as if someone else was pretty much already doomed for the hangman's noose. Not pointing blame on Moirean but definately not marking her down as 100% innocent either. Instead I vote to cut out some fat in our roster who doesn't seem to be playing.

    Vote : Winters

  • No, I don't really have anything to say for myself. Moirean makes me uncomfortable. Listen to her, you'll see what I mean. My vote stands.
  • ai ai ai. So many talking and it's looking so good to be a frame job on Moirean. However, maybe, maybe we are too hasty here on miss Teani. I mean, let's all suppose it was a frame up. If I was the one setting up the frame up, I'd be the last one to try and point it out! Seeing as if someone suspected it was a frame up, they'd likely go and turn the finger on the person who proposed it.

    Unvote: Teani

    Now, I stayed locked in my house all night, but it did seem like things was quieter than usual, even from where old, @Winters lives, and usually that one's entertaining a few guests.

    Does anyone else find it suspicious that we've still not heard much from @winters, maybe we should go have a look on her, yes?

  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
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    Things are getting messy! I want us to all get along. I've sent Miss Teani a bit of proof that I'm a nice person!  Maybe she can help pass that onto the rest of you!
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    Why would you send proof of your innocence to someone you are also pointing the finger at to be lynched? I mean, she already unvoted you, why keep pressing the point?

  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    So we can all get along!
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