Mafia: Original Flavor: The Recapitulation

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We're doing yet another forum game of Mafia. Here's the rules. I'm gonna host the darn thing. This is the game thread. The roles for this game can be found below - lest you think it's the same as last time, there are slight alterations:

Personaggi del villaggio - The Town

I Buoni, The Townspeople - unless they are also one of the special roles indicated below, the townspeople are confused, frightened civilians who possess only a daytime vote to lynch one of the players.

Il Carceriere, The Warden - able to jail another person for the night; this person is prevented from using their abilities that night, if they have them, but is also protected from any attempts to kill or investigate them - even sniper rifles. The Warden may not jail themselves.

Il Investigatore, The Detective - able to investigate another person's factional affiliation.

Il Poliziotto Corrotto, The Dirty Cop - one revolver, three shots, one per night. Feeling lucky, punk? Investigates as guilty to the Detective.

Il Vecchio Schermidore, The Old Fencer - if targeted in the night, will be caught by surprise and killed, but not before destroying their assailant - this bypasses any immunities, as the Old Fencer, despite their philosophy of pacifism, is a ruthlessly effective combatant. If attacked by the mafia, they will destroy a random mafioso. Only lynches (or a snipe) ensure no reprisal whatsoever.

L'Innocente, The Innocent - an innocent townsperson who may ask the game host to confirm them as innocent to one - and only one - player during the course of the game. The object of the Lover's obsession.

All of the above roles win when all threats to the town are eliminated.

Personaggi della mafia - The Mafia

I Cattivi, The Mafiosos - the rank and file of the Mafia, who may or may not exist unaltered depending on the number of Mafiosos needed in the game. Mafiosos may vote collectively on a night kill, a power they possess in addition to any of the roles listed below.

Il Don, The Godfather - shows up as innocent under investigation; ironclad alibi despite being boss of the Mafia.

Il Consigliere, The Consigliere - the Godfather's right-hand man with access to numerous city records and resources. The Consigliere may research one person per night to learn what their role is.

Il Associatio, The Associate - an outside contractor, jack-of-all-trades and an influential operative within the Mafia, the Associate gains one (x1) use of each of the following abilities:

A hit, whose target requires one less vote to lynch during the following day round..
A frameup, whose target goes to jail for the night.
A sniper rifle, which allows their faction's night kill on that same round to bypass reprisal and bulletproof vests.

The Associate may only use one of these abilities per night.

All of the above roles win when the Lover is destroyed and the Mafia have an indisputable voting majority over the town.

Personaggio pazzesco - The Third Party

L'Amante, The Lover - in their own mind only; a better name for them would be Il Brutto. Set on ending the game with only themselves and L'Inocente still alive (they know the Innocent's identity), and everyone else dead, dead, dead. The Lover wears a bulletproof vest that absorbs any attempts to kill them during the night. The Detective investigates them as guilty. As roles die, the Lover becomes more powerful; they gain the following abilities if and when each of the following roles die:

The Associate - whatever abilities remained to the associate at the time of their death.
The Consigliere - x1 role investigation.
The Detective - x1 factional investigation.
The Dirty Cop - x1 night kill.
Any Mafioso - x1 night kill.
The Warden - x1 frameup.

The Lover may use only one of these abilities per night; exception being if they acquire a sniper rifle, which they may combine with a night kill.

The Lover, however, begins the game with no special abilities of their own beyond their bulletproof vest. If a night kill is attempted on the Innocent, the Lover may elect to give the Innocent their bulletproof vest, thereby sparing them - if at any point the Innocent dies, so too do they.

The Lover wins when only they and the Innocent remain alive.

Game Roster

  1. @Moirean
  2. @Maite
  3. @Gwenith
  4. @Xenia
  5. @Aren
  6. @Alexina
  7. @Nevlar
  8. @Ilyon
  9. @Vidget
  10. @Parker
  11. @Hadrak
  12. @Graelun
  13. @Jami
  14. @Llok
  15. @Winters
  16. @Elene
  17. @Teani

CASE FILE: The Incident in Trollvolto
DAY #1

Summary of events: last night at approximately 6:13 A.M., Signore Schifoso was found dead alongside Signora Schifoso in their residence. It appears that the good Signore, to the community at large a good Catholic, in actuality had ties to the Mafia; as the town butcher, he appears to have been helping them dispose of their victims. The number of victims whom he has eliminated in this fashion is currently unknown, although it is believed Trollvolto has been the final destination of corpses within a fifty mile radius, cleverly disguised beneath the finest herbs and a darn good tomato sauce.

What is clear is that there is a Mafia presence in this town, and it is up to every good citizen of Trollvolto to help find the culprits and put an end to their wrongdoing. Therefore, we, the authorities of the region, empower the citizens to flush out the dishonest and conniving among their ranks and enact mob justice if they feel it is called for.

You have a maximum timespan of one (1) week to cast your votes for this first round.. I will require a minimum of nine (9) votes toward a name, or toward no lynch, to progress.

All players have been notified, both via tagging in this post or potentially through message, that the game has begun. If you have received no message, you are one of I Buoni.

You may proceed. It is Day One. There are 17 surviving players, including:
  • I Buoni, The Townspeople (quantity unknown)
  • I Cattivi, The Mafiosos (quantity unknown)
  • Il Carceriere, The Warden
  • Il Investigatore, The Detective
  • Il Poliziotto Corrotto, The Dirty Cop
  • Il Vecchio Schermidore, The Old Fencer
  • L'Innocente, The Innocent
  • Il Don, The Godfather
  • Il Consigliere, The Consigliere
  • Il Associatio, The Associate
  • L'Amante, The Lover


  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    Mio Dio! Mamma mia! What a terrible mess, here, in OUR town - I can barely believe it! It's so troubling to think about!

    Although...I suppose...if I were pressed...

    Well, last week, I was bringing a basket of sfogliatelle to the monsignor, for the bake sale, you know, and it started to rain. I ducked into the alley behind the butcher shop to ensure I stayed dry and there was Signore Schifoso himself talking to someone in front of a crate of meat. I called out ciao but, oh mio, he only glared at me and kept on with his conversation. There was quite a bit of gesticulating - even moreso than usual!

    Now that I think about it, the crate wasn't really big enough to be holding a cow, I think... oh, oh, mio dio!

    It was dark, and I hurried on right after that to get to the church, so I can't really be sure what I saw and I don't want to point fingers looked like he was talking to...if I had to guess...Llok. Oh, but it's only a maybe. Oh mamma mia, what a mess - in our town?!
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    Ahhhh Moi moi... why d'ya do this ta me? E'ry time a bang you come an' you sayy eyyy Llok why you be shouting.

    I'm too old to be shouting and playing games with you lovely girl!

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  • Meno male! ((MEH-noh MAH-leh)) Always knew there was something not right with that butcher! Always sold me the bad cuts of meat.

    Ain't a seen nothin. Yet. I'll be watching everyone with the worst stink eye imaginable.
  • HadrakHadrak Dorohedoro
    I'm disgusted to hear of Signore's passing after he handled so much of the veal for our town! Well, I suppose that is the way of things--but, I am equally ill-at-ease with your accusations, Moirean! We are people of God and to so readily cast aside the Lord's teachings to turn on your fellow brother.. well! We shall see how this continues on through the night.

  • So. Time for the traditional RNG vote. Rolled a 3.

    VOTE: Gwenith

  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    Accusations?! No! I would never - I was just passing on something I might have maybe seen, for the good of everyone. Signore Ilyon, however....oh mio, that povera bambina he's called out!
  • What's all this about, the Schifoso's dead in their house? I've been saying it for years and I say it now, that man gambled far more than was good for him. Can't be saying as I've ever been privy to those sorts of games, but I have heard that @Aren is known for money lending. Might be can find some answers in that.

  • Gambling? Bah! I was never any good at it. If the Signore was in debt with the... well, you know... then he should have known this could happen! His poor wife, though, that does tear me up.

    And Maite, is there any such thing as a good cut of grade A human meat?! Ugh!
  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    True! Human meat could never be considered good. Yuck!!

  • H-Human meat? -blergh...- I will never look at my curries the same again, and I hope they don't look at me in return! MMm.. I've no reason (yet) to think Moirean is lying and Llok is a rather suspicious fellow.... Ugh, whatever it is I'm definitely turning vegetarian!

    Vote : Llok

  • Wait. Wait. That was what I wasa eating? I'm agonna go be sick. And take a couple (hundred) baths. Guess Llok is as good as any. Ain't seen nothin else suspicious so far.

    Vote: Llok.
  • Well I wouldn't kill me... could be useful in the long run.

    Vote: Elene
  • That sounds like something a thug might say - it sounded like a threat, or a warning! Makes me uncomfortable, that's for sure.

    Vote: Llok
  • Vote: Llok.
  • I feel positively threatened! Signore Llok, how could you say you'll be useful in the long run yet turn around and accuse a poor woman with kids to feed?

    Imma be trusting Moirean's suspicions about this. She's always had an eye out and a nosy streak for those sneaky fellows. You're one of them, aren't you?

    Vote: Llok
  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    Oh mio, I only said I *thought* maybe it was him I saw. I'm not sure! It seems like quite a few others maybe saw him as well, though - so many fingers being pointed so very quick...
  • You didn't mention anyone else in the alley with you, though, Moirean. Come to think of it, with Signore Schifoso dead, no one can say for sure that you were there in the alley at all!

    Though it does seem strange that Signore Llok didn't deny being there...
  • My oh my, Signore Llok already on the chopping block. Was he really there, already Moirean is seeming to retract her eyes, so much uncertainty.

    I don't know what to do, no idea at all. So many quick to see him strung up so soon makes me wary.

  • To get the ball rolling:

    Vote: Llok
  • Vote: Llok
  • Sorry Llok. :(

  • You'll be making a mistakkkeeee...........

    Mladys mladys, this ball you have rolling is a dangerous one... I can't prove who I am but you'd rather me not die by your hand. Innocent blood from life long service...

    I'd direct your eyes to my train though... there be bad people lurkin'.
  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    If Signore Llok says he is a nice man, we should believe him! That just seems like the right thing to do! It was awfully dark in that alley and it was raining and all that.
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    As a reminder, the votes currently stand as follows:
    Llok (8): Moirean, Gwenith, Maite, Graelun, Parker, Elene, Aren, Nevlar
    Gwenith (1): Ilyon
    Elene (1): Llok
    You have four days left to reach a decision.

    An added note, and one I forgot to put in the initial post - please, please, please precede all votes and unvotes with 'Vote:' or 'Unvote:', as this makes it much easier for me to search through and accurately track what's going on!

    Mille grazie, signore, signori, e altra gente di incertezza!
  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress Sweden
    Oi! That built up quickly indeed. So many suspicious people, so quick to judge! Hearing Moirean take back her initial finger-pointing makes me think it might be a bad idea to push this through.

    Is there no way for us to unite behind someone we can all trust?

  • Not with that sniper hanging round... dangerous games
  • So quick to retract and such a strong insistence from Llok it would be a bad idea.. However we can be sure of one person being in the alley while the argument with Signore Schifoso was taking place : Moirean! My suspicion turns to her until the priest can verify her presence.. as well as the sfogliatelle to be shared around so it can be eaten examined as evidence.

    Unvote: Llok
    Vote: Moirean

  • Strong insistence means nothing, anyone can be strongly insistent.

  • Now Moirean, you can't say that Llok is a nice man while also clamoring to have him locked up - or worse! Who knows what the police might do to him if they suspect he is... you know, one of them.

    I still don't like his tone, though.
  • HadrakHadrak Dorohedoro
    I am strongly insistent that Moirean's fingerwaggling will do nothing but bring ruin to our town. Quick to find fault and equally quick to turn on her fellow townsfolk. She's spread her venomous dissent already and I say that we are done with her with God as our witness.

    Vote: Moirean

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