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    I barely have a character to break down, but figured in the future it'll be fun to see how he's changed. So here we go!

    Character Name: Taiyang

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Dominion
    City: Bloodloch
    Order: N/A

    Hair: Painfully blonde, in a messy, boyish cut
    Eyes: Bright green
    Height: About 5'0". Maybe shorter.
    Build: Very lean, the vampire blood making him stronger than he should be
    Defining Features: A bright gold, prehensile monkey tail
    Clothing: Tight green trousers and shirt, lots of silk and leather
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Scars: None

    Strengths: Eagerness to learn, willingness to make friends, powerful smile
    Weaknesses: Naïvety, general meekness
    Attitude: Happy-go-lucky, sincere kindness
    Morals: Do not kill if you can wound, do not wound if you can subdue. Do not subdue if you can pacify, and don't raise your hand until you've first extended it.
    Pet Peeves: People being a dick for no reason, being looked down on (beyond physically)
    Best way to piss him off: Pull the tail.
    Best way to get on his good side: Say hello. That's pretty much all it takes.

    Colour: Red, even though it used to be a deep purple, like the night sky.
    Location(s): Wherever there's water and fish.
    God/Goddess: All of them, because they're all gods.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Callidora
    Artifact (don't have to own): a sleek fishing spear
    Commodity: Leather
    Animal: Bunny
    Item owned: His lucky fishing rod!
    Close second favorite item owned: The clothes given to him by his bestest friend.
    Memory: Meeting Prucilla and getting his face smooshed as he made a friend, being told he's perfect.
    Song: Anything, because he can't carry a tune in a venantium bucket.
    Drink: He doesn't have one, but whiskey burned his throat raw.
    Food: A hearty steak, potatoes, and greens platter he found in a shop while cleaning up.

    Goals: Become Sired, make friends with everyone in the Dominion, make a real Best Friend
    Ambitions: I have what I have, and that is enough.
    Nemesis: the Sun
    Rival: No one!
    Best Friends: Rebra, Tekias
    Idol: Rebra, Raviel
    Best personal achievement: Getting to talk to Sarita. She's in a *history book*!
    Worst personal achievement: None, yet.
    Proudest moment: Being praised for his careful approach to picking his Sire.
    Most shameful moment: Being askanced at for his tail and general, dirty appearance.
    Secret dream: To find a guy and get to smooching.
    If he could make one wish: To never have to kill another person, ever again. 
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    Character Name: Drystin Kavoros

    Race: Tsol'aa
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Templars
    City: Enorian
    Order: N/A

    Hair: Long, straight ivory white
    Eyes: Silver
    Height: Tall for his race
    Build: Athletic
    Defining Features: Ethereal silver eyes, flickers partially out of phase unintentionally at times
    Scars: A jagged scar across his right eye

    Strengths: Able to conceal his true emotions in any situation
    Weaknesses: The pain of the innocent, sneaky monks using telepathy when he's talking to himself
    Attitude: Disarmingly lighthearted outwardly, inwardly always calculating
    Morals: Flexible and pragmatic
    Pet Peeves: Bullies, hypocrisy, uninteresting/serious (same thing) people, weak rope, hot weather, libraries that aren't vacant
    Best way to piss him off: Picking on smol people or family, causing pain needlessly
    Best way to get on his good side: Be formidable yet humble

    Colour: Onyx and gold
    Location(s): Stormcaller Crag
    Drink: Good whiskey
    Food: Still searching for something that takes the edge off of a hangover

    Goals: Prove that garroting someone hard enough actually does make them see 'the light'
    Ambitions: Become a better fighter while maintaining a reputation of mediocrity
    Nemesis: None, just a few annoyances he doesn't validate with acknowledgement
    Rival: His twin (Validan) 
    Best Friends: Moxie, Validan
    Idol: Bamathis
    Best personal achievement: Being Knighted
    Most shameful moment: Falling into a manure pile while trying to rescue a damsel in distress
    Secret dream: Wouldn't you like to know
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    cut a little bit out BUT

    Character Name: THE Hawa Qizzeke!

    Race: It's Complicated/Idreth
    Gender: Girl
    Guild: Sciomancers
    City: Spinesreach
    Order: None

    Hair: Technically, none (not even eyebrows). Less hair-splittingly, waist-length snake-like tentacles.
    Eyes: 'Nuclear waste' green with mustard sclera.
    Height: ~1.66m / ~5'5"
    Build: Long & slender (or as long as you can be at 5'5"). Not really muscular, but not especially soft, either. Flat as a board.
    Defining Features: Always-smiling, too-big mouth full of pointy chompers. Tentacles.
    Clothing: Black lace top. Black fitted trousers. Sloe-black (i.e. blueberry) lace cloak. Silver obi belt. No shoes. A plain iron ring.
    Tattoos: A color- and shape-shifting tattoo on her right forearm.
    Piercings: None.
    Scars: The thirteen-pointed star of the Indorani on her forehead. The Shadow Mark on the front of her left shoulder. A circular elemental brand on the back of the same shoulder.

    Strengths: Gregarious, playful, and self-assured. Not easily angered.
    Weaknesses: Tendency to be overly-familiar / doesn't understand the concept of personal space. Stubborn. Carefully guarded.
    Attitude: Buoyant. Controlled insanity.
    Morals: She's never met a person whose heart she didn't like (eating). She has a very strong set of internal rules that govern her behavior, but she probably seems utterly amoral and unconcerned with others from an outside standpoint. Would never lie outright, but she doesn't see trickery as lying so much as mental weakness on the part of the tricked person.
    Pet Peeves: Condescension and general disrespect. Claiming to know what she's thinking, intending, or feeling, particularly when she's explicitly said otherwise.
    Best way to piss her off: Ignoring her outright.
    Best way to get on his good side: Share a sweet treat. Engage with her silliness.

    Colour: Violet.
    Location(s): An ancient way station or the frozen balcony. (Good places to think.)
    God/Goddess: She likes one or two.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Tatia.
    Artifact (don't have to own): Infinite tarot deck.
    Commodity: Magewood.
    Animal: Her friend Bob, the many.
    Item owned: A grisly tarot deck sewn from torn flesh.
    While ostensibly a tarot deck, this lump of meat is more of a pouch than a box, and the provenance of its three distinct scraps of flesh is dubious. One is smooth and bruise-purple, another has the color and texture of a scab, and the last is grey as a tombstone's slate - all three are sewn together as though by a chirurgeon's practiced hand. Seven sightless and unblinking eyes stare from the deck's surface. Each is a slightly different size and shape, and two of the eyes are set side-by-side in a single socket. A gash-like orifice opens, slick and inviting, at one end of the oblong deck, allowing cards to slip in and out as the deck's master desires.
    Village/forest/region: Morgun. The trees talk!
    Memory: Getting promised-to-be-betrothed to Hioma at Swara and Bulrok's wedding.
    Song: An old Horkvali lullaby.
    Drink: Ice milk (served in a cookie cup, naturally).
    Food: A cookie cup (filled with ice milk, obviously).

    Goals: To become herself, whatever that means.
    Ambitions: Right now, she simply wants her gift to be accepted and used.
    Nemesis: The Squidknight.
    Rival: She's recently decided to acknowledge Aros as a worthy contender.
    Best Friends: Mjoll. A silver many (Bob). Hioma. Her sister, Marin.
    (Congregation): Iosyne says, "I made a cup."

    Horkval are a feature...
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    Benedicto said:


    oh unicorns it's going to his head!
    (Congregation): Iosyne says, "I made a cup."

    Horkval are a feature...
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    Updating my entry

    Character Name: Tekias Uymari

    Race: Human Idreth
    Gender: Female
    Guild: None
    City: Bloodloch
    Order: None

    Hair: Back-length brown hair
    Eyes: Vivid Blue-Green
    Height: 5'0"
    Build: Athletic, lean muscles.
    Defining Features: Idrethi essence forming Atavian-like wings at her back
    Clothing: Opened dark longcoat, stomach-baring top, fingerless gloves, skirt and boots...essentially I accidentally made a Tifa Lockhart
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: None
    Scars: None

    Strengths: Easy to get along with, loyal to those she likes
    Weaknesses: Fiercely stubborn once set in her ways
    Attitude: Laid back, kind to others especially the younger/weaker
    Morals: Do what's best by others as best you can.
    Pet Peeves: Being told how to think
    Best way to piss her off: Be antagonistic for no reason
    Best way to get on her good side: Don't do the above

    Colour: Reds and blacks
    Location(s): Still looking for a new one after losing both locations from last entry
    God/Goddess: Tanixalthas at the moment
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Teani
    Artifact (don't have to own): Full Farming set
    Commodity: Leather/Wood/Cloth/Rope
    Animal: Don't have one
    Item owned: (on a platinum chain around her neck) : a masculine gold and shadowcrystal wedding band
    Village/forest/region: None at the moment
    Memory: Still her marriage (all of it, 20 IC years) to @Amarita
    Song: None
    Food: Anything made by @Axius

    Goals: Find herself without the burden of responsibility
    Ambitions: Above
    Nemesis: @Benedicto (not really, but shh don't tell him that)
    Rival: Taking applications
    Best Friends: Not sure who's just friend and who makes cut for best friend. So all and none at the same time.
    Idol: None
    Best personal achievement: Saving Sapience from the Bloom
    Worst personal achievement: Taking on her first Protege
    Proudest moment: Still hearing @Skiva say Dad
    Most shameful moment: Tearing @Skiva 's heart out
    Secret dream: Not quite sure
    If she could make one wish: To repair the damage she's done with her Imp Wolf daughter
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    there should be a "awwwe" react for things like this
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    Breakdown and introduction in one!

    Character Name: Galilei

    Race: Tsol’aa
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Dominion
    City: Bloodloch
    Order: N/A

    Hair: Black with violet tones.
    Eyes: Pale grey. Deep-set.
    Height: 5’10”.
    Build: Lithe and willowy. A dancer’s build.
    Defining Features: The beauty mark near her lips.
    Clothing: She favors a feminine, understated style of dress.
    Tattoos: Standard combat tattoos.
    Piercings: None
    Scars: None

    Strengths: Mutable, quietly charismatic and relatively compassionate.
    Weaknesses: Judgmental, secretive, self-doubting, rationalizing
    Attitude: Courteous and chameleon-like.
    Morals: Do all it takes to avoid true pain.
    Pet Peeves: Actions that demonstrate lack of self-restraint. Includes and is not limited to rudeness and needless slaughter.
    Best way to piss her off: Act entitled.
    Best way to get on her good side: Act rational, but temper it with compassion.

    Colour: Sea green.
    Location(s): The ballroom in the Alcazar.
    God/Goddess: She is curious about Tanixalthas, and holds respect for Damariel and Dhar.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): @Callidora
    Artifact (don't have to own): A runed handmirror.
    Commodity: Ice.
    Animal: Peafowl.
    Item owned: Her journal.
    Close second favorite item owned: LeeLee, the minipet pigeon she received from @Rijetta
    Village/forest/region: Any forest area with flowers. She wonders about Duiran, but has not yet visited.
    Memory: Attending her first sermon in Spinesreach.
    Song: A half-forgotten lullaby from her mortal life.
    Drink: Tea or clean water.
    Food: Sweets that involve fresh fruit. Fond of berries.

    Goals: Find closure regarding a figure from her past.
    Ambitions: To learn what she could not as a mortal, and create what she could not as a mortal.
    Nemesis: The creation of nemeses is not something she particularly looks forward to.
    Rival: She is too much of an unknown to attract rivals quite yet.
    Best Friends: That will require some time to acquire, but @Bormulf and @Taiyang intrigue her.
    Idol: @Rebra
    Best personal achievement: Becoming a proper thrall in only a few days.
    Worst personal achievement: Initially botching her first Farkle session. Didn’t really affect her much.
    Proudest moment: Receiving praise for her conduct at aforementioned sermon.
    Most shameful moment: She has not yet had cause to feel actual, burning shame since arriving.
    Secret dream: Living out her days in woodland without needing to fear the sun, crafting and studying for pleasure rather than money.
    If she could make one wish: For her to be strong and resilient, since life will never be simple.
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    Almost right on schedule, here's another "it's been three years" update.

    Name: Esrytesh dur Naya (birth/racial), Sibatti (given name / common name)
    Titles/Nicknames: Most fond of 'Protector of Dendara' and 'Voice of Dendara'. No real nicknames, beyond the shortening of Esrytesh to Esry.
    Race: Yeleni, of Mhun heritage
    Gender: Female
    Guild: Sentinels
    City: Duiran
    Order: Haern

    Hair: White, super long and thick and often worn half up in a messy topknot.
    Eyes: Almond-shaped, large grey irises.
    Height: 6'5" (though by modern endgame standards, she still ends up being the short one)
    Build: Lithe, feminine, agile. Light steps and a predator's gait.
    Defining Features: Grey gazelle horns, blunt black claws on her hands and feet, long white feral ears, feather-tipped white tail
    Clothing: a mesh leotard, foot wraps, fingerless elbow-length gloves, and way too many gruesome accessories
    Tattoos: Teshen scripture on her inner thighs, geometric pointillism inside either forearm, a "wadjet" around either eye
    Piercings: a hematite navel piercing and an aventurine labret through her lower lip
    Scars: Nearly invisible (white) scars on the interior of both wrists
    Art: Too many to list, but this one is the most recent.


    Strengths: Formidable, strategic, capable of subtle manipulation. Secretly a math nerd.
    Weaknesses: She can tunnelvision, to the extent of not noticing things happening around her. Very reckless when gambling.
    Attitude: Zen mindfulness interrupted by short-lived periods of fury.
    Morals: Aligned with the ways of the Rhythm and little else. Staunchly against unnecessary cruelty.
    Pet Peeves: Lack of critical thinking.
    Best way to piss her off: Be a closed door.
    Best way to get on her good side: Play cat and mouse with her.
    Hobbies: Cooking her own fusion of Salurian and Moghedu cuisine - lots of exotic ingredients and heavy on the spice. Selling furniture and dealing in "old things."
    Way of Speaking: Deep and gravelly and thickly accented. In my headcanon, she's voiced by Shohreh Aghdashloo, who is ridiculously awesome.
    Other quirks: Her ears move a lot and she has an incredible sense of hearing. Spends so much time immersed in telepathy that it very often leaks out into others' brainspaces... whether they ask for it or not.


    Color: The otherworldly verdant green found in Dendara and Duiran
    Profession: Telepathy
    Profession Skill: Insight
    General Skill: Furniture
    Location: an overgrown rainforest temple
    God/Goddess: Muadi Mheribus in terms of true religion. Haern, in terms of the Keepers, though their relationship is more casual and mutually beneficial.
    Guild Master (all time): None really
    Tattoo: Tentacle
    Artifact: a shrunken head
    Commodity: Kava
    Animal: her eland, Chelan
    Item owned: a tome bound with Goblin skin entitled, "Nhusema Odreyeb"
    Village/forest/region: Dendara
    NPC: the spectral spirit-beast hanging out in the memorial area in Duiran
    Memory: walking through the Heartwood for the first time, after the Great Resurgence
    Song: The strange, otherworldly tune her daughter Sabaela sings ad nauseum
    Drink: a blended avocado and coconut milk drink
    Food: All manner of seafood, anything with spice. Succulent, juicy fruits. Snacks on urooba flowers like candy.
    Flower: a spicy-scented urooba flower

    I'm skipping the MINDSET and SUMMARY sections, as I can't come up with anything substantial right at this moment.
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    Character Name: Ehtias


    Race: Sentient Cup(Azudim)
    Gender: Male
    Guild: Carnifex
    City: Bloodloch
    Order: Cupmathis


    Hair: Primary black with a bunch of different colors mixed in.
    Eyes: Amber
    Height: 6'2"
    Build: Slenderish tall man. Slenderman, sand tentacles.
    Defining Features: Metal jaw, peppered with Numerological symbols. Brilliant golden crown on one hand.
    Clothing: Legion uniform, Fex longcoat , sometimes shoes. Pants keep decaying, most likely not wearing pants.
    Tattoos: No visible ones
    Scars: Ritual scarring


    Strengths: Aggressive, Alcohol
    Weaknesses: Sadistic. Intentionally acts odd.
    Attitude: LOUD not as loud as Mjoll though.
    Morals: Only any that a Fex or a Legion member would have
    Pet Peeves: People shouting about the light.
    Best way to piss him off: Can't
    Best way to get on his good side: Find him an arti cup


    God/Goddess: Warpoppa aka Wardaddy aka Animegod aka Bamathis if you're boring.
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): Mjolls the only one that he's dealt with as far as I can remember
    Person: Hawas corpse in a jar.
    Artifact (don't have to own): None
    Animal: Boar
    Item owned: One of the cups, Erotic Horkval Poetry book
    Village/forest/region: Doesn't have one
    Memory: Mjoll having to make a cup joke during a knighting infront of Bamathis
    Drink: Anything that is alcoholic and fits into a cup
    Food: Troll Pancreas

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    Why not, have to figure this stuff out for myself anyway.
    character name: Narheon Nar-he-on
    the essentials
    Race: human
    gender: male
    guild/house: luminaries
    city: enorian
    order: n/a
    the look
    hair: short black
    eyes: deep brown
    height: 6 feet even
    build: strong but not overly fit, he has not been fighting or doing any kind of training for long, so he does not have much built up from that yet.
    defining features: none at this time
    clothing: simple stuff
    tattoos: basic combat tattoos.
    scars: none of note
    piercings: does not have any, because he does not like being flashy.
    strengths: can work very hard when motivated, likes helping people, isn’t overly interested in himself
    weaknesses: somewhat naive about certain things, is unable to leave someone who needs help until he has done all he can, is overly curious and will ask about anything someone says that catches his interest.
    quirks: extremely curious, enjoys using his powers even when not in combat or needed, loves exploring, interested in people
    morals: likes helping people, believes self sacrifice is good, not willing to hurt anyone who is not an obvious threat, doesn’t view undead/vampires as people.
    pet peeves: people who hurt others for personal gain, things that are overly simple or he isn’t allowed to learn.
    best way to get on his bad side: hurt people for no reason, be undead, ignore him
    best way to get on his good side: be not undead, don’t go insane when he wants to learn more about things, just generally be nice to him
    the rest is not stuff I can do at this time
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    Character Name: Kjell Mulariad (Chell)

    Race: Tsol'aa, Yeleni
    Gender: Male
    Guild/House: Sentinels, Wayfarer
    City: Duiran
    Order: Haern

    Hair: Dirty blonde, messy bun, which often has wildflowers stuck in it because his hands can only hold so many.
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: Not too tall
    Build: A little lanky despite how much he eats
    Defining Features: Always seems to be little bit of a mess, and he is a little clumsy when distracted or nervous.
    Clothing: Durable layers that hold up to a lot of washing.
    Tattoos: None but he has dath on his hands and arms. It is a floral design of the cycle, and I had a version for each season but it was too hard to juggle them and their decay time so I compromised with one that is always partially correct.
    Piercings: None but he has thought about piercing his ears and then never does so.
    Scars: Just the common kind of childhood in the wilderness.

    Strengths: He can always find some kind of possibility.
    Weaknesses: Nervous and uncertain and he has trouble with using his voice when it is really important.
    Attitude: Positive and idealistic but also a little or a lot naive.
    Morals: It is important to grow things, not only to destroy.
    Pet Peeves: Having to read books because authors take too long to say what they actually mean.
    Best way to piss me off: Cruelty.
    Best way to get on my good side: Enjoy good food.

    Color: Blue like deep ice and summer sky.
    Profession: Wayfarer but it is the only one he knows
    Profession Skill: Forage
    General Skill: Fluidswim
    Location: The river outside of Kald
    God/Goddess: Haern
    Guild Master/House Head (all time): He has only known Rhine but she took him in as family so it is hard to compete.
    Tattoo: Moss or Tree
    Artifact: His flowerpot which was a gift
    Commodity: Wood
    Animal: He can not choose.
    Item owned: His fishing spear which was also a gift
    Village/forest/region: Alaqsii
    NPC: He thinks Nalin is very cool.
    Memory: They are still a boy's memories of camp fires.
    Song: A net-mending song.
    Drink: Hot chocolate or fresh cold milk, he would be a very cheap date.

    Goals: To do better.
    Amibitions: He is not very ambitious so this is still developing.
    Nemesis: Saaik when he assigns goliath grouper, striped bass, or coldwater cod
    Rival: He is still too untested in his life for this.
    Best Friend: Vinio, Sekeres
    Idol: I do not know if he has an idol, as he is still learning people.
    Best personal achievement: Being trusted to try to be Haern's Eye of the Raven
    Worst personal achievement:
    Proudest moment: Finding family with Rhine, Iesid, and Seraphina
    Secret dream: To have plants grow wherever he goes (but not be a Shaman because he would strike him self with lightning)
    If I could make one wish..: He would heal the Bloodwood. He might not have much connection to his people but at least he could end the suffering.
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