Drawings of Aetolia



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    Teani said:

    @Rhoynn : If I'm in the right, creative mood, I could probably draw someone, but I should warn you that I'm definitely not as quick about it as Eleanor! I'm not experienced with taking commissions either, so I have no set price. Get in touch if you are interested though.

    I am overflowing with Hannukah papppeerrr. But yes, everything I've seen all has a really different quality to it that I think could highlight different facets of a character. I'll be sure to give you a buzz if I decide on a commission! Your work is really great!
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    I would both like, and lol at this if I could.

    So great, @mihaketi. Thanks for sharing these.
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    Yeah I mean I do drawings in the sense that your small children do drawings with crayons. Me posting them on the forums is about as presumptuous as them putting them up on the fridge by themselves. You'll probably allow it but at what true merit!?

    *edit: I still hup*
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    Taerilan <3.

    Mine's fat. I blame all the food @Xenia sneaks it. :(
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    Axius said:

    Terrifying picture...

    Wellp...I didn't need to sleep for the rest of the week, so thank you for that.
    Now with 253% more Madness.
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    Dat outfit doe.

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    Axius chibi is -adorable- it makes me Squee... pun wholly intended

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    'Excuse me, can we talk about the elephant in the room, I mean the dog?'

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    I wanna cuddle it.
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    Emelle said:

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