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I am looking to get started in Aetolia. I want to PK both group and solo. The classes I am interested in are Shaman, Ascendril (hesitant because of rework), Monk, Syssin, or Shifter. I want to join Enorian. Any info on the following categories: Group PK, Solo PK, Hinder, Kill Route(s), Defense, Artifact needs, Trans Skill Requirements, and anyone other information you feel could be useful.


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    Tri-trans, trans miniskills, probably hp sip 2 are about what you'll want to survive most damage cheese in 1v1. Beyond that, should be able to kill almost anyone in the game with every class you listed (other than shifter, aside from some cheese that's probably getting targeted this class-lead cycle).

    Amulets exist as ylem-related rewards that also work in place of level 1 arties. Notably, white is +1 all stats, purple is eq crown effect.

    To clarify the shifter comment - with just sip 2, shifter is still squishy af (except for bear) and you gonna get bashed to death if you choose the best kill path shifter (raven). Bear is the tankiest, but doesn't have headdrop.
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    Even Ascendril?

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    Yes, but it's getting reworked, Tiur posted that it's just waiting on message lines now (and prob Chaos War ending)
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    Are reworks normally viable? I am okay with building my own system as far as class goes. 
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    Reworks will either be viable or receive special attention after release depending on feedback and use and how generous the almighty @Keroc is feeling. Usually. 
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    As an aside, of the classes you mentioned only the Ascendril guild is based out of Enorian. Not terribly difficult to work around, but perhaps something to be aware of it that matter to you. Shaman and Monk are both Duiran based, Shifter doesn't have a formal organization to speak of, and Syssin is based in Spinesreach, probably making it the most difficult to get a hold of as an Enorianite. Again, not impossible to work around, especially if guild doesn't matter too much to you, but its something to be aware of at least I think.
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