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    ...Ricardo Montalbán.

    For your education, young Meyvitch:
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    Was he Khan? I remember Khan.
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    Y...yes. He was Khan Noonien Singh.
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    This looked interesting, let me see if I got this right....
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    Bringing this thread back to life.

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    Saturnine edition:

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    Because I haven't done one in a long time.

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    (Leaders): Tiur says, "I'll remember not to delete you when the time comes, Bene. Good people."

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    decided to do one for Xandren. Now.. I couldn't remember what he was like pre-yeleni.. so.. I went with his first attempts at pvp!

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    The Divine voice of Tiur echoes in your head, "You know better than that. Bad."
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    idk if I put them in the right order
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    Aishia said:
    idk if I put them in the right order
    Dem redheads tho. 
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    this is uncreative, since I couldn't really remember what I was building Axius to be originally.. so he's retroactively always been what he is now.

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    alt text
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    Indoran'i is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)
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