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    I think that's my thing, Corlin. When 99% of the -players- are saying one thing in regards to racism and the -mobs- of Enorian are supporting the other side, I see an issue. That make sense at all?



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    First off - thank you all for the feedback.

    The negative reaction to the event is understandable, and I think we can all agree that it has been mishandled. Certainly, it's not a fun event for many of you, and that needs to be worked on.

    To that end, I want to suggest a shift in focus: given what has occurred so far, how would you change the event, at present, to make it more entertaining and fun? Failing that, how would you resolve it? What sort of events would you like to see for Enorian in the future?

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    Events that help to define and align the focus / purpose of an organization are good - but I feel that said events should focus on the strength and cohesion that can be found in organizations, and certainly makes them more appealing to be part of. Even if an event -does- cast some shadows and shake things up a bit, the ideal goal of said event is to reaffirm that, despite some setbacks or disagreements, we're all there under the same banner.

    An event that sows dissent and creates schisms isn't going to be fun for players or characters, because it's really difficult to find the balance between keeping the peace and being seen as forcing the masses to conform to your personal viewpoints - while I personally feel that events that make a person question their convictions and take a stance for or against whatever it is they are or think they want to be can be really good, I also feel that events that pit A against B inside the same organization can't really be helpful - there's already the 'FIRE FIRE RAH RAH' zealot side, with the more temperate 'those undead are lame' factions inside Enorian - but as I've stated, I feel that there's a lot of people already on the same page.

    I don't really have a specific answer to @Omei's inquiry, but I'd say giving them a real bad guy to come together and work against would be much, much more preferable to taking mobs that are in Enorian and saying 'I hate this other piece of Enorian.'

    Edit - totally forgot some entire words in there.
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    I'm not an enorianite, but surely there could be something done, perhaps to invite the orcs and orges to rebuild and vitalize Jaru again?

    ...I miss playing hunt the kitty. (Maybe I should go to tasur'ke, eh, @Jasmyn?)

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