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    Zynti said:

    Galadriel said:

    before making a balance change suggestion on the forums perhaps you should try utilizing the class in the way it was meant to be used.
    1. Tether was not meant to be used offensively, its a tool to prevent people from doing like fezzix and running from you every time you break a limb. It's a way to prevent people from doing nothing but running. Nothing more nothing less. You were abusing it. I told you you were, you kept doing it anyways. I told you it'd get nerfed, it did, now you run to forums and complain.
    2. Every class has an active cure. Aka swagger, cleansing, panacea, etc. Rebuke is no different. You also have a parry skill, it's almost like double parry, though you have to sacrifice a round of offense to do so. Personally, i think it's overpowered as is.
    3. You need to go through your script and optimize it in key situations, and use it only in the right situations, your script is a hodgepodge of zealot attacks, which is why you find it difficult to finish someone off without doing something like abusing a 4 second unconscious.

    In short theres nothing wrong with the zealot skillset. You're using it wrong.

    1. Complain? No... sharing my point of view.  Unfortunately, you don't use the class so your opinion on how someone should or shouldn't use the class is null and void. Your suggestions can be made but stronger reinforced by personal experience.

    2. No comment

    3. You have more information but you seem to be ignoring it. I prefer not to engage in a discussion of reasoning with you, because you seem to intentionally ignore the facts. 

    From here on out - any wise guy that wants to judge the class and suggest how Zealot should or shouldn't be used. Just don't talk...show. I'm waiting to see it. Especially if you're refuting my comments above, walk the talk.

    It's an open challenge that no one is accepting. I find it odd for such an OP Top 3 Tier combat class everyone tends to be scared to prove me wrong.

    I'm waiting! Tic Tock!

    challenge accepted
  • GaladrielGaladriel Member Posts: 46

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