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Interested in some critiques or comments, if anyone is down. I figure I've been around long enough now that at least a couple of people might have something to say. I'm also curious as to how you think I might improve, as I'm really fairly new to the RP thing as far as the mud context goes. 

I also only recently figured out how to halfway use the emote system, so don't be too harsh, ha.


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    I quite liked my interaction with Rashar. He comes across as genteel, good-natured and respectful, but firm in what he thinks. It'd be interesting to see him really pushed - a drunken Imp refusing to tell him where the library is doesn't really go far enough to test his limits. 

    Writing wise, your description is awesome and your emotes are engaging and fun. I got a great sense of what your character was thinking through tone and gesture. 
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    I really like Rashar as a character. You've added a lot of flavor to him and it's still easy to understand him. I've had quite a bit of interaction with him and the only thing I've failed to observe is him being right and truly pissed off. Would be nice to see that, though I don't really know how to pull that off.

    Never stop RPing, because it's great when you do, and you're doing very well for a noob.

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    Teani - I appreciate that. I think it's interesting that you mentioned the pissed off thing - there is a reason behind it.  

    Moirean - I've been back to Spinesreach twice since then to find you, but it's hard to justify really, other than my OOC desire to interact with you. You're fun. 
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    As long as you don't make headaches, you're welcome in Spines and there's lots of people usually eager to RP with ya. Just say you're there for a drink or something!
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    First meeting was interesting. The whole pearl thing. It really brought out an.. interesting side of your character. Especially love how well you went along with it! Your emotes and such were right on key, and were so entertaining!
    Our brief interactions since have actually been pleasant. She will one day -force- him to stop calling her "my lady", no matter how many arguments they have about the issue.

    Overall, he's got a great personality, and you seem to be doing rather well with him. Keep it up! :D
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    Oh, that pearl. I forgot you were even there. I was way too busy trying to figure out what was going on.
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    What can I say? I love our interactions. At first, I thought he was just some loon that would end up being annoying (IE: Peralgate). However, once we got to interacting more, I saw how genuine Rashar is. I wasn't expecting things to turn where they have now,  but hey, I won't complain! Just excited to see what comes next.

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    Hmm. From an OOC vantage point I love how Rashar has progressed - and there has been a LOT of change to the character from what I've seen. At first Rashar was sweet, helpful, kind ... now he's a narcissist, can be pretty cold, and well, yeah. Granted, I'm sure he's still plenty humorous and a drunkard to some. I enjoy the way you write, and the "Feller" thing always made me laugh (plus getting to hear the story behind that was amusing as well.)

    I don't think Katszia will ever forgive him for making her help with delivering a baby randomly, but compared to everything else that's happened since, that's barely a blip on the interaction map at this point. Kat does think he's a little bit too much of a Slyphe-mini at this point but given that he was made the Avatar, that's a compliment I guess. :P
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    There has most definitely been a change to Rashar's personality. One I can't quite grasp, to be honest, but to some extent I do agree with the above assessment. I can still see hints of his previous characteristics and I still enjoy RPing with you, but I'd prefer if things were toned down and not everything was blown out of proportion (not casting any blame one way or the other here, just saying I'd prefer a change away from frustration). Hopefully we'll find a way to turn things around, because it would truly suck to lose out on this.

    I know there's plenty of things in the game you're still working on learning. You're doing great with that though. And your writing is great, keep that up! :)

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    @katszia Slyphe mini. I would pretend to be upset but I think it's somewhat true, heh. As far as Order related stuff, I sort of determined that as my 'This is where my serious light comes on' thing at an early point. 

    I somewhat determined OOCly that I was going to try and be more serious with him when I realized I was just a giant goofball, and I tried to sort of work it into the whole Tekal-Yeleni progression, and even somewhat in being a wolf, although that tends to come out in a different direction. 

    Honestly, the way things have gone lately I've found myself so much more serious than I ever intended, and I'm finding it hard to pull out of that. A few people are a huge help. 

    Sorry if I've come off as gruff and bitter lately. :( 
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    I've definitely gotten a more arrogant and pushy vibe from Rashar lately. I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing, it just means that you will want to be aware that your character is putting that out and be prepared for the backlash - this can lead to rather engaging interactions if you come up against another firm persona. It can also backfire in that people discount the character as a blowhard, since he is still young and isn't incredibly powerful, so there's not much to derive the attitude from. I enjoyed our scene after the shrine battle, for example, but Moi has kinda shifted Rashar into a silly little zealot category in her head. He came across incredibly self-certain that he knows what's right and that he knows what he's doing, and even tried to convert Moi. She was tired from the fighting and found it almost a bit endearing, considering her history with Slyphe, and responded pretty gently; the whole thing was kinda a "Aww, he's so young and doesn't know better" moment. Not saying you should change or adjust anything - just be aware that if you're going to play a powerful personality people will likely either fight it or discount it, based on their relative strength compared to his.
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    I've only recently started interacting with Rashar and I like what I've seen so far. He's a very restless spirit, someone who is gonna get into trouble and Elwyn has finally gotten him to be more friendly with her and actually get him to call her by her name. Just be careful with that line of getting bored with people and what is going on in the moment, it can push people away from wanting to RP because they end up feeling like nothing they can bring to something will be interesting enough for you or your character.

    But really, keep bugging Elly and she'll keep trying to bug him and get him to stand still for at least a short while.
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    @moirean Ouch. That certainly wasn't the direction I wanted to go, but it's good to know if that's how I'm coming off I guess.

    As for the conversion, eh. That's pretty much compulsive at this point. I would probably try converting rocks, if I thought they would listen.
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    He was cool until he didn't put the neato parts into his desc I tried helping out with :(

  • ElwynElwyn Member Posts: 180 ✭✭✭
    @Slyphe need a new avatar then, hm? *shifty eye* jk. Though, now I'm curious about the neato parts.
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    Well, you have to take into account your audience, I think. Moi's pretty powerful and has been OH for several divine, and our interaction before that one revolved around truelocking him. He wasn't going to really enlighten her with their talk - even if his words have merit, she likely won't listen that much to certain things (such as telling her what to do >_<) due to their disparities in power and experience, so she was trying to educate him. You're not written off or anything, and I will definitely see you around again I suspect.
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    @slyphe Maan. I really couldn't figure out if you wanted the blue skin to stay, or if it was swirling into my eyes or something.. I actually debated that with Teani.  As for the shark teeth, I somewhat intentionally forgot about that one? My b. Love Slyphe, though.
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    @elwyn Rofl, I'm sure I'm going to do something noob or piss people off at some point here and get fired, don't worry. :) 
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    Your liver is puny and inferior.

    Also, I absolutely adore Rashar, especially when he calls Aarbrok feller and I get to start patronizing him and calling him a pup.  Hes a good all around character though, dont get discouraged, just know as a former dominant character you have to eventually back up your words, be prepared for either some humbling or some murdering of your adversaries to hold your post.

    Its fun to be that character, I was one for a very long time.
    Just find a middle ground and dont let the dominant part consume the more humble aspects.  You can keep on the line in the middle and do a well enough job at intimidation and your position.  I think you are on the right track though, its a fun one to play.
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    Rashar is a new induction into Arb's life that I really like.  @Roux likes to pasta me stuff, and I really enjoy reading about Rashar and how he behaves.  I like the relationship they've developed as well, and I hope we can make more of it in the future.  Quit banging Roux and RP with me more.  And thanks for Duiran.
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    Oh jeez. I actually got some love from @arbre, which makes me inordinately happy for some reason. On that note, I'm really glad you came back if only for my selfish desire to finally RP with you, which I couldn't easily do when you were up there doing stupid bad guy stuff.

    Good enough time for a bump, though. I know Rashar is a pretty much the kind of guy you either love or hate, but either way I try to make it fun.

    And contrary to popular belief, he isn't -always- banging. 
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    What to say about Rashar. 
    From the OOC perspective, he has grown a lot. Not to mention gotten his name out there. It's been interesting to see how you get him to progress that way. How he's made faults then tried to right them. Seems he's got things figured out for the most part. And although, at times he is very serious and can be a little bit harsh, it's like he can flip a switch and be playful again. 
    As for the IC part, well, Kaleigh has always regarded him as a really close friend. They type that you can turn to for advice, or when you need a hand. It's never been more than that. He's helped her in a lot of ways, and she's shown her appreciation for it, even if it causes bar fights with people (oops). 
    Although most of our interactions are through tells, or other channels, it'd be great to try to RP with you more, and actually learn more about the one they call Rashar. 
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    Benedicto and Rashar don't get on. It's an unfortunate fact of life. Why this is, I'm not altogether sure just yet.

    But I will say that there's certainly a complexity to Rashar and from the one interaction we had he was conveyed in a really convincing way.

  • RasharRashar Member Posts: 1,609 ✭✭✭✭✭
    All I know is I RP'd with you once and then I was like, 'Man, I wanna go RP with him more.' But then it just never happens, mostly because we're too busy grumbling.
  • BenedictoBenedicto Tentacles Errywhere! Member Posts: 863 ✭✭✭✭✭
    We're like two cats that aren't too sure of each other. We stand a distance apart from each other fluffing up and making growling noises at each other without actually interacting or making eye-contact.

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    I lurve Rashar. Fun, lovely, complex, it's been a wild ride unraveling the various interactions and then weaving them into a complete picture. A picture of a man, a mission, the mystery!  .. and a surprisingly awkward recruitment poster. Keep giving me more. He's become a staple in Roux's life, someone of terrible import, and every session is as fun as the last, if not more so. Don't ever leave. Like, ever.
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    I really enjoy Rashar as a character, I know whenever I see him, something amusing is going to happen. He's such a rich character and I love your emotes. Please, track Kerryn down more!
  • KatsziaKatszia Member Posts: 89 ✭✭✭
    Grr sums it up lately. :P

    Still a great writer, and unique.

    But just grr.
  • TeaniTeani Shadow Mistress SwedenMember Posts: 2,236 ✭✭✭✭✭
    You've added a lot of depth to the character and it's been interesting watching him develop. You're great at emotes and I like your writing style.

    In Teani's eyes, Rashar's become quite a jerk who is completely full of himself. She misses the times when he didn't sneer and smirk so much.

    Come to think of it, so do I, especially when I hear about him being so much fun to be around from others and remember how it used to be. That's how RP goes though and I suppose we're both stubborn players. :P

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