Newbie Class Guide: Shamans

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Oathed to the Guardians in the bestial spiritworld of Dendara, the Shamans are a sect of forestal guardians who use ethereal and mystical powers to commune with the land itself in deep, mysterious ways. Through the skill of Shamanism they can summon a spiritual familiar and channel powers through crude fetishes strung upon the end of their quarterstaves, while their studies into Primality give them mastery over the elements themselves. Finally, through the art of Naturalism, the shamans can command the very forests to aid them, ensnaring foes in vines or sending forth tangled surges of rapidly-growing plantlife to commune with the land.

Shamans provide excellent supporting roles in team fights. Their ability to create overgrowth helps a team lock down an area, dragging enemies in to the fight, as well as shielding a room from hostile attacks. Shamans can also moderately heal allies and attack multiple enemies at once. In solo combat, shamans use quick reflexes to capitalize on conditional effects on a target. They focus on damage kills or prepared instant kills.

Shaman roleplay tends to be heavily tied to a wild or spiritual role, with many members of the guild focusing on primal lifestyles, or spiritual connections to nature, akin to the archetypical druids of other fantasy games. The guild's link to the spirit realm of Dendara has a lot of potential for players to explore more creative spins on a traditional druidic role, with room for things such as prophecy and the control of spirits, alongside the more traditional concept of a warden of the wilds.



Tether: Spirit
Starting City: Duiran
Outlook: With their focus on the wilds and nature, the Shamans offer a range of outlooks on morality. Some members may be classically good, while others may be far more grey in their view of the world, with a harsh drive to protect the forests allowing justification of darker actions.



Guildhall: The Shamans' guildhall can be found in the heart of Duiran, in the depths of the stone caverns beneath the Heartwood. Grottos and subterranean caves surround the area, with the hall itself an immense cavern at the depths of Duiran. A serene pool sits in its center, while runic carvings adorn the chambers.
Entrance: In the midst of a great stone circle (room number 43675)
Directions from Portals: out, s, n, n, n, e, d, s, w, s



Elder Oranis, Shaman of the Praadi
Tutor - you can LEARN # LESSONS FROM ORANIS to study skills
Found at: A serene pool in the center of the cavern (room number 47439)
Directions from entrance: ne, nw, n

Spiritwalker Besram
Prepares plants for visions
Found at: 47441
Directions from entrance: ne, nw, nw, sw



COMMUNE LIGHTING <target>: Shoots lightning at your target

COMMUNE BOOST: Use this before your attack to increase your attack rate

DEFENDING: Ensure that you re-activate lifebloom after it is consumed and you resummon your spirit if it gets killed. The spiritbond defence does not fade until you take another hit so you can quickly summon the spirit and maintain the defence!



Armor: Ringmail

Weapons: Quarterstaff

Clothing: No uniform




Primality: Primality harnesses the skills of the elements, letting the Shaman unleash the very energy of nature upon their foes.  This skillset is the core of a Shaman's offense, with a unique mechanic of "boosting" - skills in primality generate energy, which can then be used to heighten the effects of skills, making them quicker and adding secondary effects to the abilities, giving Shamans a potent build-up and momentum over the course of a fight. Primality also lets a Shaman summon their core weapon: a powerful quarterstaff, used to channel natural energy.

Shamanism: Shamanism provides a good deal of utility skills, defences and ways to augment your attacks. The fetish sub-tree lets you pick fetishes which will passively create different effects, while the familiar sub-tree lets you pick from a range of spiritual familiars to hinder your foes in various ways. Shamanism also includes a powerful travel skill known as songlines, which lets you send yourself or others to villages through Sapience as quickly as it takes to murmur a song.

Naturalism: This skillset is heavily focused on PvP skills, with the core of group combat and area control abilities found here. The groves sub-tree lets you bond with a single room in the forest, giving you a variety of ways to interact with the land itself, while the overgrowth ability lets you direct plants to overtake an area to attack foes from afar. Some utility and roleplay skills can also be found here, such as abilities to nourish plant growth or link your groves to others across the land.



Defence: Shaman protection
Purpose: Decrease the damage you take from physical attacks
Message: A protective rune guards you from harm
Source: Shamanism protection
Use/Priority: Hunting (high), Combat (high)

Defence: Spiritmask

Purpose: Decrease the damage you take from magical attacks
Source: Shamanism spiritmask
Use/Priority: Hunting (high), Combat (high)
Defence: Lifebloom
Purpose: Restores a surge of health if you drop low in health
Source: Primality lifebloom
Message: You have been gifted with the bloom of life.
Use/Priority: Hunting (high), Combat (high)

Defence: Horn fetish
Purpose: Restores mana
Source: Shamanism horn
Use/Priority: Hunting (moderate), Combat (moderate)

Defence: Tooth fetish
Purpose: Lets you use primality skills with broken arms
Source: Shamanism tooth
Use/Priority: Hunting (moderate), Combat (moderate)

Defence: Bark fetish
Purpose: Reduces damage you take
Source: Shamanism bark
Use/Priority: Hunting (high), Combat (high)

Defence: Durdalis oath
Purpose: Grants high resistances to magical types of attacks
Source: Shamanism oaths
Message: You have enacted the Oath of the Durdalis.
Use/Priority: Hunting (high), Combat (high)

Defence: Nature's Blade oath
Purpose: Boosting has a chance to not consume energy
Source: Shamanism oaths
Message: You have enacted the Oath of Nature's Blade.
Use/Priority: Hunting (moderate), Combat (high)

Defence: Familiar spiritbond
Purpose: Reduces damage taken
Source: Shamanism spiritbond
Message: You share a deepened bond with your familiar.
Use/Priority: Hunting (high), Combat (high)



Information for fighters interested in learning about the intricacies of Shaman combat.

Shaman Roleplay: Example logs showing roleplay from the guild.
- A discussion with one of the Dendaric spirits

Feel free to post any questions you have about the Shaman class in this thread for the forum community to answer!


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